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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier
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HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier Print Booklet
Author: Gdaynorm   Posts: 3   Photos: 0   Subscribers: 1   Views: 734   Responses: 39   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
Decks - Posted: 27th Jul 2017
Another small query. I assume most of her decks, obviously apart from the flightdeck, were corticene. would this have been a dirty mid green or dark grey?
Response by RNinMunich on the 16th Aug 2017
Hi Norm,
Norm (!) Oughs drawing may well be 'as built'. During the war she received many mods. Depends on the time snapshot you want to recreate. I may be wrong about the island (photo perspective) but it seemed that way. I remember standing on the topmost island deck of a Colossus class carrier, at the foot of the antenna mast, looking down at ants crawling about on the deck, and the even smaller ones on the dockside! 😉
I was up there inspecting the COMMS antenna fit. That was my job the last 30 odd years. On existing ships I would survey the COMMS systems for upgrades and refits. For new build ships I would discuss the requirements and possibilities with the navies and then discuss with the shipyards how to achieve them! All good stuff, but the last 10 years I was getting a bit stiff for the climbing, so I sent a younger colleague up while I discussed the existing system and any problems with the crew in the Wardroom😉
Can't see your pic, the site only accepts jpgs etc🤔 An irritation that has often cost me time to do conversions 😡
We'll have to 'gang up' on Fireboat (Stephen) to get this improved.
i often wanted to upload a pdf page, but had to convert to jpg etc first😭

Where is this mysterious platform? Maybe I can find it. A large searchlight would not surprise me. Could also be an early radar antenna, need to research the types mentioned above.
If the launch has a cabin it may be an 'Admirals Barge', and Admirals had a lot of freedom to paint them how they wanted. So black and mahogany sounds very appropriate to me 👍
Often said on this site (and elsewhere) but: 'The only silly question is the one you don't ask'! Keep up the good work, Doug 😎
Response by Gdaynorm on the 16th Aug 2017
You have had one interesting time I think. Bit different to running buses. I have attached a photo of the download. Maybe it is clear enough.
Response by RNinMunich on the 16th Aug 2017
Yep, you're right, definitely a searchlight👍
Behind it you can see the railed gantry I mentioned before.
'Running buses' is a boring way to describe excursions to India & Nepal.
Sounds pretty interesting (and hair raising) to me!
Cheers Doug 😎
40mm AA bofors - Posted: 30th May 2017
Thanks for the portside pic. Answered my upcoming query - did Illustrious' Bofors have a shield. I have Norman Ough's book, with excellent detailed drawing of the gun, but no way can I get all that detail made at 192 scale.
Response by Scratchbuilder on the 30th May 2017
Not sure if the attached pictures will help.They are not all from Illustrious but do show some good detail.The pictures of the book pages are of HMS Victorious,sister ship.May be of help to you.
regards Bill.
Response by Gdaynorm on the 30th May 2017
Great pics, thanks. Not one with a shield which is surprising.
Response by Inkoust on the 30th May 2017
Hello, here is the supreme reference to the BOFORS guns, just click on the blue highlighted links and you can see all the details of the Bofors cannons of all types from land to ship. Zdeněk😉
HMS Illustrious Aircraft carrier - Posted: 16th Apr 2017
I am building a waterline model of HMS Illustrious, from WW2.
I have virtually no information about the port side of the island. Does anyone have photos taken across the flight deck?
Response by Gdaynorm on the 28th Jul 2017
Hi Doug,
No wonder you're a fleet admiral! Sounds as if you have had quite a time, and I'd guess just about retiring, which I've been for some sixteen years now after most of my adult life running tour coaches, twenty years overland to India and Nepal. Resurrected model ship building when I came to Canada.
There is a guy in Hamilton with an American carrier which is about seven feet long. He has a special box and trailer for it. Installs the ballast after launching. It sails well, though does not like wind, and is not much to look at. He had it on our lake about three years ago for our annual Canada day regatta. My longest ship is HMS Ceres, five feet. Sails well and is remarkably stable for such a narrow really oversize destroyer.
Back to sorting out pom pom control systems about half an inch high, and fguring out how to fit the windscreen to Fairey Fulmars.
Response by RNinMunich on the 28th Jul 2017
Wow! Twenty years overland to India and Nepal is also not exactly boring 👍 My longest ship is also ~5 feet, the Graf Spee, see my boat harbour.
Good luck with the pom-poms 😉
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Gdaynorm on the 11th Aug 2017
Will keep eyes peeled.