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Balloon Busters - Posted: 2 days ago by GARTH   >> Permalink
The Confederation marine models club loves to demonstrate there ballon busting skills
Response by RNinMunich on the 24 hours ago
That looks like a 'barrel of laughs' 👍😁
Smurfess is a bit wild (Lady Driver!😉)
Are the boats purpose built for this?
Hope they don't punch holes in each other (or the inflatable pond!) as well😲
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by lesliebreame on the 21 hours ago
never seen anything so funny !!!
Response by rolfman2000 on the 1 hour ago
Looks like great fun. Nice cheap build boats, all to s single plan. I might suggest it to our club, if I ever get back up there 😊

PROBOAT WESTWARD 18 - Posted: 2 days ago by Les-Forbes   >> Permalink
This very popular small sailing yacht from Proboat has a plastic cabin held tight by three strong magnets. Tricky to get off in a hurry, particularly if your fingers are cold, or you are an old 'Coffin Dodger' like myself with cold hands and very little grip. Here's a wee tip I hope any owner may find helpful.
Response by jarvo on the 2 days ago
Hi Les, great tip, would work on any part that is hard to get hold of, nice one

Response by John on the 2 days ago
Great idea!

Largs Boat Club - Posted: 3 days ago by Les-Forbes   >> Permalink
Pity such a beautiful West Coast location should have a popular boat club pond in disrepair. Sign of the time perhaps with many councils having reduced expenditure. But a disappointment travelling with my small grandson to sail his little Proboat Westward 18 for the first time. It's the first thing he noticed, no water.

Staff in the RNLI shop along the promenade said the pond had not been in use since last year. Here's hoping the council can organise repairs before next year's season. I couldn't resist buying a little model fishing boat from them the RNLI shop which now has pride of place in our kitchen shelf.

Knightswood Model Boat Club Glasgow - Posted: 3 days ago by Les-Forbes   >> Permalink
Knightswood Model Boat Club Club Glasgow helping out on the Knightswood Family Fun Day. Great excitement for everyone including the youngsters.

Red Cat hydroplane - Posted: 9 days ago by SimpleSailor   >> Permalink
Hi. Just put this back together after the 3rd brushless motor caught fire. Made from a rejected glass fibre hull which I bought cheap at a show. I have now learned how to do glass fibre repairs.
Response by SimpleSailor on the 7 days ago
Hi. The HK controller is an Aquastar 120Amp water cooled which has suffered all of the burn outs and never failed. SKU: 9052000008. The failed motors were all 2848SL 3900kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled) SKU:3900-2848SL. I have my doubts about the specifications as their watts and amps do not add up. I have a temperature sensor on the motor sending info back to the TX and usually after a full charge and a fast run it would get to 60°C, then I would cool it to 45°C before the next run it burnt out at 85°C when I wasn't paying attention. The new motor runs at about 45°C how ever hard it is pushed. Still using the 120A ESC. The new motor was in the HK sale and I don't think they do it now SKU:S2858-2630. It just happend that the water jacket for the failed unit fits it.
Response by RNinMunich on the 7 days ago
Hi, thanks for the info👍 I'm new to BLs, but learning fast, and your experience confirms my growing suspicions that outrunners not only deliver more torque than inrunners (size for size) but that they are also more reliable and seldom need water cooling.
Your new motor seems to be a larger diameter 58mm?, as opposed to 31mm for the old one, so I begin to wonder if the old ones were simply overloaded by a big prop causing them to draw more and more current and hence cook! 😡😭
Check out this test drive (Italian)of your new type motor!!
cheers Doug 😎
PS Caption says that with more than 3/4 throttle the boat becomes unstable! Then it flips 🤔
Response by RNinMunich on the 7 days ago
PS Don't worry about 'adding up' the Watts and Amps!
True the spec says 12.6v and 35A, which theoretically gives 441W.
And the power is rated at 220W. This simply indicates to me that the motor scoffs 441W of power (at Max ratings) and spits 220W out again, i.e. ~50% efficiency 🤔
Almost any decent brushed motor will beat that! But with other penalties😉
Cheers Doug 😎

yacht - Posted: 9 days ago by lesliebreame   >> Permalink
more hooliganism from that power boat man !!! the cruiser is an ebay purchase and is carved from solid. it has a TAYCOL motor double special from the 1950's.
Response by lesliebreame on the 9 days ago
cheers!!! i think we got him !!!
Response by RNinMunich on the 9 days ago
CICMUC: END: **********
Response by RNinMunich on the 9 days ago
ZULU. 22:11:

yacht - Posted: 10 days ago by lesliebreame   >> Permalink
i thought that power should give way to sail !!! you can have a lot of fun boating without spending much. this little Americas Cup yacht cost me a fiver in the flea market and after fitting a rudder servo it is brilliant fun !! Les Breame
Response by Dave M on the 10 days ago
Yacht sails great. The power model owner needs educating regarding giving way to sail! Plenty of room for both models on that water without sailing in close quarters
Certainly a bargain at a fiver

Miss England 6 - Posted: 14 days ago by Novagsi0   >> Permalink
Miss england boat with homemade sound unit copied from Alan Bond's design, but modified for V8 sound. Scratch built to represcent the water speed boats that ran on conistan water with seagrave.
Response by lesliebreame on the 13 days ago
very nice. where is the pond ? probably a 1000 miles from Devon !!!
Response by Novagsi0 on the 12 days ago
Bournville boating lake. -West midlands
Response by SimpleSailor on the 7 days ago
Hi. Nice boat. Can you tell me what the sound unit is?

Balsa Boat 1970's made to Model Boat plans. - Posted: 14 days ago by Novagsi0   >> Permalink
Old boat of my fathers built from scratch in balsa wood, and fibre glassed inside. Use to run a small diesel engine, I took over it and initially put an Orbit 805 motor in then later a better spec model car motor 545/550 water cooled. Finally I swapped it for a 1.25cc glow engine and this video demonstrates the speed with the glow engine. Was almost too fast for the hull, tight turns caused it to nose dive, and plane/wobble badly on its side. Great fun and cheap to run.
Response by RNinMunich on the 14 days ago
Hmmm! Not an awful lot to see at that speed with only 240p 🤔
get an HD camera, or try a decent smartphone 😉
Response by Novagsi0 on the 14 days ago
That video was from 9 years ago and that was the camera on the latest phone for the time. Since power boats are banned at our pool this is the only video i have of the model running, sorry.
Posted for posterity. MY other boat 26cc kawasaki engine was same time pre IC's ban.
Response by RNinMunich on the 14 days ago
Aha! Understood, shame 🤔
Cheers Doug 😎

NB - Posted: 15 days ago by Novagsi0   >> Permalink
Ramura Hull - wooden boat from 1960's use to have an Ohlsson and rice engine but now runs Kawasaki 26cc Flymo engine.
New homemade carb and also tried running on glow fuel and a glow plug, instead of petrol and the electronic ignition.
Not used any more IC engine's banned at our POOL.😱
Response by manyboats on the 11 days ago
Trying to reply to your query about Huntsman power plant, cant find the right place.... anyway cant give you a sensible answer as I dont know. It's an old brushed motor given to me. Will operate up to 24 volts and I'm running it on 14. I think its just right.

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