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MV Rhapsody - Posted: 6 days ago by davidhgreatbatch   >> Permalink
Sea trials of my 1/15 scale model of a Freeman 32 Mk1 river cruiser
Response by Donnieboy on the 6 days ago
Nice job.Especially when you have the real boat to take the measurements.Then you know it is right.

M.V. Rhapsody - Posted: 6 days ago by davidhgreatbatch   >> Permalink
1/15 scale scratch built model of my boat (Freeman 32 Mk1) Rhapsody.

"IMARA" Tug Steam plant - Posted: 12 days ago by Novagsi0   >> Permalink
Test run on compressed air of "IMARA's" tug steam plant.
Response by lesliebreame on the 9 days ago
very nice !

Patrol Boat Riverine - Posted: 14 days ago by SGray   >> Permalink
Proboat Aplha - ready to run.......model of Patrol Boat Riverine used by US Navy, Vietnam between 1967-72. Basic 1/18 scale able to attach small action figures for added dimension, model always look better with crew.

Great starter....already looking at larger scale military kits and really impressed with Deans Marine product range, unfortunatly little options to explore in have to order most stuff in....vids will get better with experience...stay tuned.😉

Clyde Puffer - Posted: 15 days ago by lesliebreame   >> Permalink
At Illfracombe pond last week . Have made an automatic feed water system for my coal fired Puffer and went to the pond to try it out. I think it needs bigger capacity pump as there was very little water in the boiler after 3/4 hour running. Gordons hydro is beating me up as usual !!! Les Breame
Response by reilly4 on the 13 days ago
Nice boat, puffing along. I also like the hydrofoil boat. Is it possible to get some info/photos of the hydrofoil boat.
Response by lesliebreame on the 13 days ago
If you go to page 11 video blog and half way down there are 2 better videos of the Schumschimmer taken last year on its first voyage [ for Gordon that is ] I think he bought it on ebay . Its very light made of thin plastic carries a brush-less motor and modern batteries both of which i dont know the details but could find out if you wish.The smallest leaf or twig causes it to come off the foils which is why in the video you see it reversing to clear them. Les
Response by lesliebreame on the 9 days ago
Correction on details of Hydro. Gordon tells me the boat is Japanese from the 1980's made by Gunze Sangyo . It has the original Mabuchi motor and mechanical speed wiper controller [gets very hot ! ] . The hull is fine glass fibre not plastic.

"IMARA" - Posted: 19 days ago by Novagsi0   >> Permalink
Only 2nd run of "IMARA Tug", my lad did the shaky video. (O well)
Nice model lots of ballast, batteries, MARX Hectoperm motor for huge power reserve. Running on electric but Cheddar Proteus steam plant also fits in instead with ABC boiler control. plan for the future to try this never run not even on air yet!
Response by MouldBuilder on the 18 days ago
Super looking model.😊
Response by Novagsi0 on the 16 days ago
Illumination night ready for Bournville lights added and working.
Response by Donnieboy on the 16 days ago
great job on the model.Runs nice too.Nice to see lots of lights.Will look great at night.BTW anybody check to see if the Canada geese had their passports.

Modav Huntsman 31 - Posted: 25 days ago by Will-I-Am   >> Permalink
Built originally in 1973 from a modav kit and powered by an Enya 35bbiii. Now running a 3548 brushless motor and 5800 3 cell lipo. Model in video was running an x35 prop with +/- 20 degrees of rudder, very sensitive on turns. Today's run was on x40 prop considerably faster with reduced rudder throw of +/- 15 degrees. Current draw was 30 amps max watts 376. Still too sensitive on turns.
Response by RNinMunich on the 20 days ago
Hi William,
S, X35 !? No idea😲 I assume they are terms from the racing world which I have no particular interest in. My intention wasn't to make her into an offshore racer. As it is she's well over scale speed, but fun to run, and that's what counts ain' it? 😉 Gives a good long run time, 1 hour plus, using a Propdrive 2830 BL and a 3S 4Ah battery. All up weight 1974gm.
LoA 24", beam 8.5".
My prop is simply a 35mm ca 14 pitch from Raboesch. Actually wanted the one with a blunter hub but they weren't available when I wanted it. The pointed hub variant is actually more like as fitted to larger naval units in WW2. Sorry🤔 Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by Will-I-Am on the 20 days ago
Doug, Thanks for the reply, as far as I was aware the S type plastic props were less pitch than the X type plastic props. If your 35 mm metal prop is 1.4 pitch then it is similar to the X35 plastic prop I used in the first video. I think I need to investigate diameters and pitch a little more. Last week running my Huntsman I had an X40 plastic prop on and it was too large and way too fast, a friend running a 34 inch fire launch runs an X 35 so I may go back to look at a 😎35 mm dia metal prop and look at the pitch.
Regards Ian
Response by RNinMunich on the 19 days ago
Aha! Now I've learned something too👍 Thanks William
Actually I've been busily changing all my 'frayed' 😲 plastic props for cast brass ones. Cheers, Doug

Tug Brooklyn Tub Test! - Posted: 28 days ago by figtree7nts   >> Permalink
Just a 2 minute tub test.
While adding her ballast!
She's a beast!
She must weigh in at 9 or 10 pounds!😲
Response by RNinMunich on the 27 days ago
Looks good / and sounds good Ed!👍
Response by figtree7nts on the 27 days ago
Thanks Doug,

I can't wait to take her to the pond!😁
But, First I have to find a volunteer.
To help me with her!😲 she weigh a Ton!
Response by RNinMunich on the 27 days ago
Eat more spinach Ed😁
I know, I know - I hate it as well😉
Would be glad to help but - wrong side of the pond 😭
Build a trailer for her and I'll send you an RC Beach Buggy to pull it!
Happy pond trials, cheers, Doug 😎

HMS Hood - Posted: 1 month ago by cormorant   >> Permalink
HMS Hood, a six month build from Trumpeter 1/200 scale kit.
Response by Ron on the 1 month ago
Nice to see that it sails at an appropriate scale speed, and the ballast you have used makes the model resemble the true ship.
Response by cormorant on the 1 month ago
Thanks Ron. I have tried to be most particular with scale speed and waterline. I used 1.2kg of ballast carefully laid out whilst hull was floating in the bath. Once in place I secured it with expanding foam.
Response by Donnieboy on the 1 month ago
As had been said,great details.Wonderful sailing characteristics.Nature cooperated providing a realistic sea.

Victoria (vintage ) - Posted: 2 months ago by jacko   >> Permalink
First sail with temp sails and rigging

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