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Fairwind - Posted: 7 years ago by Chris B   >> Permalink
First time out, It was a bit windy ,but she went great.

RAF Crash/Fire Tender - Posted: 7 years ago by bigmacmodels   >> Permalink
Just thought I'd show you guys my boat with the "too fast" brushless setup. I have now put a smaller motor and turned It down on the controller. Almost lost It though 😁
Response by Dave M on the 7 years ago
Good to see you are progressing with the brushless. 👍 How Is your motor watercooled please 😀
Response by bigmacmodels on the 7 years ago
The motor I have has a built In water cooling jacket, works really well..... 😀
Response by rfineman on the 7 years ago
Tecnical details, Inrun, rpm, prop size & material battery type & voltage.

RMAS Moorhen - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
SemI Scratch build from a my hobby store plan and hull [only] kit. After 18 months Its still an ongoing build 🔨 , as my research In to the original vessel continues so I can get It as correct as possible. 😯
I have managed to get all the correct light patterns on and working, as well as twin radar and now finally have got the crane to operate remotely from the radio transmitter. 👍
Response by bigmacmodels on the 7 years ago
Was this at the Alfold show last weekend?
Response by Gregg on the 7 years ago
Sorry but No, This boat has not yet been on display anywhere as not yet completely finished, merely undergoing "sea trials" to check ballasting and seaworthyness If you get my meaning, as due to Its flat bows, It Is not the smoothest of vessels to steer, or If given too much throttle It heaves a lot of water over the bows.

Mersey 12-26 Lifeboat update 5/12 - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink

the Lifeboat Is looking more and more complete now, deck railings added, pushpit rails on, lifebelts on, deck painted etc. Still loads more to complete yet.
the ACTION sound system Is still pulling the crowds every time I switch It on, People passing the pool have to stop and watch It. Ive tried running the Mersey with the sound system off, but naa ! It has to be On , every time [ha ha].
Response by Gregg on the 7 years ago
HI Arthur, To be perfectly honest, the motor setup In this boat would not give the full potential for a tamar, as the Taymar has a "planing hull" and Is more suitable for brushless motors to get Its optimum speed out of It and for It to handle as It should.

if you prefer to us It at a slower speed, then please read my build blog thread on this site as all the details are given In It.

the Mersey and Tyne clases use older hull technology and are "non planing types", not designed for high sea speeds so to speak, so use lower revving motors, whereas the Taymar,Trent, Arun and Severn classes are by design a hull capable of higher speeds, where a normal "brushed" motor would not do justice. I did see someone modify their Trent and retro fit an I/C engine, but with only a single prop, the underside looked crap not having the twin props you would expect.

The motor/prop/battery and esc setup Is of prime Importance before you consider the build Inside the hull as It all has to be planned out to ensure correct weight balance, so think deep and long and hopefully you wil gte It right.
Weight Is also of prime Importance, use too much In the way og brass fittings and the boat will hardly move or give very short battery running time as the motors are working too hard pushing the weight as the hull Is too low In the water. this bit of Info was given to me when I bought the hull for my build, by the supplier and by following his words of wisdom, Ive got a Mersey that moves like It should. Brass Is great for fine details but It carries a lot of weight too, so In some areas, you have to forgive details for weight and use plastic Instead, try not to use too many wooden batterns as again,..... weight.

I can give you as much "guidance" as I can during your build, no problem, but suggest you speak to the kit supplier and see what they recommend for their hull, afterall, they will of tested It and no doubts many other buyers have too and told the supplier of their performance.
Response by Colin H. on the 7 years ago
Well you've certainly grabbed my attention, sound ON definately does It for me, my wife said It wasn't a model but a clever photographer using a real boat.ha ha ha.
Keep on sailing your doing a great job.
Response by peep31 on the 7 years ago
many thanks for your reply gregg I will take all what you have said onboard I will keep you Informed on my success when I get my kit,once again many thanks,please have a look at my 60inch crash tender In the build blog and see what you think not yet been In water yet to try this one out

12-26 Mersey update 5/12. - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
Er, having a real problem with the server, Its loaded the same video clip twice.


12-26 Mersey update 5/12. - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink

this Is actually a good old "shovel nose" boat still under construction by a fellow club member and was Its first sea trial.

Robbe Sea Jet - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg   >> Permalink
Finaly after many months of searching, found a replacement drive motor for my Sea jet. Appologies for the short video clip, but Its gives you enought to see. Absolute total fun to drive !

RMS Titanic - first sailing at Boundary Park - Posted: 7 years ago by Dave M   >> Permalink
Bill finally launched his boat. 😀 The weather was kind for some of the time so I was able to take some pictures and a short (not very good) video on the water.
Response by dadrab on the 7 years ago
What a beast...but, a beautiful beast. Very well-done.

37.5 Foot Seaplane Tender 206 - Posted: 7 years ago by tompallister   >> Permalink
This slide show shows the build and final result of my scratch built Seaplane Tender. It Is 1/12th scale and powered by 2 x 250 watt brushless motors. Built In 2011, It sails at Knightcote In Warwickshire and Tynemouth In the NE.
Response by tompallister on the 6 years ago
Dire Straights , Going Home
Response by don83000 on the 6 years ago
Thanks Tom keep up the good work.
Response by CraigRobotham on the 4 years ago
Great run of slides there , great job on the build to .

Arowana 22.2" mono EP (Topsy-Turvy) - Posted: 7 years ago by aquamatic80   >> Permalink
This Is an Arowana 22.2" mono EP hull, allegedly self righting, however, on It's maiden run I turned It too fast and flipped It, sadly the self righting didn't, and a hatch clip failed, the end result was that after about 40 seconds of being upside down, the back end dissapeared, and It ended up 70% submerged with about 6" of bow pointing towards the sky. I have since had a play In the bath, and cannot get It to self right, also It leaks water from the factory fitted divider for the flood chamber, so not the quality that I thought It was, don't quite know how to rectify that one.

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