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Cowl Vent Small £0.95 GBP
Cowl Vent. Available in white, grey or black, no need to paint! Stands 12mm high. Made from a plastic material. 1:16 & 1:12 scale available.
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ianigf Newest Member!
15th Oct 2018
United Kingdom
1 day ago
Transmitter Lanyard £4.45 GBP
Transmitter lanyard! Make sure you never drop your transmitter in the lake! And save yourself the almighty strain of holding it for hours on end! This 20mm flat polyester lanyard has a thumb hook fixing that will hook onto many radio control sets.
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Latest Posts
A Tragic Tale Unfolds by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 53 minutes ago
A nice project, Neville. It must be terrible when a small community loses so many. The St. Abbs and Wells-next-the -Sea lifeboats were both lost and St. Abbs has fewer than a hundred inhabitants even today. I would love to be one of them. One of my favourite places. But a frightening reminder of what the sea can do. What are "Boat Days"? Martin

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Club by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 hour ago
Hello there epmbcmember. I went to visit you site a couple of weeks ago to sus out the approach. A great pool and facilities. Met a very helpful lady who give me a look around and a membership form. I am a little limited in movement and your setup looks to be at the right height, approachable and no parking problems. I live in North Wales and will be sending the membership form in as soon as I can find my cheque Book! All the best. NPJ.

Julieth 4 French fishing boat by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 hours ago
What a great idea using that blind..................... It has given me all sorts of ideas. Well done that man! Cheers. NPJ

A Tragic Tale Unfolds by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 hours ago
Hello Martin, Yes my wife thought the same about the hair styles.............. Probably images chosen from photographs when they were younger and looking their best. The boat was only only four years old when it went down in a North Westerly gale on 23rd February. Urk only had some 6000 inhabitants then and such a loss of local men must have been a very emotional time. When my current project is finished, say after Christmas, I hope to bring the model back to nearer the original full size appearance and put all the pictures and history with it at some of the local 'Boat Days' next year. All the best. Neville.

A Tragic Tale Unfolds by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 hours ago
Fascinating research,. NPJ. I thought Diss sounded unlikely as it's way inland and UK isn't a British code number as far as I know. Surprised to learn it was lost in 1967 as those are some seriously 50s hairdos! Martin

The Building Board by Ianh Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 hours ago
I made this from a 54" long piece of Melamine shelving. shallow cut a centre ine down the middle 1/16" wide. The board was then marked into 2" squares using a laundry marker. The design concept was from a fuselage jig I had made by SLEC. The holes required for the brackets are M5 with captive ( T nuts) underneath pulled up into the bottom of the board. The red tape down the centre is masking tape ( the high quality stuff) this was to stop the boat glueing itself to the board. As the the keel has a skeg we needed to raise the keel to ensure parallelism I used an Enginerers Marking out block and two doorstops on this.The angles can slide and you then clamp the Bulwarks on I used thirty minute epoxy for this although I would like a longer working time epoxy. Bulwarks 3 and 4 with the motor base was also epoxied together. This was then located on the keey ( Dryfit along with the other bulkheads. A word of advice here use the cabin sides to ensure alignment. Check with a rule and squares before gluing anything.

Aerokits/Jotika Sea Queen by Ianh Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 hours ago
Hi This is being built from the Jotika Sea Queen Kit. The kit is quite comprehensive but I need to check the fittings supplied as some of the look a bit small for a 1:12 Boat. Also decided to change the Motor from the existing Caldercraft to an MFA Torpedo 850 as I believe the Caldercraft Motor only manages walking pace. First thing was to built a building board. I need this to also cope with a VMW 46" RAF Crash Tender.

Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by boaty Admiral   Posted: 4 hours ago
The Veron F.P.B does appear to be a very rare model and I feel £300 would be a reasonable price especially when you take into consideration how much a modern day manufacturer would want. Just look at prices for Deans Marine models, mainly their Vosper M.T.B. which is a lot smaller. Also Veron kits seem to have been overlooked and the only model that is easy to obtain is the Slec version of their 26inch River Police Launch. Phil Smith was a great designer of boats and aircraft . I sold my Veron RTTL in the mid 1990s and my fleet today consists of one original Sea Commander, one 34 inch Crash Tender , both of which I restored, an Italeri PT109 and two RTR fast electrics. TOP TIP for anyone who buys your F.T.B- trace around the parts and use them to build the model while keeping the kit intact. I do this with my Keil Kraft control line aeroplanes. B😁😎oaty

Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by jonryan Seaman   Posted: 5 hours ago
Hmm. Perhaps I'll start looking for some other vintage boat kits! 😁

Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by kevinsharpe Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 hours ago
Hi Jon. I wouldn't be surprised if it would make £300. I have looked around for about six years and never seen such an origional and unmade FPB kit. I have put a sound system in mine supplied by action electronics. The sound is of a turbo cat diesel and is very effective. Regards Kevin

Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by jonryan Seaman   Posted: 5 hours ago
Hi Kevin, thanks for the info. I agree about the motors. All my aircraft are now electric. The noise isn't as nice, but the lack of oil all over the place is - and they always start! Best offer I've had so far is £250. I have a bloke coming for a look this evening. I've been told by a collector of such things that I could get >£300, though that seems unlikely to me.

Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by kevinsharpe Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 hours ago
Hi John. Interested to know what kind of offers you have had. Boaty, yes Veron did an RTTL Rescue Target Towing Launch, they featured in the black and white film ' The sea shall not have them'. This though is their fast patrol boat. I believe it's called a 'Trinity class patrol boat and some were supplied to the Trinidad and Tobago navy. You will sometimes see the model bares the name Coureland Bay'. I have seen photos on this website of her. They were built by Vosper Thornycroft in Portsmouth. If I was building her I would put two meaty brushless motors n her which should bring a sprite lay planing performance. I have fitted two Graupner 900s in mine, which give her an excellent turn of speed. These are brushed motors but are not available any more. The hull space is vast so easily accommodates batteries with space for sound system working radar etc. Regards Kevin

Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by jonryan Seaman   Posted: 6 hours ago
Hi Dave. Are the photos not showing? This one builds to 52". Recommended power is 10cc glow, which would get it up on the plane!

Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by boaty Admiral   Posted: 6 hours ago
Is this an ASRL as Veron did a version approximately 28 inches in length and made out of balsa and ply. I do recall that they manufactured a bigger boat but do not know if it was an ASRL or Fast Patrol Boat. Though from what you describe it sounds like the latter. Boaty😊

Margaret's health by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 hours ago
Thoughts are with you Onetenor. If I can help I live quite close. NPJ.

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