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RC 100th HMS Princess Beatrix Landing Ship Infantry - WW2 - Posted: 4 years ago by Peter47   >> Permalink
Scratch built model of my ship Uncle Stanley, served on during WW2. Giving a speed boat Impression at times, then going aft and finally Ducks/Geese extract their revenge for being chased and moved on, and It only took a feather, still limped In.

1/24 th Vosper Gun Boat - Posted: 4 years ago by Peter47   >> Permalink
Based on a 72nd scale Airfix Plastic kit, original needed 20volts worth of batteries to get It up to speed, but change of motors, tweaking strakes near bow, and moving batteries aft, now get same or better performance from 7.2volt pack' Since these videos have added 4 torpedo tubes, well rocket launching tubes found on field when walking dog last year day after the 5th Nov, with carved torpedo's poking out,us scratch builders will use anything. ;-)

VOSPER CRASH TENDER No.94 - Posted: 4 years ago by 4clubs   >> Permalink
After a re-paint and total refurbish she was tried out on the Omskirk and West Lancs Model Boat Club lake at Hurlston Golf and Country Club Scarisbrick Ormskirk Lancs.
She Is not mega fast but sails well as you can see from the video.
Response by JeremyBB on the 4 years ago
Looks great and beautifully finished 😊 . I am currently building the 34.5" Lesro model of this boat and would very much like to see some photos of your model. It would provide me with an excellent guide as to how It should look In detail. Would It be possible for you to send these to me by email or post them on the site?


Response by 4clubs on the 4 years ago
I have sent you a private email with photos.
Max (4clubs)

PBR "Pibber" Vietnam River Raider - Posted: 4 years ago by CraigRobotham   >> Permalink
This Is my 54" Vietnam River Raider plodding along on Needham lake In Suffolk . Was originally an I.C engine but converted to brushless . I would like to one day convert again to water jet drives , funds permitting as I have seen how well they perform . The real boats we're powered by water nozzle so would definately look the part .

Victoria - Posted: 4 years ago by Nickthesteam   >> Permalink
This Is Victoria, she was built from a Krick kit about 4 years ago, steam powered with a Maccsteam boiler and an SVS 10mm bore x 11mm stroke oscillator. She Is currently taking a well earned rest after 3 years hard work, out 3 days a week, weather permitting. Undergoing boiler cleaning, engine overhaul and a bit of patching up of the woodwork.

African Queen at New Brighton - Posted: 4 years ago by Nickthesteam   >> Permalink
Completed (nearly, still a few more crates needed) In July after a 2 year build on a Kingston Moldings hull. Not a scrap of plywood has been used, all made from Oak, Mahogany, Beech and brass. All fittings scratch built, boiler from Maccsteam In Macclesfield, engine TVR 1 A BB from Macclesfield model engineering supplies. Runs on 60/40 butane propane mix. Radio 3 channels used on Futaba 6EX 2.4 ghz set, 1 fo1 for fwd/reverse, I for steering.
Response by Nickthesteam on the 3 years ago
I watched video of the Key Largo boat and followed it's restoration...
Response by RedRider on the 2 years ago
The is a very kool build!
Response by Westquay on the 2 years ago
Steam? No longer allowed at New Brighton. Not the council, but the members insistence!!


Pink skI boat - Posted: 4 years ago by AlanP   >> Permalink
Goes like a bat out of hell
Please forgive the fingers 😁
Response by smasher on the 4 years ago
The sword Is mightyer than the err forgot I await you all on Sun with my secret weapon the WRECKER
Response by Northumbrian on the 3 years ago
that Is fast what Is It powered by & how long do you get out of your batteries
regards Bob
Response by figtree7nts on the 2 years ago
Attack of the giant hand!

Clyde Puffer Libby (Model Slipways kit) - Posted: 4 years ago by CapnJim   >> Permalink
See forum and my harbour (CapnJim) for more details.
Just some footage of my weathered Model Slipways Puffer - now some years old but still cruisin'. Still appreciating the model and Is one of my favourites. One day I'll build a puffer at 1/32nd. but for now this does very well.
Easy build but lots of opportunities to add detail. This has all the bells and whistles (well 'steam' whistle, smoke generator and puffer engine sound at least). Would fit In a briefcase but still able to stay afloat against the wash of bigger boats or blustery winds. Surprisingly, steers well when going astern. Speed with supplied motor about 2mph ' but this Is faster than scale by a margin.
Clip prepared for YouTube resolution so best not viewed full screen.
Response by johnmont on the 4 years ago
Love the puffer,lived In Argyll when puffers were still working boats,have one to build,next project.Enjoyed your video,boat looks to bevery well built!

Wacker Quaker II Liverpool DUKW - Posted: 4 years ago by 4clubs   >> Permalink
This model of the tourist attraction In Liverpool a few years ago.Sadly after a couple of mishaps all four have been withdrawn from service. The model however survives. It was scratch built from photos and site visits by myself (Max Ferrie).There were no plans available. It Is about 28inches long and roughly 1/12 scale.It was built almost entirely from plywood. As you will see from video It operates on land and water. It Is six wheel drive using differentials on all wheels. When In water It Is prop drive. It has two small electric motors for power, the wheel drive being very low gearing (too low really It goes very slow on ground). It was completed In 2010, and Is filmed sailing at the portable pond at Toys For Boys In Waterloo In 2010. It has sailed at Hoylake MBC also.
It Is powered by two 6volt 4AH batteries In series to give 12volts.
Response by figtree7nts on the 2 years ago
I've only seen them on the television, great job on the model!
Response by 4clubs on the 2 years ago
Many thanks. I made two of these, both are now sold. The models still survive but the real things have been withdrawn from service.

New 1/48th scale Diana and Huntsman plus anew Club Racer - Posted: 5 years ago by tompallister   >> Permalink
Knightcote Model Boat Club. Film Is of boats David Pledge and I have developed -- to be sold as kits soon. The Diana and Huntsman are tiny and powered by micro brushless motors. CR1700 Is a new brushless club racer. See us at the Warwick show this week!
Response by Deswelham on the 4 years ago
Response by EAGLE on the 4 years ago
Great pocket rockets. They will put the 500 to shame. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Response by tompallister on the 4 years ago
Thanks. Both models are now available from Speedline Models.

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