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Welcome to the Model Boats Website! A place for all model boaters!
Feel free to browse through the website, ask your questions, upload your photos or even start your own blog!
Mushroom Vent £0.95 GBP
Mushroom Vent. Plastic material. Choose from Grey or White. Available in both 1:16 and 1:12 scale.

1:16 Scale: 15mm diameter. 7mm high
1:12 Scale: 20mm diameter. 9mm high.
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seabob2 Newest Member!
14th Dec 2017
United Kingdom
18 hours ago
Cowl Vent Small £0.95 GBP
Cowl Vent. Available in white, grey or black, no need to paint! Stands 12mm high. Made from a plastic material. 1:16 & 1:12 scale available.
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Latest Posts
Sea Queen by sidley70 Petty Officer   Posted: 4 hours ago
Hi Rex 3644 I would like the link for future reference. Email to Many thanks sidley70

not uploading by RichardSReade Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 15 hours ago
Thanks Mark, after Dave and other comments I guess that is correct, I think I will be getting a new propshaft and smaller prop, but after the festive season.

Classic by Tica Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 17 hours ago
[Score: 9/10] 22"/1000g Classic Single Propellor (3 Blade 30mm) Direct Drive to a Graupner Compact 260Z 1380KV (3 Blade) Powered by LiPoly (7.4v) 2Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Graupner 18A (10Amps) ESC - Comments: This is a aero-naut Classic and I would say that it's a second revision, as there has been changed several items, compared with the one my wife build 3 years ago. 1: The wind shield is now fixed in slots in the deck and not just glued to the edge of the cockpit opening. 2: There are now padding and leather for the seat included. 3: There are a few etched details for the instrumentation, steering wheel and step plates for the deck. 4: There are notches at the break off parts that will help in fixing the sides when gluing them in place. I used the same set-up as my wife's which is: Graupner BL Compact 260Z 1380KV with a Graupne ESC 18A FWD and REV. The shaft is replaced with a Robbe 4mm (no 1442) as the one provided is a flimsy part that will not withstand the motor set-up. Prop is a 33mm Graupner racing item. It will be running on LiPo 2S but if one need a rocket it can run on 3S. Great fun to build and performs great on the water

location by Bryan-the-pirate Lieutenant   Posted: 17 hours ago
It is in the right place now. Many thanks for correcting it.

Prop Shaft Grease by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 hours ago
Overall I would go for the silicone clear grease. It isn't actually clear but greyish appearance en mass but seems clear when spread thinly.I repeat that WD40 does not contain any silicone and never has done. It is not a lubricant but a release fluid and a moisture dispersant. It works well in conjunction with a light oil. Sewing machine oil is ideal. Very low drag factor and good corrosion resistance.3 in 1 as good second choice for the mixture. Believe me from experience

Prop Shaft Grease by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 hours ago
I would beware of using Moly Dis grease too as if used in ball/roller bearings it is TOO SLIPPERY which promotes sliding instead of rotating. This in it's turn promotes early and excessive wear necessitating early bearing replacement😆.We found this to our cost in our work shop.😭

Predator by bilzin Lieutenant   Posted: 20 hours ago
[Score: 5/10] 30" Predator Direct Drive Powered by LiPoly (14.8v) 15Amp/h Batteries - Comments: Aeromarine FG hull moulding manufactured in the USA. This model is now for sale on Ebay with a starting price of 120.00 but open to reasonable offers 07958 263772 for details

Sea Queen by Rex3644 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 20 hours ago
Hi down under.I bought. A 4 sheet full size set off eBay 1 year ago. £15.00 can email link if you would like. Part completed photo in my harbour

Raboesch Prop Shaft by ChrisF Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 21 hours ago
Hi Andy - I've recently bought a couple of Raboesch maintenance free prop shafts and they seem to turn OK. By the way I replied to your Huntress thread and have PM'd you. Chris

Sea Queen by canabus Admiral   Posted: 23 hours ago
Hi All I have email sidley70 the plans. Canabus

Raboesch Prop Shaft by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Hi Andy It's the seal and needs to be a close fit. Take great care when removing the shaft as any dirt or grit that gets on the shaft will ruin the seal and the bearings. I have never bought one of their props but for the price I would have expected comprehensive documentation on their correct use and what if any lubrication was recommended. If you need the correct advice I strongly recommend you ask your supplier or Raboesch directly. By all accounts they are well made but they are manufactured to close tolerances and need to be treated accordingly.

Raboesch Prop Shaft by AndyG009 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 day ago
I have bought a Raboesch Prop Shaft, but it does not appear to be very free turning. The shaft is very free turning in the bottom bearing, reasonable through the 'ball race' at the top. It appears that the seal at the top is causin the problem. Is this normal when new ? Does it 'loosen' of with use ?

HS Simitzopoulos P28 by reilly4 Lieutenant   Posted: 1 day ago
1/35 Scale model of the La Combattante IIIB Class Fast Missile Boat of the Hellenic Navy. The boat is scratchbuilt. It is 1606mm long. It has 2 brushless 720Kv motors and NiMH batteries. The 76mm guns can traverse and elevate. The 30mm guns can traverse. Both radars rotate and there are LED running lights.

not uploading by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi Richard, if its the boat with the 850 motor, your prop is massive, try a 40mm 3 blade or 2 blade, a rough guide is no bigger than the motor diameter. Mark

How many is to Many by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Wait for it Chris! Carry on at that rate and you'll soon be as bad as the rest of us - double parking them in duplex berths! 👍 Know what you mean about size. I'm looking for ways to lighten my 50 to 55" warships and have moved from 72 scale to 144 and 350 for the big guys - carriers and battleships 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

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