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Wacker Quaker II Liverpool DUKW - Posted: 5 years ago by 4clubs   >> Permalink
This model of the tourist attraction In Liverpool a few years ago.Sadly after a couple of mishaps all four have been withdrawn from service. The model however survives. It was scratch built from photos and site visits by myself (Max Ferrie).There were no plans available. It Is about 28inches long and roughly 1/12 scale.It was built almost entirely from plywood. As you will see from video It operates on land and water. It Is six wheel drive using differentials on all wheels. When In water It Is prop drive. It has two small electric motors for power, the wheel drive being very low gearing (too low really It goes very slow on ground). It was completed In 2010, and Is filmed sailing at the portable pond at Toys For Boys In Waterloo In 2010. It has sailed at Hoylake MBC also.
It Is powered by two 6volt 4AH batteries In series to give 12volts.
Response by figtree7nts on the 2 years ago
I've only seen them on the television, great job on the model!
Response by 4clubs on the 2 years ago
Many thanks. I made two of these, both are now sold. The models still survive but the real things have been withdrawn from service.

New 1/48th scale Diana and Huntsman plus anew Club Racer - Posted: 5 years ago by tompallister   >> Permalink
Knightcote Model Boat Club. Film Is of boats David Pledge and I have developed -- to be sold as kits soon. The Diana and Huntsman are tiny and powered by micro brushless motors. CR1700 Is a new brushless club racer. See us at the Warwick show this week!
Response by Deswelham on the 5 years ago
Response by EAGLE on the 4 years ago
Great pocket rockets. They will put the 500 to shame. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Response by tompallister on the 4 years ago
Thanks. Both models are now available from Speedline Models.

Wannabe Police Launch - Posted: 5 years ago by Mzee   >> Permalink
My own design deep "V" hull with upper-works loosely to 1:15 scale replica of the Mitchell 31 boats previously used by various Hampshire constabularies In and around the Solent. The Intention Is to fit this model with a working, rotating, radar scanner using the servo motor and gearbox from an old video camera lens system; working lights Including flashing blue police lights and a sound-alike "wee-wah" siren - just for the hell of It (and because I can)! Technical details: Hull length: 867mm. Construction: GRP layup with 1.5 and 3mm ply and balsa deck, cabin etc. Motor: MFA Torpedo 850. Propeller: X50mm plastic. Battery: 2 x three cell LiPo pack In parallel. Speed controller: Mtroniks Viper 25Amp. Radio: Hobby King 2.4GHz.
Response by Mzee on the 5 years ago
My son says this Is way off a replica of the Solent police launches of that time: a) It moves too fast, b) It's not billowing black smoke, c) It's not making enough engine noise, and d) It's not towing half the Solent behind! 😀
Response by don83000 on the 3 years ago
Looks nice and goes well for a brushed motor.

Tamar Model Lifeboat at Boundary Park - Posted: 5 years ago by Dave M   >> Permalink
Just a short video of Ian Pott's recently completed Model Slipway Tamar lifeboat. Looks and sounds good with action sound unit
Response by blackgold on the 5 years ago
Beautiful boat. Nice sound. Building 2 Bangor class minesweepers, one for myself and one of my other club members.
Response by Deswelham on the 5 years ago
Hope my solent that I'm just starting turns out as well
Response by Northumbrian on the 3 years ago
Nice model you have there I enjoyed the video plenty of detail & It look very realistic what motors have you put In
it runs really well whatever they are

Tabletop Waterway - literally! - Posted: 5 years ago by CapnJim   >> Permalink
Built out of house guttering to a scale equivalent to model railways HO the layout Is approx. 4 x 3 ft. Mounted In a wooden frame and provided with a protective see through cover It fits Into the car and can go anywhere. It has been an on-going project to build RC boats to suit. Those used at present are commercial products (loa 5" (125mm)) with simple two channel two prop drives - not proportional but with forward and reverse and by operating one or both props plus reverse steering Is OK. Battery life limited to 6-8 minutes with similar recharge time. Built largely from scrap and odds and ends the project cost well under £80. The Idea Is/was to have several units and link them together to make a large layout!
Response by Othello on the 5 years ago
Good job. Looks like the boat need some side bumpers :-) but perfect Idea for slow river boats.
Response by james1102 on the 5 years ago
Unique Idea. Love It
Response by figtree7nts on the 2 years ago
Simply ingenious!

Magic Vee (Joysway) - Posted: 5 years ago by CapnJim   >> Permalink
RTR minI electric speed boat with proportional 2CH RC. 280mm loa (11")

Good boat and fast. Watercooled brushed motor. Normal problem with commercial mini-boats Is lack of proportional RC but this Is fine. Battery life about ten minutes - low freeboard and takes on water but electrics/RC have proven resistant to regular swamping!
Response by blackgold on the 5 years ago
I liked your boat. I also have an 11 Inch boat with an extended exterior rudder that brings the length to 13 Inches. Mabe the exterior ruder helps to keep water out of the boat this sort of rudder Is seen on gas boats In usa.

Solar Boat Project - Posted: 5 years ago by CapnJim   >> Permalink
Built for the MMI Solar Boat Challenge a number of years ago and Includes the winner (Amber Sol-air !) that had to complete as many circuits as possible of a canal system constructed out of household guttering In a fixed time. (the gutter naturally limited the size - loa, beam and draft). All built out of depron from my own head - with enough left over to build several more ?!

There are a number of Ideas for propulsion - all powered by solar panels, no batteries. The pool Is 12 feet diameter and great for boats of this size.
Response by Fireboat on the 5 years ago
They look super! When did MMI hold that event? Are they doing any more do you know?
Response by CapnJim on the 5 years ago
HI Fireboat,

MMI ran the event In three different forms over two seasons (arond 2007/8) - a circular gutter track with as many circuits as possible and also 3 circuits In shortest time, then drag racing - straight track knock ot competition.

As far as I know they have no plans to do more. They were great fun and pulled a lo of Interest, Incuding from youngsters because they were simple and cheap - but actually delivered!

I have a number of build shots the Clyde Puffer build that I'll post.

Cap'n Jim.
Response by blackgold on the 5 years ago
It looks like a lot of fun.

Solar boat - PS Sol Survivor - Posted: 5 years ago by CapnJim   >> Permalink
Originally designed and prepared as a fun entry to the MMI Solar Boat Challenge.

Scratch designed and built of depron to run In standard house guttering - size and construction details on the video. There are a number of 'solar' boats on another video of several Including the eventual winner of the challenge. Inexpensive, fun and unsinkable!

Model Slipway Clyde Puffer - Libby - Posted: 5 years ago by CapnJim   >> Permalink
Super little kit making a great model. Essentially styrene with added mixed fittings then super detailed and weathered.

Video rather shaky as operating camera with one hand and RC with the other - will Improve and add soon.
Response by CapnJim on the 5 years ago
HI Des,

On Styrene vs. Fibreglass or wood.

A matter of personal preference but I have noted over the years that styrene Is great for smaller hulls, very malleable and welded joints seem to be forever. Easy to repair and even to rebuild If required.

GRP/fibreglass In larger hulls Is essentially self supporting (apart from transverse struts across the beam) and gloss coat can be finished coat. Have never used on smaller hulls, perhaps a prejudice but It doesn't appeal. Structural repairs are easy but gel coat repairs less so.

I prefer wood for 'proper' plank on frame but can achieve same In styrene, especially on small hulls. Personally I think styrene and wood/plywood are Interchangeable for chined hulls large(ish) or small.

For scratch built round bilge hulls there Isn't, In my view, an alternative to wood (I don't want to make a 'plug' and then a fibreglass mould - I only want one!)

Sorry for the ramble but hope you can see where I'm coming from even If It doesn't really Inform!

Cap'n Jim.
Response by Deswelham on the 5 years ago
Not a ramble Jim, but good explanation. All makes sense. Thanks for your help. Des
Response by Deswelham on the 2 years ago
Finally got round to finish my puffer.(if one ever finishes)
Took your advise and grip hull and rest mainly wood and then planked

Rivarama - Posted: 5 years ago by sharpy1071   >> Permalink
This Is the video that should have appeared first!! Please Ignore the Buoy Incident , I was not concentrating watching my wife with my phone! If you notice the turns are very large, so I have Increased throws on the rudders, will try again and If not, apply some mix to motors through the rudder Input on the Tx. Enjoy, Brian
Response by sharpy1071 on the 5 years ago
HI Ian, thanks for your response, I must admit I got frustrated at times but the first time on the water everything just disappeared Into the mist of time. I am still experimenting with the mixer but so far It Is really manoeuvrable at all speeds. It surprises onlookers when It spins within It own length!! (only at stop I hasten to add). I'll try to get a video of It and upload, cheers Brian.
Response by chombo on the 5 years ago
HI boat looks and goes great well done, I will see It sometime
it looks like your In Poole park I live In Poole.

Response by sharpy1071 on the 5 years ago
HI there, yep your right, Poole lake It Is, we go there on Wed PM and Thurs eve when the clock changes and weather decent, If you go, Introduce yourself, nice to put a face to correspondence! Brian

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