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17-28 Torbay Severn Lifeboat - Posted: 18 days ago by lesfac   >> Permalink
1/12 scale Severn lifeboat kit from Speedline. Creeping towards completion but still a bit to do. Absolutely beautiful day and venue. 2 1/2 years to get to this point but really pleased with it and enjoying sailing it immensly.
Response by Donnieboy on the 18 days ago
Good job on the boat.Runs nice.Great sailing area you have.
Response by pugwash1 on the 17 days ago
Thanks for your post. I am an ex-pat from Manchester , now in Delaware, I have always been impressed with my hero's in the NRLI, I am quite impressed with your model. the video looked like a full size life boat in some of the scenes, Thanks for sharing.

I have a quick question that anyone can answer: I am a bit confused regarding motors what is the correct use in ship modeling? are they faster, quieter, or what? does any one out there knows of a net site that compares the brushless versus the standard motors. one last Q, should this question be posted elsewhere on the M.B.W site? Thank you for reading and a special thanks for whoever is going to answer!!!😁
Response by lesfac on the 17 days ago
Hi Pugwash1
Thanks for your comments.
I am no expert in motors but I think its a given that brushless motors out perform brushed motors and lipo batteries out perform lead acid and nimh batteries. Therefore if you want a model that can pick its skirts up ang go you put brushless motors with lipo batteries.
If your model is not meant to rip around the pond then I dont know how to look at the pros and cons of brushed versus brushless or the merits of the different battery types.

Sea Queen - Posted: 22 days ago by GARTH   >> Permalink
On Sunday our model boat club did a show at Hamilton's Steam Museum . Kind of hard running model & recording video at the same time but I managed to not run into any ones boat .

Pride of Hythe - Posted: 23 days ago by jfstoker   >> Permalink
Built from a Linkspan Model boat kit, with deck lighting and passengers and crew, sailed at St Georges Park, Kingswinford, West Midlands by Kingswinford Model Boat Club

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! - Posted: 26 days ago by RNinMunich   >> Permalink
Part 1. Ideal conditions; nearly 30°C, cool Bier at hand😜
Sea Scout built by Dad in the early sixties with a Taycol Target and 6V lead acid wet cells (very wet😡). Renovated and dragged into the 21st century over the last several months 😉
See Build Blog 'Sea Scout 'Jessica'' for details!
Motor: Propdrive 2830, 1000kV, 30mm 3 blade Raboesch prop. Quicrun 16BL30 (30A) ESC with BEC.
Tested with 3 battery types, all started with 99% measured capacity-
1. NiMh 4.2Ah 7.2V, nom. 408gm.
Result: Speed sedate (OK 😉scale river cruising!) No planing.
Max current: 3.6A
End status V / capacity left: At end of short run ca 3 mins. 7.78V 99%.
2. 2S LiPo 4.0Ah 7.4V nom. 257gm.
Result: Speed still sedate but due to lower batt weight at least the forefoot came out of the wet stuff! Max current: 4.1A
End status V / capacity left: At end of short run ca 3 mins. 8.25V 93%.
3. 3S LiPo 4.0Ah 11.1V nom. 315gm.
Result: Now we're getting somewhere!!😁
Good speed, manoeuvrability and planing 😊 Max current: 7.5A
End status: 11.95V 74% after several long runs, ca 20 mins total.
Estimated (extrapolated) endurance on a 4Ah LiPo around one hour - mostly 'full bore' - 'Pedal to the metal man' 😊

See also: The competition! Final run. (Beer was getting warm😁)

Cap'ns log entry:
Boat dead-weight w/o battery: 1.8kg.
Spray rails to be added!😲
Slight list to port to be trimmed.
Rudder servo to be reversed!!😲
Keel protection to be added: some scratches and flaking from stony sloping shore 🤔
Summary: much as expected👍 Forget anything less than 3S.
Anyone want to buy a batch (4) of new 2S 4Ah 45C Lipos? 'One careful owner'! Happy boating people, Cheers Doug 😎
PS Many thanks to Camera girl Gisela 👍
Recorded in 1080p HD.
Response by RNinMunich on the 25 days ago
Interesting Canabus! Not quite what you recommended last year 😲 If you now think the Propdrive 1000kV has "no guts" why did you recommend it to me?? Thanks for spoiling my mood 🤔 As far as I'm concerned you just devalued your currency!
I'm happy with her as she is, balance and stability is OK and performance, endurance vs current drain is much more lively than she ever was in 55 years.😊
After all, she's supposed to be a Broads Cruiser and not an Offshore Power Boat.😉 I'm not into racing either.
From time to time I'll fiddle with fittings detail and cockpit on Jessica.
Time to get on with other projects now. Doug 😎
Response by MouldBuilder on the 24 days ago
She looks super Doug. The Swan didn`t look too impressed though. I hope my PTB performs like that. Hope I can do a paint job like that as well.
Really nice test lake. I am concerned that my river might be a little choppy at times. I managed to totally flip the Genesis during the trials.
Great first trial.😊
Response by RNinMunich on the 24 days ago
Thanks Peter 👍 I was quite pleased with the results😊
Yep swans can get a bit 'sniffy' when they have the youngsters with them.
At one stage he tried to bite my leg😲
It's worth the effort to get a really smooth paint job on the hull. I'm sure it helps give that little extra speed, and the water and muck just pearls off so it's dead easy to dry and clean afterwards 😉
I've always been wary of sailing on rivers. I have a nightmare of something failing and the boat being swept away by a current😲
I'm sure we'll manage to find a setup to give your PTB the necessary Oomph 😁 I have a 28" PTB due for a clean up and refit / repaint as PT109. It has 2x28xx brushless fitted but I have no idea of their origin or power! I bought it last year from another guy on this site. Looks like being my next refit job😉
Re: 'flipping' you have to be very careful you don't broach (go broadside on to the waves) !! Especially at speed on the plane.
Don't you have any sailing possibility nearer to home???
Cheers, Doug 😎

Tumlaren - Posted: 29 days ago by Pelleseglare   >> Permalink
Scratch built by master Ivve in 1:5 scale, Tumlaren designed by Knud H Reimers and said to be one of the most beatuful sailing yachts in the world😁
Response by Kevin-56 on the 17 days ago
She is a beautiful boat and a pleasure to whatch. It must be a great feeling to build a boat like that and to sail her.👍👍👍

soling sailboats - Posted: 1 month ago by GARTH   >> Permalink
finally some nice weather for a sail boat race at Hamilton sod farm pond . May 20 2018 my soling is the last in line & has a watermelon deck or maybe it's salmon

Scudder - Posted: 1 month ago by Grumpy1949   >> Permalink
scratch built old Vic Smeed plan. needs either bigger motor or more pitch. should go better once it gets on the step

Genesis 9000 - Posted: 1 month ago by MouldBuilder   >> Permalink
A short video of the first trial of my Genesis 9000 Offshore Power Boat. This is a boat to use whilst I build others.
The trial was seriously hampered by a faulty main switch. The insides must have fallen apart during transportation. I did manage to get an electrical contact to get around five minutes of the trial. The boat ran well but I will have to adjust the rudder to give more movement. Just after the video ended, the boat hit a ripple whilst turning and flipped over. No water entered the hull so all was good, except the switch now refused to work at all. The trial was ended and unfortunately will now have to wait until I return to my river in August.😤
Response by RNinMunich on the 1 month ago
Hi Peter
very unusual problem with the switch😲
You could temporarily replace it with a bullet connector to continue trials.
Glue one end down so that you can quickly unplug the battery one handed. OR: simply short circuit the switch and use the fuse as the 'switch'!?
Boat looks a little heavy / tail heavy? Maybe shift some weight a little forward to give more stability? Happy trialling, cheers Doug 😎
Response by Donnieboy on the 1 month ago
I agree with the weight being shifted forward a iittle bit.Bow high in a catamaran will catch too much air causing the boat to flip.All it takes is a good gust of wind.Good speed on the boat.After trials you'll have a good fast boat.
Response by MouldBuilder on the 1 month ago
I have brought the wiring home we with me. I will change the switch and take it back with me in August.
I must admit that I thought the stern was a bit low in the water. To evenly distribute the weight, I put in two batteries as suggested. I will try to move the batteries forward to change the centre of gravity.😊

Huntsman "John" - Posted: 1 month ago by Novagsi0   >> Permalink
More running in trials, burning fuses out, and complete radio outage and bumping the bank. However some progress made on levelling it out, full speed cannot be reached whilst trying to video by my self. 😎 The Captain "Dennis The Menace" is not a good omen, twice he's got in trouble, yesterday the cabin was flooded up to his waist.

Vintage Aerokits Fire Boat - Posted: 2 months ago by CB90   >> Permalink
Vosper Fire Boat (Crash Tender) a Vintage Aerokits Model 1:16 scale and is 34 inches long, produced from 1950's to 1970's.
This model uses a Vintage Ripmax Bullet 30 DC motor that can run on 24v here it is only on 14.4v it becomes lively on 16.8v.
Response by rolfman2000 on the 1 month ago
It's nice to see vintage Fireboats running anytime. But running with original motors is unusual, and makes this even nicer. Thanks for sharing, as I am halfway through a rebuild of an original Aerokits boat as well. I think mine had a 10cc glow in, but not for long, as its not full of goo like some are. Im putting an equivalent brushless motor in, and hope to have it wet by the end of summer. Best wishes, Dave W 😊
Response by wrongglue on the 1 month ago
It's Eaton Park in the fine city of Norwich.😊
Response by cormorant on the 1 month ago
We are holidaying in Happisburgh for the next couple of weeks. Is Eaton Park your club venue? If so we would like to visit.

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