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1960's original Aerokit Sea Commander - Cephas - Posted: 6 years ago by SimonL   >> Permalink
My Dads boat on the dam at our opening launch, with minI on board camera after many years
Response by circle43nautical on the 1 year ago

James Borrough - Posted: 6 years ago by owhogo   >> Permalink
sunday sailing on Cwmbran Model Society water
Response by circle43nautical on the 1 year ago

Phoenix - Posted: 6 years ago by Keith   >> Permalink
In 1963/64 my father built a 34" Fireboat for me. Being only about 12 the job was a little above my knowledge or expertise. Another chap In my class at school had the same boat but rigged as a Fireboat. So I wanted something different.My boat was painted Red.White and Black. When I migrated to Australia I sold the boat about 1970.Earlier this year I had an article published In a Melbourne newspaper saying I was looking to repurchase the boat I had sold 40 years ago. Although I was unable to get my boat, someone had a fireboat that had been sitting around for years.After purchasing the boat, I restored It to the same colours etc that I had had 40 years ago. Thereby naming It Phoenix.

Two refurbished Yeoman Wavemasters - Posted: 6 years ago by ianed57   >> Permalink
Two Wavemasters, both refurbished ebay rescues, sailing at Crealy, near Exeter (one of the last times as the club can no longer use the water).
The first, rebuilt by Kalamunda, Is brushless with NiMh cells and the second, having It's first sail since being rebuilt by Ian Gardner, has a Graupner 700 with 3s Lipo's (in parallel) on a 37.5mm X type prop- Electronize 30amp esc.
I think these are lovely looking old boats designed by Les Rowell of Aerokits fame, and obviously based on traditional cruisers from the Norfolk Broads- see Martham Boats, where you can still hire a wooden craft like these, although you'd definitely have the river Inspector after you If you sailed up the Thurne at these speeds!
Response by jelley_baby on the 6 years ago
P.S Great videos of both models.
Response by ianed57 on the 6 years ago
HI Graham,
Glad you liked the video. They are smashing boats aren't they? I really fancy a new IP Engineering one but have too many other projects on the go to make It a sane decision!

I have to say my WM Is the best running of my faster boats, which Include a Lesro Sportsman and a Rapier. She seems to hug the water In turns rather than bounce around, so a great design I think. I'd be Interested to hear how you arranged you gearing on your WM. Did you make It up or but a ready made unit?
Response by jelley_baby on the 6 years ago
HI I bought them on Ebay, from Hongkong, they were about £9 plus some small amount of postage they have a brass motor gear, and an aluminium gear for the propshaft I use the system on three boats the Wavemaster a Sea Commander and a Fire Boat. On the water with 7.2 volts but will also run on 9.6 volts and 11.1 volts 3 cell lipo's. I will try and get a photo of the motor and gearbox. Regards Graham

Veron Huntsman 28 - Posted: 6 years ago by pmdevlin   >> Permalink
I love this video, thought you might like to share It, taken at St Helens model boat club lake, which Is Taylor Park, Prescot, St Helens, very early before anybody arrived, on a cold sunday morning!
Shortly after this video I changed the motor and prop, I never stop meddling! 😀
*Reposted - now with footage! Stephen*
Response by ianed57 on the 6 years ago
I agree about the wattmeter- essential piece of kit I'd say and yes, I too haven't burnt out an ESC since having one- a regular occurrence before!
The data logger sounds very technical- I'll borrow my daughters Garmin that she uses for running and see If that Is any good.
Response by kgildenhuys on the 6 years ago
HI There, I like what you've done with the boat It looks great.

The boat my father had was lost In time but when we sold the house I came across the plans, little bit moth eaten but decipherable.
I want to start and rebuild the boat within this this year from totally zero but don't seem to find many "parts" for It.
I Like originality In looks but love new technology built In as well.

Is It possible to ask for some pictures that I can use for reference when building please.


Response by pmdevlin on the 6 years ago
thanks for kind comments, email me (email hidden please send pm) I will provide the complete build, Paul

Crewe MBC sunday sail 11th Nov 2012 - Posted: 6 years ago by Dave M   >> Permalink
Quite a blustery but rather cold day so not that many sailors. The Three Brothers of Rye was put through Its paces and coped well with the blustery conditions.
Response by seafarer on the 6 years ago
Love the sound track! pity about the bluring but I guess that the wind had a part to play.....nice video

The Three Brothers of Rye - fishing smack - Posted: 6 years ago by Dave M   >> Permalink
Brian Clewes has now taken his new scratch built boat on Its maiden voyage. The day was fine, If cold, but the wind was just right for the event. The auxiliary motor was used to keep the vessel moving when the wind dropped but she did sail with the little wind present and responded well to the helm. This Is Brian's third large scratch built yacht, he Is really becoming quite an expert. Also makes his own sails and fittings.
Response by seafarer on the 6 years ago
Great video, well done.

Lesro Rapier- with Lipos - Posted: 6 years ago by ianed57   >> Permalink
I finally got round to trying the Rapier with the lipos I bought recently. My good friend 'Kalamunda' was on hand to drive whilst I took the video. We noticed a marked Improvement In performance- a much greater 'urgency' with the lipos delivering what the motors asked. Short of going up a prop size I think this will be about It with this boat. Thanks to the chaps on here who have encouraged me Into Lipos and given help with various matters- not sure what all the worry was now- famous last words!
This will be one of our last days at Crealy In Exeter as the management have decided to terminate our use of the water- so we will be looking for alternatives from January.
Response by ianed57 on the 6 years ago
HI Gregg- thanks. I'm pretty happy with the way she goes now and feel disinclined to change much. The motors run cool on the two 37.5 X props- and It's enough excitement for me! I could try 35's just for the experience If I could get handed props- haven't really looked.
I just need to get my head round not over-discharging the Lipos- going to experiment with visible low voltage alarms In the cabin windows!

Response by Gregg on the 6 years ago
I use a little "plug In" voltage alarm on my lipo's. It simply plugs In to the balance charge plug connector. so give you an Initial volt test,usually with a few bleeps and a set of green lights, then as the batteries drain, the led's turn red and an alert buzzer goes of as they approach low volt limit, which Is set on these alarms at 3.2v, so no damage done to the batteries.

Its a quick search on ebay, loads of sellers, cost around £2.50 each.
very useful bit of kit poolside as you can check all your lipo batteries, even after being used and left to stand, the batteries do recover a bit and possibly ready again for a further shortened run time too.

Happy sailing with your boat, the setup's brill !
Response by ianed57 on the 6 years ago
Those are the alarms I Intend to use but they seem to be taking a while to come. They are so cheap I Intend to Install them In the boat with velcro and extension leads on the balance connectors. The lipos certainly give a weight saving too.

Hobby King F1 Tunnel. - Posted: 6 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
Finally managed to get a fellow club member to take some video for me.
This Is a hobby King Tunnel hull boat, running a brushless motor and 11.1v 3 cell.
The weather was a bit windy, hence the rough sound, the water too was slightly choppy, any worse and I would of not run the boat, too risky flipping the hull over !

The boat Itself was yet another ebay "rescue" Item, sold by "cash converters", all I say It was a great pity the previous owner could not afford to keep It, Its a fantastic piece of kit, and so, so much fun to handle. he also did a superb job of applying a different set of decals and repainting It, so thmbs up to this guy, hope that some day he finds this site and the video clip.
Your boat Is still being appreciated and being run "as It should be - full throttle"
Response by ianed57 on the 6 years ago
Enjoyed the video- pretty heart-stopping stuff!
Response by Gregg on the 6 years ago
Its an exciting "ride", full throttle Is not for the faint hearted [ha ha]. Its a total difference to my normal sailing modes, as Im more used to "scale sailing", so being let loose occaisionally can be fun too. I think everyone should have one, a fast boat that Is, purely just for the adrenaline rush you get.

Model boats - at night - Posted: 6 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
Some of our club members [including myself] giving our boats a run on the club pool just after dark.
Boats Included are : Fishing boats, trawler, Tug, Lifeboat, sports cruiser and patrol boat.

Appologies for the background noise, but thats the traffic on the M6 toll.
Response by CraigRobotham on the 4 years ago
Great seeing night sails , whole different effect to the models . Nice one 😊

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