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Modified Heng Long smoker unit - Posted: 1 month ago by jbkiwi   >> Permalink
This is a first try at a simpler quieter smoke unit. I used the smoker box/element off the Heng Long tank/car smoker unit with a 40x40 5v fan (the fan being voltage controlled by a 5v UBEC and the lot being run by a 2s Lipo (with a y splitter for the fan UBEC and the element using JST leads. Doesn't smoke that well as I had broken then repaired the element previously, but the other one I have smokes a lot better, and has a better type of element (possibly a newer version) Some photos etc on the smoker discussion. Unit is almost silent (the noise you hear is the camera and outside noise, as the window was open)

Marian Belle' - Posted: 2 months ago by GaryLC   >> Permalink
The TVR1 BB steam engine plant running in prior to being installed in a Mobile Marine hull.
Response by steve-d on the 2 months ago
how is the engine lubricated?

Response by GaryLC on the 2 months ago
There is a lubricator full of steam oil, follow the inlet pipe back from the two side valve covers and there it is on a tee junction.
Response by Gravedigger47 on the 2 months ago
I can only dream of a setup like this for my wattle its beyond me
I did make a boiler which would have been a big saving.
Unfortunately it went missing during our big move so its dream a lot its beautiful a work of art thanks for posting

Yours truly
Michael (aka-gravediger)

U-181 Type IX D2 - Posted: 2 months ago by reilly4   >> Permalink
Shadowing of U-181 from the subcam on HMS Triumph at the Naracoorte swimming lake. There are other videos and detail photos of these submarines previously posted on this site.

Miss Doris - Posted: 3 months ago by Mariner85   >> Permalink
The name is derived from my mothers name and that of a similar tug I captained for 12 years, on the Delaware River and Chesapeke Bay.
Response by RNinMunich on the 3 months ago
Nice job Cap'n 👍👍
Will she be a 'Push me' or 'Pull you' when you have the barge done?
All the best, Doug 😎
Response by figtree7nts on the 3 months ago

She'll weigh a ton!
It's estimated she'll weigh in at about 21 lbs!
Give or take..... I'm not throwing out my back!😲
Not for no model.....

At least I can say I collected her!
Response by RNinMunich on the 3 months ago
Jeez!😲 how big is she she?
None of my 4 to 5 foot ships weigh half that!
Did you make a welded steel hull or what????
I can see we are going to have to design a derrick so you can lower your ships to the ground to get going 😉
Oh and, I still have a corset 😲 with a steel plate set into the back, left over from my last back injury. I'll send it you if you want 😁😁
It goes back to dislocating two discs about 30 years ago - (NO you 'orrible lot I WAS NOT diving off the wardrobe onto the bed ..... !!!)

On the other hand; the building is more than half the fun!
Confucius he say 'It is better to travel hopefully - than to arrive'.😉
Clever guy. Don't suppose he ever had to contend with lousy instructions in a boat kit or Chinglish transmitter manuals though😁
All the best Ed and better half, cheers, Doug 😎

Carina - Posted: 3 months ago by Hellmut1956   >> Permalink
Trying to learn to use this forum properly I am publishing a video that shows an experiment I did to find out how fast the stepper motor could turn. I am using in my model of the sailboat Carina 2 stepper motors like the one shown in the video to work as a winch to control the position of the sails in a system solution where I am realizing this my own way to implement the sheets as shown on the original sailboat Endeavour. This requires my sheet control system to control the length of the sheet of the mainsail i.e. over a range of 8.3 meters. This requires the drum which is turned by the stepper motor to make 21 full turns. Details will be published in my report from scratch of building my Carina.

Thornycroft MTB - Posted: 3 months ago by jbkiwi   >> Permalink
Just converted this 40yr old twin brushed model (scratch built from a Vic Smeed plan) to a proper independent twin system plus a sound unit. Started off with a 70s Futaba ESC on 27mhz, then on FM, then replaced with an Electronize unit on FM, then to 2.4 and now on 2.4 with twin ESCs and converted TGY S6 (twin throttles). Maneuvers a lot better and makes a better noise.
Response by Donnieboy on the 3 months ago
Nice job.Great to see a boat running built from a Vic Smeed plan.Should do good in a steering competition with the manouverability you have.Lovely boating pond.
Response by jbkiwi on the 3 months ago
Thanks for the nice comment, and yes it is a very nice pond, except when there are a lot of those things with rags tied to sticks racing (shouldn't say that as I've sailed full scale all my life and still have 2 small yachts), and the buoys they leave there are a pain also, (easy to forget they are there) It was full of hire carp (yes hire carp) which were removed as the council wasn't paying the company or some such hassle, but I'm sure they missed some and they will soon multiply and keep the weed down. Bought the plans for the MTB around 1968 and took around 20yrs to finish it. I still have the plans and it only took me about 40yrs to find a photo of the original boat (bit late by then!).

British Power Boats 64ft HSL - Posted: 3 months ago by jbkiwi   >> Permalink
Just trying out the maneuverability of the twin system. First trial so not too precise.

Clyde puffer - Posted: 3 months ago by lesliebreame   >> Permalink
Gordon is testing the steam boiler that i made for his Clyde puffer project.

Victoria - Posted: 3 months ago by jacko   >> Permalink
refurbished by me and the other half hope you enjoy. I am able to sail with the braine gear or as single R/C free sailer
Response by ChrisG on the 2 months ago
Apologies, just viewed earlier video where she has her temporary rig, she looked very good in that.
Regards Chris G
Response by jacko on the 2 months ago
now working on a 2nd channel for the main sail all the rc gear will be fitted to the lid i.e. the round hatch
Response by Joe727 on the 2 months ago
Jacko, Like your boat and your mention of attaching all gear to the underside of the round hatch, good idea. I did this once on a racing yacht and it was great, could just pull off and access all electronic, the battery pack was placed low in the hull for low CG. Not my design, but a Swede Johnson design and molds.

I will have to keep this in mind for my future design builds.
Regards, Joe

PBR and Friends - Posted: 3 months ago by SGray   >> Permalink
Another dusk patrol....friendly vessels in enemy contact....MTB to maiden soon.👍

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