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Predator Outrigger MK1 Outrigger Hydro - Posted: 7 years ago by aquamatic80   >> Permalink
Built from a .PDF plan I found on the net, this 22" Outrigger Hydro sports a Hobbywing 3600Kv Brushless, along with a Hobbywing 60A esc, a 5000mAh 11.1v 45C LiPo, and an Octura X435 Prop connected to a Strudder from Prestwich models.. It weighs 930g without the battery, with the battery, she goes 1386g.
This was It's Maiden run, at Herbert Woods Boatyard, at Potter Heigham Norfolk. It ran very nicely, but can do with a little tweaking to get more speed.
For the record, I did not swear, It was someone onlooking.
Response by BOATSHED on the 7 years ago
HI aquamatic80
She's awsume, 😎 I think that from the way she ran I would have said the same 😭 . 🤐 How much more tweeting would she need?
Cant wait to see your MkII 😀
Response by aquamatic80 on the 7 years ago
I have not played with the prop depth and angle yet, however, she has been banished to the back of the cupboard to make way for the MK2, to be re-visited a later date.

Mersey 12-26 Moira Barrie - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
Part built Models by design hull. But enough together for some sea trials.
Fitted with twin 900 motors, twin 14.8 lipo batteries and a full action electronics power package AND sound system. It sounds as well as It goes !
Response by peep31 on the 7 years ago
could you tell me what size speaker you went for I.e. the 10w or the 40w I'm just about to order mine,just got to have one.many thanks arthur
Response by Gregg on the 7 years ago
The size of speaker all depends on available space. If you fit the biggest possible speaker Im a cramped position, Its never going to give out maximum output, as objects In front of It will disperse the sound waves, so In this Instance, Its far better tio fit a smaller speaker and be able to allow free space for the sound waves to exit properly.
Obviously, If you can fit the bigger version, Its gives more bass and sounds far better.
remember to Install the speaker on a firm base plate and ensure this fits neatly to wherever you have decided to Install. now to create the "speaker sound box". If you think of an ordinary speaker at home on your stereo or surround sound system, It Is In a sealed box [or cabinet], well same applies to get optimum performance out of a speaker In your boat too. I fitted mine In the bows of the Mersey, facing the stern, and used the "not used" bow section as the sound box, you also have the deadening effect of the water, which aids the sound output out of the speaker. remember to make an "air port" In the speaker plate, to allow air "in/out" too, not too big or small a hole mind.
the better you create the sound box and make sure the space In front of the speaker Is clear, the better the sound output.
best of luck.

Incidentally, I have now purchased an m troniks version, I WAS going to Install In another "smaller" boat, but after listening to It, I dont think I'll bother and save up for another action system and stick the mtroniks one on ebay!
Response by peep31 on the 7 years ago
many thanks for the Info I think I will go for the big base one as I have plenty of room In my boat Its quite large one so won't be a problem for room If you look In the build blog section on this site you will see It.its the 60inch fire boat,I will let you know how I get on once It has arrived and fitted.

cheers for the help Arthur. you boat sound so good 👍

Rother HAIG and Arun Edward Bridges - Posted: 7 years ago by owhogo   >> Permalink
Both on display at Portis Head show
1/12 scale 33" and 54" long.
Response by owhogo on the 7 years ago
hi.lake seamed to be fresh water.have not sean any signs of salt on boat..
Response by rfineman on the 6 years ago
Was there last year at the open day, looking forward to this years, It Is allways good quality fun & frendship.The water can be brackish,but with all this rain, It will be thin, I would think. 👍 Open day 1-7-12.
Response by Dave M on the 6 years ago
Sounds like a fun day. Hope It goes well

S.S. AMERICAN SCOUT - Posted: 7 years ago by deckape   >> Permalink
Here Is my video of the Sterling American Scout, Under way for the first time In 50 years. Powered by a dumas 6 volt electric motor and a 1957 Babcock citizenship all tube radio. the predisessor of RC.
Response by wilson on the 7 years ago
nice model

Ferris Cargo steamer - Posted: 7 years ago by deckape   >> Permalink
Here Is my 1918 EFC Cargo Steamer the theodore Ferris S.S. MOJAVE.

Aerokits Fairey Swordsman - Posted: 7 years ago by john saunders   >> Permalink
First trials of freshly restored 1970s Aerokits Swordsman rescued as a wreck from ebay (I was the only bidder It looked so bad....!) earlier this year. Was diesel powered and had loads of lead ballest glassed Into hull which had to be cut out and replaced with new ply with the rest of the structure lightened and stiffended with new ply. Now fitted with Turnigy 600 Typhoon Brushless and 90A Seawing ESC and 55 min Graupner prop. Handling Is excellent and turns really well using a small size Graupner rudder with fast acting large angle Hobbywing servo. Joined my collection of 34 and 46 Fireboats, Sea Hornet, Sea Queen and Commander, all restored over the past 3 years. Aerokits have come Into their own with clean and quiet brushless power we could not dream of In the 1960s
Response by r1950 on the 7 years ago
love boat

RIB at Crealy - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang   >> Permalink
A short video of my car boot RIB at Crealy, Exeter yesterday


Vintage Yeoman boats at Crealy - Posted: 7 years ago by ianed57   >> Permalink
Yeoman Minx and Wavemaster restored by Kalamunda, filmed at Crealy near Exeter. These boats were originall produced by HMM and were, I think, designed by Les Rowell In the fifties.
The boats were found on ebay and brought back to life.
Response by figtree7nts on the 2 years ago
A pleasure to watch video, and clearly two very nice antique boats! 👍

Springer at Crealy - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang   >> Permalink
This was the first try at driving by my 8 year old grandson Lenny and only the second time the boat has been In the water.

Response by BillD203 on the 7 years ago
nicely done young sir.
Response by CraigRobotham on the 4 years ago
Fantastic , well done young Lenny 😊

aerokits - Posted: 7 years ago by froggyt996   >> Permalink
Aerokits Sea Queen & Swordsman at Fleetwood Classic & Vintage Model Boat Days

Thanks to John Lockett for the footage
Response by froggyt996 on the 7 years ago
Its just a good old Merco 61 glow motor
Response by BillD203 on the 7 years ago
Look great and taking that choppy water well. Nice one 😎
Response by Chris B on the 7 years ago
Great Video, what a beautifully balanced boat, It just cuts through the chop, It must be a real pleasure to have It one the water 😊

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