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vigilant star test 3 - Posted: 8 years ago by gerry   >> Permalink
The boat Is a scratch built and started life In the shed. It Is a semiscale model at aprox 36inch, built with balsa wood.It Is full remote control and fitted with two Mtroniks Vision 600 motors one 12volt 7ah battery,one seasprint esc.
It was built as a fun boat so I could sail with my friend Peter thomas with his variuos boats.
Several things have now been added since this boat was first built, IE smoking stacks, fireing torpedoes and magnetic pickups for colecting them. Also has working radar/moving gun + a home built bec.
Flag poles and flags/compas has been added on the superstructure.
Each motor draws 6amps at full power, I have measured the speed from one point to another at a spacing of 60mtrs, and timed at 15 seconds, but this Is a bit fast for this boat as she starts to plane out of the water.
We sail her at New Brighton lake on the wirral most wednesdays. As the weather Is now a bit cool I have just purchased a simular model to this at 1:48 scale 110ft Island class USCG Patrol boat so I can look at them both In action when the weather picks up. Anyone wanting Info can contact me via this website.

Vigilant Star owned by Gerry - Posted: 8 years ago by gerry   >> Permalink
Here Is a video of our boat (Vigilant star) sailing at New Brighton boat lake on the wirral every Wednesday.

The boat Is a semiscale (Coast Guard Cutter), designed by Hal-Harrison In Marine Modelling. I have doubled Its size and put two 540/1 Mfa motors In, driving quanta 45mm props. She Is 36" length 8" Bow, runs of one 12 volt 7Ah SLA battery.

It Is made from Balsa/Fibreglass resin. Runs well no leaks to date. Gerry.

Sea Queen built by Robert Peberdy - Posted: 8 years ago by Robert   >> Permalink
This Is a video of my re-make of the Aerokits Sea Queen. Build commenced In the autumn of 2006 and It was to be a winter build project for when the weather was too bad to fly R/C elec planes. The boat was finished mid 2007 and was launched In May.

My closest water to sail on Is Lake St Clair, but one slip up and the boat's next stop would be Canada. Its seen here sailing In the confines on an ornamental pond In Wahby Park, St Clair Shores, Mi, USA. The music has been added to cover up the sound of fountain just out of picture to the right.

The supplied motor has been replaced with an MFA Torpedo 850 which has substantially more power and 3x the RPM.

A week before the video was taken I lost the prop and Its seen here running on a temporary prop while I awaited a replacement. The performance on the video Is a little more sedate than normal.

More Info & pics In the photo gallery
Response by Hugh on the 8 days ago
Liked your video,and the accompanying music👍

46 Inch Crash Tender Rescued From E-bay By Peter Harvey - Posted: 8 years ago by Pete H   >> Permalink
46 Inch Crash Tender rescued from E-bay. Currently In the process of total restoration and have had to scratch build the entire super structure. Have fitted a Merco 61 engine with tuned pipe (the noise Is awesome).

Have gone for It with the radio control- - employing a Robbe F14 plus an extra 8 channel module with decoder. So far extra controls are : each monitor (scratch built using brass pipe & sheet) left & right (using Robbe pulley set to give me 270 degrees travel), two Irvine water pumps, (real car) hooter, winch (using gearbox from Maplins) and movement for jib and search light.
Response by Stonemonkey on the 5 years ago
Nice boat, what a shame you didn't upgrade the video camera, lol. Seriously though, worth looking at In better resolution.
Nice build, I think.

46 Inch Aerokits Crash Tender Restored By Mike Cummings - Posted: 8 years ago by Mike Cummings   >> Permalink
This Is an original 46 Inch Aerokits Crash Tender from c1966. It was restored by Mike Cummings who runs the Vintage Model Workshop group.

It Is powered by a Graupner Speed 900. This video was taken In Bushy Park, SW London.

Completely refurbished Crash Tender - Posted: 8 years ago by Fireboat   >> Permalink
Six months on and the boat has been completely refurbished and Is seen here operating the fire monitor at Branston Water Park.

The video clip was taken on the Fireboat Funday where many of these models were on display together with other Aerokit models.

My Fireboat! - Posted: 8 years ago by Fireboat   >> Permalink
This Is one of the Aerokits models, however It has recently been stripped down to the wood to apply a fibreglass coating.

These video clips show the boat undergoing trials before being completly re-fitted.

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