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Captain haddock hovercraft - Posted: 9 months ago by EricMB   >> Permalink
Captain Haddock out for a hover earlier today.... with thanks to Jerry for the video!
Response by saintsalvio on the 9 months ago
As sea gets less raged I'll launch it toward horizon and open sea ( the script was in a strange way self corrected)
Response by saintsalvio on the 9 months ago
Excuse me was the post to another chat good hover anyway

Jimwilder Tug #2 - Posted: 10 months ago by GARTH   >> Permalink
Nov.1 2016 weather great for Nov. here in Burlington Ontario at Spencer's boat pond . I'v posted a build log on this Midwest model but never showed it on water

Pilot Boat - Posted: 10 months ago by cormorant   >> Permalink
Recently built from an Aeronaut kit, this is a 1/24th scale Pilot Boat based on a German design. Powered by two 540 brushed motors with 3 bladed brass props it attains something like scale speed. The colour is Volkswagen Bright Orange, courtesy of Halfords and the non-slip deck is acrylic green mixed with silver sand then covered with a silk finish varnish.
The boat was filmed at an illuminated regatta staged by Bournville Model Yacht and Power Boat Club on their lake in Bournville, Birmingham

Response by ColinT on the 10 months ago
Hi Steve, I am building one of these, well on the way with the build, did you brush paint the deck and how much silver sand did you mix with the paint.
Regards Colin
Response by cormorant on the 10 months ago
Hi Colin
Yes, I did brush paint the deck with an inexpensive acrylic.
The sand mix was trial and error. I started off with a thin mix and gradually added more sand, testing it on scraps of plastic, until I was happy.
A brushed coat of satin varnish waterproofed and added to the realism.
Best of luck.
Response by ColinT on the 10 months ago
Thanks Steve I will let you know how I get on.
Regards Colin

Voyager - Posted: 10 months ago by robtroi   >> Permalink
VGMBC Saturday morning sail.

A spin around the Knap boating lake at Barry, in my super yacht "Voyager"
Response by robtroi on the 10 months ago
No, it came as is.
The details are on this site if you look in my boat yard 😀
Response by Ballast on the 10 months ago
That's the one! Yes it's the same hull as the Dickies Tug!
Response by SkipperVGMBC on the 10 months ago
I will Have To Borrow Your Camera Video

Around the lake aboard "Naughty Kitten"(Aerokits Sea Hornet) - Posted: 11 months ago by sigfortunata   >> Permalink
Go Pro footage of a high speed spin around Westport lake.
Response by xtramaths on the 11 months ago
Looks surprisingly stable!
Response by sigfortunata on the 11 months ago
Yes it hardly banks in even on the tightest turn and there's no digging in at all. I put it down the fact that apart from the keel the rear third of the hull is flat.

The original Sea Hornet has a flat transom which I felt ruined the lines so I extended the hull bottom by an inch or so to make the transom raked and may have inadvertently affected the performance (for the better 😑 )

Numerous boats - Posted: 1 year ago by matelot62   >> Permalink
Sunday sailing and a chit chat down at NorthWest Scale Model Boat Club,Squirrel Lane,Horwich,Lancs.Thought I'd put on my first video,just myself and husband watching a couple of the guys on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Sea Queen - Posted: 1 year ago by topperles   >> Permalink
This is Maxine, a 1960' aerokit Sea Queen 😊 She has been stripped down, hull repaired along with top sides. New brushless motor/lipos etc. Goes quite well and pretty stable as you can see.She is sailed on Wibsey Park lake in Sunny Bradford.
Response by terry290654 on the 10 months ago
Nice boat

What are you using for a motor esc and battery ?


Edna May ll - Posted: 1 year ago by shavings   >> Permalink
First run in test tank
Response by figtree7nts on the 1 year ago
Hi Shavings,
Great job before you know it, you'll be launching her on her maiden voyage!
Response by RedRider on the 12 months ago
Love that setup mate!
Response by shavings on the 12 months ago
Thank you red rider, didnt turn out bad for back of fag packet designing, still having trouble making a good poker type burner but will get there in the end.....Roger

One Twelfth Scale Speedline Severn Lifeboat try out - Posted: 1 year ago by lesfac   >> Permalink
Having installed the running gear I just had to try it out. The boat is about half the weight it should be so ballast is something I will have to add. But lots more to do yet
Response by figtree7nts on the 1 year ago
Hi Lesfac, Great looking boat can't wait to see it when it's finished! one question what kind of setup do you have? see I'm in the market for a twin screw tugboat and I love the way your boat turns on it's axes!
Response by lesfac on the 1 year ago
Hi figtree7nts,
The reason it can pivot pretty much in its own length is because it is fitted with a bow thruster.
In this case it's a Raboesch model
The two main motors are Emax BL4030 brushless motors running with Hobbyking 90 amp escs. I power these with two 5 cell lipos batteries in parallel.
The Raboesch bow thruster has a brushed motor rated at 7.2 volts and this runs through an esc for brushed motors. (I was lucky to have one ready after I converted one of my boats to a brushless motor). I power the bow thruster with a 7.2 volts nimh battery pack again left over after going to brushless and lipo batteries.
Response by figtree7nts on the 1 year ago
Hi Les, fantastic job on your lifeboat! I'm thinking I'd like to build a pilot boat, maybe the one from aeronaut. as long as the model is made of plastic I'm good anything else and I'm lost! hope you don't mind but I think I'll put a bow thruster in mine also.

Try New Skills 1 - Posted: 1 year ago by trynewskillsnow   >> Permalink
This is another step forwards!
All the electronic parts arrived last week! The good news is they are all working and I knew how to assembly thanks to the info I found in this website!
Response by figtree7nts on the 1 year ago
Great job, it's coming along nicely!
Response by jarvo on the 1 year ago
Sanding always BL@@@Y sanding, what ever happened to self leveling paint, nice job with the glass cloth, what weight cloth did you use

Response by trynewskillsnow on the 1 year ago
Hi Mark.
To be honest, I don't know. The company I work has supplied the resin and the fibreglass cloth. They told me that is the best one for what I need, so I believe at they said. I will try to find out what is the weight cloth and let you know!

Robson 👍

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