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Welcome to the Model Boats Website! A place for all model boaters!
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Search Light (1:16 Scale) £2.50 GBP
Search light. 20mm diameter. 2mm thick mounting bracket. It comes in three parts and will require a small amount of plastic glue for the lens and base. The bracket simply clicks into place and the lamp itself will swivel. Provision has been made for a 5mm LED to fit inside and a cut out is provided for wires. Made in various colours including mixed lamp/base colours. White is advised if you wish to paint. Assembly instructions included. 1:16 scale.
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2013 Newest Member!
17th Aug 2018
United Kingdom
1 day ago
Loud Hailer (1:16 Scale) £3.00 GBP
Loud Hailer, made from a plastic material. 25mm high. Hailer 15mm diameter. Choose from grey or white. Bracket can be a different colour to the hailer. Sold in 3 pieces which clip together. No need for glue! Assembly instructions included. 1:16 scale.
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Latest Posts
Graupner Jumbo 540 motors by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 hours ago
Hi Will, Sounds good to me👍 I like the Action Electroncs stuff as well, have their dual ESC with rudder mixer which I want to try in my long thin destroyer to reduce the turning radius. Was misled about the SLA by a previous post🤔 Makes sense re the BEC which I believe is 5V 1.2A. I prefer a separate RX batt anyway😉 BUT: if you run a 6V NiMh down to 5.6V you are close to the Deep Discharge zone which will seriously damage the battery and drastically shorten it's life 😲 Threshold voltage is 1.0V per cell, so take erratic control as a warning that the battery is flat and come home soon! Look forward to your Sea Trials report. Cheers, Doug

ELCO 80ft PT boat Jumping the gun by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 6 hours ago
Sorry about delay in reply, Yes I did buy them from Amazon : big Un =£17.17 Little Un £11.82 Paste above into browser Next purchase shown in picture brought three of them a bit OTT

Graupner Jumbo 540 motors by Will-I-Am Petty Officer   Posted: 6 hours ago
Doug, The 6volt battery is currently an NiMh battery not an SLA. The problem was that according to Mtroniks the minimum voltage to the ESC to adequately run the BEC connection is 6volts. That is why I was getting erratic control when the battery voltage was 5.6 volts. The action speed controller will work 2-12 volts and I am going to use a separate receiver battery as suggested by Dave Milbourn just to make sure. Regards Will

Graupner Jumbo 540 motors by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 hours ago
hi Will, I agree with replacing the SLA. If you don't want to go LiPo cos of chargers etc etc how about a 5 cell 6V NiMh? much lighter than the SLA For the ESC switch to the Mtroniks Viper Marine Micro 10. That handles motors up to 550 can size, 10A motor limit, and runs off 4.8 to 12V 👍👍 I use these very happily on ships running 2 or 4 540s. A destroyer and a cruiser. Both about 54". You can get 'em about 5 quid cheaper here There are also 15 and 20A versions if you want to run both motors off one ESC 😉 Cheers, Doug 😎

Mahogany in Scale by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 hours ago
I can't wait to see it either Colin!😉 Martin: "plus a 22 1/2 volt, the same size as a PP3. Not sure what you'd do for that!" - 3 LiPo 2S (7.4V) in series should do the trick 👍 Or 2 x 3S (11.1V) or a 6S if you can find one! 8ft aerial! If a full wave antenna that puts the operating frequency at about 120MHz. If, as more likely, it's a 1/2 or 1/4 wave antenna it would be 60 or 30MHz. The latter being most probable. Cheers, Doug 😎

Graupner Jumbo 540 motors by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 9 hours ago
I think it would be worth the risk of running the DC Motors at 7.2v (NiMh) or second choise 7.4v (Lipo) and get rid of the 6v lead acid battery. The chance of damaging the motor is limited, the battery packs will be lighter than an equivalent lead acid, but will need to by a charger as well. Always put a fuse in line rated 5 amps below that of the ESC. Or buy two higher voltage motor? only £6.99 each plus P&P link copy and paste into browser address:-

20th Scale ELCO 80ft PT boat part 8 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 9 hours ago
Hi Added the three motor mounts and reinforcements, predrilled mounting holes and shaft exit before fixing into position. Used a long shaft and a dab of paint on the end of it, to mark the points of the motor positions, the use a small right-angle to angle to set the mount 90 degrees to the shaft. Now waiting for some nuts, bolts, spacers and washers Thanks Roy

Added ESC by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 9 hours ago
Added a 60A ESC of Chinese origin, improved waterproofing, and modified the rudder water pickup. Repainted trim tab extension as while it sat in the test tank (AKA the bath) the water got into the wood and split the paint work car spray paint not as water proof as I had hoped. On the test I found it was pulling over 40Amps which is not what I want as this is a race boat with limited battery capacity so cut down propeller by filling of the lagging edge of the prop via a drimmel and a file, so now pulls under 30A at full throttle. At the pond I will check current and prop-sizes.

Mahogany in Scale by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 hours ago
If I do get it, I don't know if it will be possible to use the diesel engine as no safe water near me that allows IC engines, so may just get used as a display model for the vintage shows I go to. Although I have only managed 1 show this season as ill health and then lack of a vehicle has hampered my year. Which I think is about to get better when my replacement car arrives on Monday. Cheers Colin.

Mahogany in Scale by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 hours ago
Oh PLEASE buy it, Colin. Sounds marvelous. Far too few diesel powered boats about and that RC sound s wonderful. I have an old chum who still has a 10 channel reed set of E.D. RC gear which still works. He says he had to fly with a plastic trimmer screwdriver in his hand to constantly retune the pots whilst flying! It has an 8 foot aerial and stands on the ground while he has a hand set wired to it. Doug could get that going. T They say you can't get the batteries, but a box of ten PP3s is a 90 volt battery. That's what my old REP set had, plus a 22 1/2 volt, the same size as a PP3. Not sure what you'd do for that! Cheers, Martin

Mahogany in Scale by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 hours ago
Well Martin, its their loss. I try to make everything except the electrics. I suppose I'm lucky in being a retired prototype engineer, with my own machines and space to work. These days I am restoring more than building, I find it more challenging. Spotted a vintage boat in antique shop today, it had diesel marine power and valve and relay control system with a strange adjustable korts nozzle arrangement. I am trying to get the wife to let me buy it. Cheers Colin.

Mahogany in Scale by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 hours ago
Nowhere near the interest required, Colin. I was once asked by the editor of Model Railway Journal to write some articles. I did and the editor had changed and he said, "Nobody makes anything any more". And he the editor of the one magazine for scratchbuilders! Nah, sod 'em. Cheers, Martin

Mahogany in Scale by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 hours ago
Can't wait to see her on plane, and look forward to reading your book. I'm sure you can make a better job of it. Cheers Colin.

Mahogany in Scale by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 hours ago
Maybe I should write one, eh, Colin? For the scratchbuilders among us. A treatise on brass bashing and woodwork. Nobody would be interested. I've just epoxied my Sea Hornet, which I'm modifying as a Chris Craft Custom Runabout. One cockpit, big hatch. Cost me 99p off ebay a few years ago. I just had to scrape all the old red paint off it as it wanted to fall off anyway! Then a huge rub down, a wipe with cellulose thinner and a coat of epoxy applied with a square of styrene sheet because I couldn't find an old credit card on the quick, just as good though. Next, rub down and 2 coats of cellulose primer surfacer, then the top coats. This one is to be one of the painted CCs. There were quite a few. But the deck will be veneered in the correct style and varnished. Martin

Mahogany in Scale by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 hours ago
Good review, I concur wholeheartedly. I borrowed a copy and wasn't impressed, but as you say some useful addresses. Cheers Colin.

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