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Aerokits Solant Class Lifeboat Print Booklet
Author: Skydive130   Posts: 33   Photos: 145   Subscribers: 1   Views: 6110   Responses: 81   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)

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raw video - Posted: 17th Nov 2017
just uploading to youtube, will post link when done. see if this works
Maiden Voyage! - Posted: 17th Nov 2017
So, today was the day, she sailed wonderfully on a cold crisp Needham Lake nr Stowmarket Suffolk. The water level is very low at the moment, but got away with it! The only thing I need to do is try and get a bit more rudder throw as the turning circle is quite big, however with careful throttle use she really does look the part.

So, yes, I am very pleased with how this model has turned out, on the most part a joy to build. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to comment on this build. Trying to download the video thats been edited. I might have to post a link to it so it can be seen in full.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jarvo on the 17th Nov 2017
What a superb result. A credit to your determination and modeling skills. She looks brilliant in the photos but in the video the poise on the water makes it all worthwhile.

Response by Skydive130 on the 17th Nov 2017
Many thanks for your kind comments Mark, I am just pleased that moving sideways from Aircraft (will still continue to build and fly aircraft!) has been worthwhie. Many more projects to follow including the Veron RTTL on the building board as we speak and the Palaform Griffon 600 hovercraft next!
Floatation and ballast check!-tick! - Posted: 10th Nov 2017
So, she has this morning sat in the bath fir an hour whilst I walked pooch! I half expected to come home to find it sunk into the depths beyond reach, but joy of joy, floating and more importantly bone dry inside!

I’ve had to add about 2lb of lead up front to get the latteral balance right, but apart from that sitting on the waterline and no
Listing either. I’m happy that there is enough weight at the bottom, tried to tip her over but it was having none of it!

Next stop the lake next week with some on the water photos and videos!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
1 hour till completion! - Posted: 9th Nov 2017
So, 1st day back on the Solent since the weekend. She is all but complete apart from a bath leak check and ballast if required. A couple more coats of varnish/stain on the stand and that’s about it. Following that will be the lake and hopefully some nice video!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RichardSReade on the 9th Nov 2017
Wow 😲 what a great model boat just wish I could have the patience to get my boats to that standard of finish. Well done hope all goes well
Response by RNinMunich on the 9th Nov 2017
Great 👍
I'll pop back in an hour! 😉
Response by Skydive130 on the 9th Nov 2017
Thanks for the compliments guys, must admit I’m chuffed with my first plan/scratch built boat although coming from aircraft has helped! The nice thing about boats is it takes a lot longer working in heavy woods compared to balsa etc. But the end result with boats is the joy of knowing there is less chance of “re-kitting” on the maiden!
Finishing post in sight! - Posted: 5th Nov 2017
I between running the local fun run and making an mdf Christmas tree for my wife (don’t ask!) I’ve managed to push on to almost completion.

Lacquered again first thing this morning followed by stanchion ropes, rubbing strake and one side of hull ropes.

Not able to do anything else until Thursday and Friday as on a course for 3 days, but all being well will be finished by Friday!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Skydive130 on the 5th Nov 2017
Thank you bruce
Response by Flack on the 5th Nov 2017
Beautiful looking model and finished to a very high standard - well done.
Response by Skydive130 on the 5th Nov 2017
Thank you too Shaun
Moving along towards finished! - Posted: 4th Nov 2017
After beck paint dried overnight, spent an hour painting the deck boards before alit of masking followed by spray painting the bulwarks.

I have installed the stanchions. Tomorrow will see any areas of touching up required (tip- if using rattlecans, gently spray some into the cap which can then be used for touch ups, clean brush using cellulose thinners) and then final coats of laquer.

After all this it will be on with the final fittingbif rope work and s few other bits n bobs

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Finishing line in sight! - Posted: 2nd Nov 2017
Had a couple of hours of good light after work so cracked on a bit more.

Finished the last Bulwark and all the splash boards (if thats what they are called?), sanded and sealed.

Last job of the day was to spend some time masking the whole hull leaving just the deck available for a few coats of Halfords grey primer which will be the final deck colour.

No more work until saturday now, but next thing is to continue masking leaving the Bulwarks available for spraying white. This to be followed by stanchions, rope work, anchor and some weathering before a final few coats of laquer (Less the deck that will be matt varnished. Still a few jobs beyond all this inc bath test and ballast as required and a few other bits n bobs, but she's getting there!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Bulwarks, bollards, cleats and stanchions! - Posted: 1st Nov 2017
Another good day of detailing before light stopped play! Have now got 3 out oif 4 of the Bulwarks fitted, sanded and sealed ready to prime, will do the last one tomorrow after work.

Have also fitted the fore and aft Bollards and side cleats. Have also drilled and test fitted one side of the stanchions which I am delighted with, really starting to look the part now.

So, all thats left now is the final Bulwark, drill for remaining stanchions then prime and paint the deck, Bulwarks ect. Then final coats of laquer before adding the stanchions, wash boards and the various rope work, anchor ect. Another week or so inbetween work should see it finished!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Bulwarks - and 1st blood! - Posted: 31st Oct 2017
Today has seen the rudders, rudder servo, receiver and first bow bulwark fitted.

First job this morning was rudders and servo. I have used a long servo arm to get as much throw as possible on the rudders and spares from my Aircraft RC box for pushrods, clevices etc. Rudders turning in correct direction with good deflections both ways. I havnt used any expo as would be the case with my aircraft figuring that smallish rudders on a big boat will need big input responces to get her to turn. will adjust at the tranny if required.

Have made a good start on the bow Bulwarks. My method was a sandwich of 1.5mm ply with a 1.5mm balsa infil between. This allowed curving to the shape of the hull with ease. I have added varios bits of trim to give it some life including spruce strip reinforcments on the inside, a piece of litho plate over the hole and plasticard trim on the top surface to finish it. At this point I managed to scalpel my finger whilst triming leaving blood on the balwark!! The Bulwarks are of a sufficient thickness to allow the stanchions to be mounted ontop of the balwarks as per the real thing. Plan to finish all Bulwarks tomorrow and hopefully start adding deck details like bollards etc.

Last job of the day was glossing the stanchions which are now ready to install.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
She (he!) has a name! - Posted: 28th Oct 2017
Lettering arrived today and has been applied, really starting to take on some personality now!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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