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Welcome to the Model Boats Website! A place for all model boaters!
Feel free to browse through the website, ask your questions, upload your photos or even start your own blog!
Transmitter Lanyard £4.45 GBP
Transmitter lanyard! Make sure you never drop your transmitter in the lake! And save yourself the almighty strain of holding it for hours on end! This 20mm flat polyester lanyard has a thumb hook fixing that will hook onto many radio control sets.
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Homdadream67 Newest Member!
21st May 2018
17 hours ago
Mushroom Vent £0.95 GBP
Mushroom Vent. Plastic material. Choose from Grey or White. Available in both 1:16 and 1:12 scale.

1:16 Scale: 15mm diameter. 7mm high
1:12 Scale: 20mm diameter. 9mm high.
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Latest Posts
My other Toy by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 minutes ago
Not exactly a model boat! But why not, It your choice!

Stem Post & Bollards! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 minutes ago
Finally, it's a sunny day here! I decided to spray the Stem Post & Bollards! I'm using Olive Drab instead of black. I think it will give good contrast to my build! I have to build up the forward and Aft H bitts as well.

My other Toy by deepdiver Lieutenant   Posted: 48 minutes ago
Hi Can I add this in-to my Harbour? 2000 900SSie Ducati Super Sport.😎

Cigarette by nickchevatorevich Seaman   Posted: 2 hours ago
I do. I am asking 300 pounds incl.shipping.

Cigarette by Skipper44 Lieutenant   Posted: 5 hours ago
I thought you wanted to sell😂

Vanity, Victorian Cutter by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 hours ago
Nice work Martin, as expected from you 👍 Cheers Doug 😎

Vanity, Victorian Cutter by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 hours ago
R/C gear going in on a 2 piece plank, so it'll fit through the hatches. Some deck planks going on, king plank too. Coamings to help water proof from splash. These are Foamex, completely waterproof stuff. The hatches and houses will be fitted with magnets eventually. The planking is NOT a la yacht. For some reason Dan Hatcher laid deck planks like workboats and motor boats, parallel to the King plank, not the covering boards. Believe me when you've lived on one of these and put every pot you have under the deck leaks when it rains, you know the pattern of the laid deck! Rear deck half just rested on as the R/C gear is yet to be finished. Waiting for some more allly tube to guide the steering cables and braided line for the sheet control. Steering servo coming this afternoon. Martin

Servo choice for yacht by kmbcsecretary Admiral   Posted: 8 hours ago
Your very welcome Martin I just hope it does the job well for you Ron

It's a sad day!. by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 hours ago
Hi Les-H, the Club answer is probably because they want you to join the club to get your subsciption money as many club issue you with included Third Party Insurance. Money grabbing again.

Servo choice for yacht by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 hours ago
Thanks again, secretaryman, my dear bride has OK'd the purchase of same and from Kings Lynn models, who are but a toodle away and knock a few quid off the price too. Off to get it this afternoon. Can't go wrong with Hitec, can you? Even I can twig that from all the posts. Servos seem to be either ludicrously small and cheap or bigger, fancier and outrageously expensive. But I suppose if you're chucking 20Ks worth of jet Vulcan around you need some grunt from the old actuators, n'est pas? Cheers, Martin

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 hours ago
Hi Les, funny we've come full circle, I started my model sailing at newsham park back in the late 50s and was there at the beginning of "The Liverpool model POWER boat club back in 1964, when I was 14 years old. Notice the power was omitted from the clubs name approx' 15 years ago. In 1964 i had just completed my first aerokits sea scout complet with an ED seagull 1cc diesel, this club was where I met most of my mentors and founder members of the club, Jimmy Walker, Cliff'Broadbent, Monty, Oscar Poulson etc etc all now sadly gone to that big lake in the sky where anything goes. I'm in southport now and do go back to newsham from time to time. Thank you for that bit of very interesting info'. The afore mentioned sea scout has just undergone a major re-fit after 55 years, the 1cc diesel has been replaced with a 3940 kv brushless and 60 esc running on 11.1 lipo, yes I know all to big for a little 24inch sea scout, but as the yanks would say " there ain't no substitute for C.C. Boy", you don't have to use it but nice to have. Martin you mentioned the old glue used in those days, the sea scout I made was glued using "caskomite" (can't remember the correct spelling) the boat is still 100% waterproof with no skin separation at all, I do not intend tarting the boat up at all, prefer to keep it the way a 14 year old boy (me) had made it apart from bringing the running gear up to 21st century and something that can be used at my local lakes. Norman.

Tamiya Tape! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 hours ago
I've placed an order for some Tamiya tape. As Doug, RNinMunich recommended! Trying to cleanup the waterline on the Brooklyn! Oh, Had to order a new battery pack. for my wireless Dremel also! Does anyone know of a good electronics place one can order resisters from?

Totnes Castle 1894 by hammer Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 hours ago
Change of plan, bent up tin plate angle to strengthen the sides on boiler room roof. Milling the brass would be wasteful I don't like waste. Another thing I disliked was the safety valve not being upright. So made a angle fitting, turned the male end in normal manner & parted off. Set in pillar drill at the required angle drilled down to meet the hole from other end. Started tap wile still in drill (by hand) then completed with wrench. Threaded a bar to fit & attached fitting in lathe, turned so the safety valve fitted flat.

getting a bit slow?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 hours ago
Thanks Gents 👍 😎

It's a sad day!. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 hours ago
Nice one 'Cyril' 👍 "If you don't ask .... you don't get"! 😉

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