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Model boats - at night - Posted: 6 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
Some of our club members [including myself] giving our boats a run on the club pool just after dark.
Boats Included are : Fishing boats, trawler, Tug, Lifeboat, sports cruiser and patrol boat.

Appologies for the background noise, but thats the traffic on the M6 toll.
Response by CraigRobotham on the 4 years ago
Great seeing night sails , whole different effect to the models . Nice one 😊

Mersey Class Lifeboat - at night! - Posted: 6 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
Sorry just a short clip, but better than nothing. Will try and get a better clip soon.
Response by hydroman on the 6 years ago
great stuff, when I get my own boats back In the water I will get some video's with my new onboard waterproof minI cam.
mark b

quick voyage around Poole lake - Posted: 6 years ago by sharpy1071   >> Permalink
Taken this morning 14/10/12 at the scale day with a keyring camera on my Veron Fast patrol boat. First video taken at sea by myself!! Good fun, enjoy.
Response by Dave M on the 6 years ago
Nice clear pics. I have several versions of these cameras. They all work well but some are very difficult to get going as the small lights Indicating the function are very difficult to see In sunshine.
The slightly dearer veho muvI type has small switches to select and I can use this reliably every time. I wish I had taken mine with me yesterday as the weather was really good and I could have gotten some good shots of all the boats on our lake. 😀
Response by sharpy1071 on the 6 years ago
HI there thanks for your kind comments, I bought this camera from Hobby King for about £20.00 last xmas, It works really good In aircraft as well. On Sunday I thought I had It switched on, and then sailed through the fleet for about 45 minutes, but no I had press the button twice, hence switched It off. The batteries were getting low when this was filmed thats why the shortness of the film, I was just concerned to get the boat back before I ran out of electricty. For a bit of cheap fun I would recommend one because you can see your lake from a different angle, If any of you fly that Is really good fun.Thanks Brian
Response by ianed57 on the 6 years ago
I'm always In favour of cheap fun!! 😁

Noisy Motor - Posted: 6 years ago by neilmc   >> Permalink
Hope this Is not considered Inappropiate to post this video here as the majority of videos are about baots on the water (hope mine will make It one day) - but would like DaveM (Fleet Admiral) to have a look see.
Response by neilmc on the 6 years ago
HI Ian

I've posted more Information In the Hobby Chit Chat forum which In short carries a BIG THANK TO YOU and your suggestion of twisting the tube to see If It comes free. You'll see why I went for this option when you read the other post. 😁

Response by ianed57 on the 6 years ago
Just glad It worked out- always a bit worrying recommending possible destruction! I've got another ebay rescue- Maycraft Mercury- which I shall have to tackle this job on.

Response by chiffs on the 6 years ago
HI there guys, I am just In process of renewing prop shaft In my 34" fire boat, have for years run It with Ic engine, as not permitted on most sailing areas now Im converting to electric, I have removed the shaft and tube (badly worn from Ic engine use) all I did was firm grip with pliers on the tube twist to dislodge glue and filler then knocked out of the hull from Inside.
my Intention Is to use a speed 600bb for power any comments on power set up would be helpful, my boat weighs In at 2268grams.

Lesro Rapier - Posted: 7 years ago by ianed57   >> Permalink
Second decent run with this boat- rather sedate I think. At the moment It's drawing 33amps (stationary, 16.5 amps each motor) with both motors running from a 12v Nimh pack. I want to get each motor running off a separate LiPo and then I could probably Increase the prop size- still well within the esc rating and the motors are very cool after a run at the moment. It seems a bit back heavy and I'd like to get It running flatter- so will try moving the batteries more amidships.
Response by Dave M on the 7 years ago
HI Ian
See you are making good use of the wattmeter 😀
Like the video and agree the balance could benefit with a bit more weight amidships.
Listening to the video sound suggests your motors are not developing full power so I suspect the NiMh's are not capable of delivering the amps required.
You could try smaller props with the NiMh's to see If the performance Improves, could be your motors are working just below the optimum.
Response by ianed57 on the 7 years ago
Dave, I found that the Nimh batteries were dropping off to around 9v at full power when measured with the wattmeter and this Is why I want to go for Lipos, one on each motor. At the moment I'm taking everything from one pack and I think this Is the limiting factor.
When I get my Lipos I will stick them In the middle and try larger props, probably 40mmS types to begin with, having measured what's going on with the wattmeter first. It may be that the existing props will do better If the batteries are delivering up what the motors want. You're right, there Is still plenty of headroom with this setup.
Just got to rake up the cash for two largish capacity Lipos!

The wattmeter Is a splendid purchase- I'd say essential for this type of thing.

Anyway, glad you liked the video- she still looks quite good toodling around at that speed.

All the best...Ian

F1 Tunnel - Hobby King - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
First trial run after purchase off good old Ebay. Running 26kv motor and 11.1v lipo. Its a little bit "skippy", but after returning to shore, It looks like It may simply be the height of the prop shaft, so now adjusted, ready for a second trial shortly....more to follow.
Response by Gregg on the 6 years ago
The rudder servo arm and ruddr link have been carefully setup by the manufacturer, so It only give approx 30 degrees of turn angle, so no risk of turning too sharply and risking a capsize Dave. There Is no need to adjust anything on the transmitter at all, just simply give It full rudder stick when you need to turn. Its the throttle thats the nervous bit !!! Once It picks the nose up and runs on the stepped hull at the rear, Its like a scalded cat. Calm water Is majic, but anything over a slight wave and forget using It, too high a risk of flipping It off the top of a wave crest.

I shall have to get some more video sorted, now Ive adjusted the prop height, Its even smoother to run [and even quicker too].
Response by Dave M on the 6 years ago
Looks exciting. Are Tunnel boats more stable than other types?
Response by Gregg on the 6 years ago
They can be very stable and get a higher level of speed over a mono hull. BUT ...... yep, there always has to be one............ I find that a mono hull can sail In any type of water condition, twin hulls, or tunnel hulls are better suited for calmer water. the main risk Is for the hull to flip over backwards If thits the crest of a wave and the wind gets under the bows, the centre section then acts as a sail , wind catches It and lifts the hull nose up........... and over !

If you get the chance to sail one.......try It, they are good fun to sail, take a bit of concentration to get the best speed out of them, especially on turns.

Its like any boat, there are good things and bad In all of them to a degree.

VOSPER CRASH TENDER 46 IN - Posted: 7 years ago by AlanR   >> Permalink
Boats name Is Who Ha
(Grand children) I'm afraid
Second trip on water In 30yrs plus It's what's known as long build
Upgraded from first sail from 3 blade 9.6v ni-cad to 4 blade 12v ni-mh
Speed and handling are fine for grand children at this time will wind It up at a later date

Cen Aqua. - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
First trials after upgrading the hull to brushless motor, Instead of original 550 size motor. this test was on a 2 cell 7.4v lipo, I did try a 3 cell, but the stretch of water we use Isn't long enough, I run out of water too quickly, so for now, 2 cells power It Is. Its still a handfull on turns, as the turn fins will take some setting up to get the best out of them to maintain a degree of speed, rather than drag factor off the turn fins.
Response by Dave M on the 7 years ago
HI Gregg
Pretty mean machine. Looks a real handful. I guess the 3 cell took the boat out of your pond! Not familiar with your turn fin terminology, but from my model plane days sounds like you need to set very fine control adjustments, just like a fast plane. Interesting finish to your video - looked a bit like a wheelie. 😀
Response by Huntsmanman on the 6 years ago
Mmmm.... turn fins? Perhaps he means a 'dagger plate' a vertical fin that should help prevent the boat from rolling and filpping on turns. Just theorizing I'm not sure though If two would be the answer, I wonder If they might actually hinder. With a single plate of the right size placed centrally the boat would be still be restrained from too much sideways roll yet not lose any directional control being able to pivot on the single plate, where as two plates would tend to act like two fixed rudders and be hinder to turning. I also fly planes and I agree with Dave M about fine control, If using a computerized radio dialing In both rates and expotential helps compensate for over enthusiastic waggling of the sticks and Is nearly always required for fast craft particularly first time out. Anyway that sure looks like fun, that's a serious handful and on just 7 volts, well done!
Response by Gregg on the 6 years ago
Dagger boards are onl;y used on sail boats, turn fins are a fine edges plate, fitted to the transom, and adjustable In height/depth to the water, so It gives less "bite" when running straight, but digs In on turns to get the hull to bite In to the water.

A rudder Is fitted, so there Is no way of fitting one of these centrally my freind, they have to fit either side/one side of the transom.
"trimming the radio" does not cater for the movement on a fast boat, thats purely down to the person behind the sticks at the time!
The "end game" on the video was when the rudder dug In too deeply and the boat just spun around due to an "over steer" moment........... thast just what can happen when playing around setting up brushless systems.

Three wooden boats restored or built by Kalamunda. - Posted: 7 years ago by ianed57   >> Permalink
The first boat Is a restored Maycraft Mercury, then an Aerokits Sea Hornet. The last Is a replica Yeoman Minx. All are powered by brushless motors.

ALMUAZZAR - Posted: 7 years ago by THECAPT2012   >> Permalink
Almuazzar Is type 42 destroyer built by Vosper. The model Is powered by two smiths motors and a 50 amp scooter battery, she Is 83 Inc long 15 Inc beam.
Response by rjfroelich on the 6 years ago
Wow! It's a great perspective with the onboard camera!
Response by figtree7nts on the 3 years ago
Reminds me of my old navy days!
Response by circle43nautical on the 1 year ago

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