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New motor & battery test at Crealy - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang   >> Permalink
34" Fireboat
I tried out my new motor arrangement, ( Graupner speed 600 8.4v motor with a single 9.6v battery pack as recommended by dbninja ) In my Fireboat today. A bit choppy but all went very well at just above half throttle then I began to get braver and added on the power to be met by clouds of smoke and a truly blown ESC. ( See FORUM under Hong Kong ESC ) The new Fire Monitors by Peter HS93 also worked fine using a Vauxhall Astra washer pump, I'd hope to get pics but the sudden halt Intervened!

Regards Chris
Response by RogerS on the 6 years ago
HI Chris - great looking boat. Can you tell me where you got the monitors please - see my first message on the site.
Many thanks.
Roger S.
Response by chrislang on the 6 years ago
HI Roger
My monitors were kindly produced some time ago by another member of this site who was unfortunately at the last request unable to make any more. You might like to have a go making suitably scaled down versions In the method shown by Pete Harvey on his 46" Fireboat restoration on his website ( link In the 'Useful Links' part of this site ) my Initial effort was to try drilling out some white metal fittings- this only proved the soft cheese Is probably a more suitable material!
Water Is pumped to the monitors using an ebay sourced Astra windscreen washer pump which works fine on my 9.6v setup.
Good luck
Response by chrislang on the 6 years ago
HI again
Just to mention that Monitors for the 34" boat are available separately from the 'Online Shop'section of this site. ( Don't think they are working however )

Aerokits 46" Fireboat - Posted: 7 years ago by froggyt996   >> Permalink
Areokits 46" Fireboat with Brushless motor running on 19 volts Nimh batteries
Response by tidtug on the 6 years ago
Just one word WOW

Astec Vosper 73' ASRL @ Creally - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang   >> Permalink
My Astec 35th Scale Vosper 73' ASRL @ Creally yesterday
It has a JP Power 480 motor driving a 25mm 3 blade prop. Powered by a 6v 4Ah LA battery with a RadioLink 2.4ghz RX. and a 15A Mtronics ESC

Also a bit bow heavy until the power / speed comes on.


Fireboat @ Creally - Try 2 - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang   >> Permalink
Happy new year to you all.
The weather having turned a balmy but gusty 9 degrees here In the sunny south. I thought I'd try my 34" boat again today.
Now somewhat lightened and with a new speed 600 motor and 9.6v Ni-Cad battery pack. she ran considerably better but Is still somewhat bow heavy. As I have only restored her from an ebay purchase I'm not fully aware what might be causing the weight In the bow area but perhaps will try some weight further aft before attempting frontal surgery. Any Ideas welcome.
Best Wishes
Response by aprestney on the 6 years ago
Hi" there, " You have a very nice boat there "
I also own one like this. I try to keep the wieght from
the middle to the back of the boat. My set up Is two 7.2 volt @4600mah side by side under the larger compartment lid and switch from one battery to the other. But keep them both In when sailling.! Also running on speed 600 motor. my set up keeps the rear In the water and keep the bow nicely out at speed . But also the boat should sit evenley on the water when It Is not running.Try this Before you attempt to butcher your model . Good luck 👍 And a happy new year !

34'' Fireboat at Knightcote Model Boat Club - Posted: 8 years ago by john saunders   >> Permalink
Here Is my 34 In Fireboat that I built some 30 years ago and recently rescued from my loft and updated with an MFA850 with Mtroniks 40A ESC driving through the original shaft to a Graupner 55mm prop. Seen on Nov 25 just after we cleared the first Ice of 2010 from our club sailing water !

Aerokits Fireboat at St. Helens MBC 07/11/10 - Posted: 8 years ago by dbninja   >> Permalink
Bit of fun with a video camera on my restored 1960's fireboat at my home club St. Helens MBC. had to be really carefull with the throttle and rudder sticks so the whole lot didnt end up upside down due to the camera position...

34" fireboat built 1965 restored late 2009 by me
running graupner 8.4v speed 600 on 8 cells (9.6v).

love the way the boat Is In and out of shadow and sunlight throughout the video

1953 Adamcraft Seaplane Tender @ Crealy - Posted: 8 years ago by chrislang   >> Permalink
I've finally got around to posting the video of my restored 1/16th Adamcraft BPB Seaplane Tender
See details In photo gallery.
A bit tentative as It was It's first time In the water for 51 years !
At the lake In Crealy, Nr Exeter In July this year.
Response by figtree7nts on the 2 years ago

Original Aerokits Sea Hornet - Posted: 8 years ago by john saunders   >> Permalink
I had always admired the lines of 1950s American wooden runabouts and built this Aerokits model when I was an apprentice at Jaguar Cars and It had stayed In my loft since completion nearly 40 years ago. Recently dusted off and upgraded with a Graupner Speed 500 and Mtroniks 40Amp controller and P35 prop. Seen here at Knightcote Boat Club on 25 October

Restored 1960s Aerokits Sea Queen - Posted: 8 years ago by john saunders   >> Permalink
Original 1960s boat aquired this summer from the family a deceased former club member In scruffy, non running but basically sound condition. Was petrol powered at some stage and still had original vintage mechanical speed controller from a later electric power set up. Restored with two (secondhand) MFA850 motors In tandem driving a new single 20 In M5 shaft. . Using a 50 Amp Tornado speed control and plastic X55 Graupner prop.

Sprayed (Volvo) Flash Green Metallic with orginal decks stripped back and restained (using tea bags!) and relaquered

Planing gently on our club sailing water at Knightcote, Warwickshire on 25 October

Sea Nymph - Posted: 8 years ago by froggyt996   >> Permalink
my scratch built Brushless Sea Nymph run on 11.2 volts

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