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Author: RHBaker   Posts: 24   Photos: 54   Subscribers: 6   Views: 9441   Responses: 43   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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H.M.S. BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 20th May 2016
Decided to write a follow up entry.
Added more ballast to stern to fully submerge rudder blades and converted to 6V, as voltage reducer had not been received.
The result of these two changes makes the model as I had hoped. She is nicely controllable and tolerant of inadvertent control movements.
Looks very nice on water as can be seen.
Fitted with 2 x 6V SLA cells in parallel and they give over 2 hours of sailing time.
In summary, a very satisfying project, one to enjoy all Summer - now onto the next!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 21st May 2016
Splendid looking model and with your tweaking she will give you hours of pleasure. The last two pics are only showing as thumbnails for some reason but your previous pics are great. 😀
H.M.S BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 3rd May 2016
The maiden voyage - 2.
She sails well, as you can see. I used a 12v system so the lights and radar scanner work. The model is overpowered and, once my large voltage reducer arrives from China, will dial back to around 6v as was recommended by another modeler.
The excess power causes a rapid and exaggerated response to a sudden control movement, which induces a heel. The screw on the inside of the heel lifts, so it splashes and then cavitates.
Every control movement needs to be very gentle to avoid this. This can be controlled on the RC, but it is not forgiving for a casual user.
Still making trim ballast adjustments. Although it looks OK, you cannot see the weights perched on the rear deck! They need to be integrated into the hull ballast.
I am not expecting to write further blogs as should be little else to report.
In summary, a great model to build. The results justify the hours of work that have gone into her. A very enjoyable project and a worthy addition to anybodies fleet.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
H.M.S. BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 29th Apr 2016
Took her for the maiden voyage today in windy conditions. Wind was Force 3 gusting 4, making large waves but with little swell as the pond is quite small.
My two colleagues decided it was too windy to sail their vessels!
Anyway, in the circumstances she sailed well and without water ingress; although with the rolling trace water was found on the lower deck. This had come through the mid hull freeing ports.
The ballast and batteries sit close to the base of the hull so the model is tender, which exaggerates the motion. The side area of the superstructure is also comparatively large making the vessel is susceptible to wind effects, which add to the rolling and pitching. This causes the upwind propeller and rudder to loose "bite" in the water, making control difficult.
The waterline looked fine, but have now moved the rear battery sternwards by about 4" to lower the stern and improve purchase.
Unfortunately have no photographs, the official photographer had forgotten his camera!
Hope to try the effect of the battery reposition shortly and plan to post pictures with the concluding blog.
H.M.S. BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 26th Apr 2016
Have be working on the upperworks detail and now the model is almost complete. That is, if a model is ever really finished!
All was fairly straightforward with few items being bought, most were made up from bits and pieces, usually scrap wood or styrene.
The only real challenge was the Admirals Barge, which is complicated by the lack of drawings. Many members helped with information (Thanks again) and from that, along with details in the Ship Modelers handbook, was able the create a fair facsimile. The barge is almost a project in its own right!
Hope to give her a maiden sail later this week and will post any pictures.
In summary, have spent over 7 months on the model fitting out the "Models by Design" hull. Should have counted the hours, as there were many. The miserable winter and Spring in this part of Canada allowed a much quicker build than expected.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by cenbeth on the 26th Apr 2016
This looks like a very crisp model and well worth the time spent. Let's hope she sails as well!
Response by DennisRobotham on the 29th Apr 2016
very neat model, like the detailing, will look awesome on the water.....well done
HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 23rd Mar 2016
Thanks Dave and to the others who have responded.
The steam picket boat you sent looks to be twin screw and a longer vessel than the survey boat / barge I am looking for. Have attached a picture showing the plan side view, does anybody have anything on these lines?

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 23rd Mar 2016
Yes mine is the steam picket boat as used on capital ships at the beginning of the last century.
You nedd one from the post ww11 period
Response by Pav403 on the 26th Mar 2016
I may have something that could suit?? (With a bit of adaptation) I'll send over a few pictures in a couple of hrs. The scale is 1/96 however.


Response by Pav403 on the 26th Mar 2016
Hi, I've just sent you a private message with the 25Ft motor boat details I have from my post WW2 Warship. Hope they help? If you need more detailed images let me know.


HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 22nd Mar 2016
Finished the fore and stern decks.
Most of the fittings are either scratch built, with some from a couple of specialist epoxy cast item suppliers.
The plans and ship pictures enabled the fore deck to be made quite accurately. That is not the case with the stern as the plans, pictures of other models and actual vessels show several differences. Ended up using Modelers license to arrive at a layout which seems representative of the class.
The only approach that could be considered out of the ordinary was the Land Rover installation.
Made up a mounting plate as no self respecting RN crew could live with the oil pools on the decking! This is held down with a female jack-plug socket which can be used to charge the batteries. The corresponding male jack-plug is fitted to the underside of the Land Rover so the vehicle can be fitted onto the plate and held in place.
The picture also shows a screw fitting where one of the deck derricks, which are held down with magnets, is located. This screw also holds down the removable deck.
Now moving onto the centre superstructure. One of the opportunities presented is the 28'6" survey boat, which is similar to an Admirals barge. Does anybody know where I can get plans for this? 1:48 scale would be ideal, although can scale if necessary.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 23rd Mar 2016
Looking neatly complete. Neat idea to use a plg to charge the batteries.
I have a steam picket boat which is similar to the Admirals barge but not as shiny. I will send you a pm with a pic. I have plans for this.
H.M.S BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 12th Mar 2016
Had the opportunity to do a trail ballast run. As a result, made some modifications and added weight.
To get almost down to the lower boot topping line, a total ballast weight of 5 lbs is needed. This is made up of about 2 lbs of lead dispersed from the bow to the first bulkhead, (approx 7" sternwards) and then two 6v SLA batteries (1 3/4" lbs ea), the first located just forward of the superstructure and the second just to the rear.
This gives a fairly good trim, further trim ballast will be required when all the deck fittings are added. Both batteries are now laid flat to reduce the C of G and improve stability.

The vessel is wired with both 6 volt batteries in series to give 12 v. Had been warned that at 12 volts the model is overpowered, which can now confirm.
Unfortunately 12 volts is needed for the radar scanner and lights. Have thus ordered a voltage reducer so the motor voltage can be adjusted to something in the 6 volt range.

Back now to building deck furniture and making the many finishing touches
Response by Albert on the 13th Mar 2016
I have the 48 inch long hms bull dog this runs on 12 volt 7 ap battery with two 12 volt motors and it runs fine useing 2 electronize speed controlls with bec and useing the speed controll biult in to go fast or slow.

H.M.S.BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 12th Feb 2016
Sorry, uploaded wrong photos, these are the correct one. Apologies

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by saintsalvio on the 12th Feb 2016
Fantastic the baby is growing very well
H.M.S. BULLDOG / BEAGLE - Posted: 12th Feb 2016
Finished the funnel and engine room cover, so hull and superstructure are now structurally complete. This has taken 5 months, very much assisted by being retired; had it been done during more usual leisure hours would have taken considerably longer. The Canadian winter has also helped by reducing the outside distractions.
Now moving onto the many detail fittings this model abounds with so milestones will be further apart so expect my blog entries to be more sporadic.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
H.M.S. Bulldog /Beagle - Posted: 4th Feb 2016
Spent the last week working on the mainmast.
Purchased a slow speed 12v motor to make the radar scanner operable. Also wanted to make the mast removable to reduce possible transport damage. By pulling gently upwards the mast and driveshaft pinion can be disengaged and the mast lifted off the model.
Attached is a picture of the motor and integral gearbox. This was mounted upside down to the wheelhouse internal roof with the driveshaft poking through and pointing upwards (see last bog for a picture).
The internal mast tube slipped snugly onto gearbox output shaft sleeve. The output shaft was extended up to the mast radar platform level using a length of brass tube with a small pinion gear fitted into the end.
Used two idler gears from an old clock (which also provided the input shaft and radar shaft pinions) to link the input pinion to the scanner shaft pinion. This geartrain provided the correct offset for the scanner mounting shaft.
The platform was made from styrene with brass bushes fitted to act as bearings for the pinions and idler gears. Unfortunately the platform is deeper than shown on the drawings, but it does not look out of place and is an appropriate place to use "modellers licence". This approach avoided having the scanner motor slung under the platform and visible.
The upper part of the mast was made from brass and functioning navigation lights added.
Still a lot of mast detail to add, but the major structure is now complete and everything works!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Pav403 on the 5th Feb 2016
Very impressive model, can't wait to see the finished article.


Response by RHBaker on the 6th Feb 2016
Global 101, bought it on E Bay from China some time ago. Think I searched for "Low speed 12 volt motor", saw several before deciding that would fit.
Response by Global101 on the 6th Feb 2016
I'm building a 1:72 Tico and I think that motor would work perfectly for the AN/SPS-49 RADAR. The search begins!!!

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