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>> Home > Boat Building Blogs > Friday's Child Fairy Huntsman 31
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Friday's Child Fairy Huntsman 31 Print Booklet
Author: steve-d   Posts: 5   Photos: 16   Subscribers: 0   Views: 1062   Responses: 35   |   Most recent posts shown first   (Show oldest first)
mini update - Posted: 23rd Dec 2018
I now have the larger prop shaft installed. Waiting for the glue to set so I can align and mount the motor.
I need to fit a water pickup for cooling the motor and ESC. Are there any rules/tips on where it should be positioned? My first though was anywhere facing forwards as it will only really need cooling when running at speed. Any thoughts.

Next is the paint. I'm trying to match the colours which were a marine 'Toplac' paint but at £25 for the smallest can x 3 colours I need a different route. Paint shops failed to find a match so am going to an automotive paint supplier who assure me they can match anything. So now to the question...what type of paint do I go for, acrylic, cellulose, water based etc.?

Response by Wingcoax on the 23rd Dec 2018
This has been asked before, But, normally installed just after the prop and offset to one side.
Response by Brianaro on the 4th Jan 2019
Hi Steve. The paint used by Fairey was International Paints Oxford Blue 105, if you contact them they should send you a colour chart which you can then use as a colour reference elsewhere. If you decide to use International Paints, it’s available from most chandlery shops
Cooling coil - Posted: 13th Dec 2018
Started making a cooling coil for the motor.
Should I solder the coils together? Would make a neater and more stable installation.


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by steve-d on the 3rd Jan 2019
I'm new to this and was told by the guy who gave me the motor that this was the thing to do. He says the coil still provides cooling and says the warm water coming from the stern is all the evidence needed.
We will see if he is right.
Response by BOATSHED on the 3rd Jan 2019
I cannot see how you can mount the water cooling coil safely onto a out runner motor. Near impossible I would have thought. If there is too much vibration then I would think that it would rub on the motor and wear a hole in it and flood the boat or just jam up the motor. I would go for an in runner. Much more practical in a boat in my thoughts.
Response by ChrisF on the 4th Jan 2019
An outrunner is better for this type of boat as it is more torquey. If cooling is needed (and it may not) just use a proper water cooled motor mount. Chris
New bits - Posted: 12th Dec 2018
Right, just been given some nice bits.
Brushless outrunner FUSION 3535/05 1500kv
ESC Top Edge 60A water cooled SC060B
Plus a coupling.

So now to go shopping.
Which make of Lipo3 and from where?
What type and size of brass prop?
Where to buy silicon wires and the fancy gold terminals?


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Rookysailor on the 13th Dec 2018
Hi Steve, The lipo situation is I always use HobbyKing, a good choice and very fast delivery, regarding prop and size, on my huntsman I use a three bladed prop in brass 30mm M4, and silicon wires, loads of places but I always use The Component Shop, hope this is of some use to you😉

cheers Peter
Response by Dave J on the 3rd Jan 2019
Component shop without a del and cheap as chips and Quality products

Sanding done - Posted: 21st Nov 2018
Most of the sanding is now done and the not so easy task of getting the propshaft and tube out (M3 so not really man enough).
Bought loads of bits including the grab rails I've fitted.
Bollards, cleats, capstan, anchor, chain, instruments,nav lights etc all boxed up ready to fit after paint.
Also the crew has arrived from China.

But, I have failed to find a VHF 'White Stick' style antenna anywhere....anyone seen one in any of the catalogues?


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 22nd Nov 2018
Hi Steve, many real IMM rod antennas I worked with were not tapered.
So any metal / plastic rod of suitable diameter painted white would do.
The relatively short (1m) whips are not always tapered either.
If you go piano wire & heatshrink you could put a nice sweep-back into it by lightly bending it back while shrinking. When cool it will hold the shape.

Here's a link to the supplier we most often used for the professional 'stick' (we called 'em rod) VHF IMM antenna, with a drawing.
Memory playing tricks on me🤔it's actually about 141cm top to bottom.
Cheers, Doug 😎
Here's a simple 35" stainless steel whip, also not tapered
Response by steve-d on the 7th Dec 2018
Just found an answer to my antenna 'White Stick'.
At work we use a WD40 type fluid and the can comes with a tube you can use with the nozzle.
Some new cans came in and they have nice white tubes...result.

Response by RNinMunich on the 7th Dec 2018
Shucks! Mine are all red 😭
BUT; just found some 1 and 2mm white styrene tooob in the stash 😊
Guess they'll do for my T45, Belfast and Illustrious.
Thanks for the prompt Steve1
Cheers, Doug 😎
Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 - Posted: 21st Oct 2018
This is a refurb. I built her from MM plan 1061 many years ago and recently found her in the loft so she has likely been up there for 19 years. The basic construction is OK but the paint is peeling and large chunks came off when I tried to pull her out of the carry cradle.
She had no name and was in a basic colour scheme but I plan to now paint and detail her as Friday's Child which is registered Southampton and lives in Yarmouth IOW.

I've started sanding but it is going to take a while.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BOATSHED on the 3rd Jan 2019
Very nice, Thanks, I love them.
Response by Brianaro on the 6th Jan 2019
Hello Boatshed. There is lots of information and picture of the real Fairey products on there are some books listed there too. I’ve been making the President kit and gained lots of detail information from the club and the author of one of the books
Good luck
Response by BOATSHED on the 6th Jan 2019
Hi Brianaro, many thanks for that. i am about to go and check that out. As well as my old 70's wooden Precedent Huntsman, I also have an MFA Spearfish still in the box not touched yet. I had one back in the 80's with an Irvine 61 in it and it was a great fun boat. I did plan to do the same again with it but with the constant banning of using IC engines on the ponds around area's in the UK I suppose it will end up brushless. I know they are if not faster then IC now but the cost battery wise, now being retired the funds aren't as easily found now. The sad part is I still have 2 new SC 91's, 1 new SC 61 and a Irvine 120 all still new, never been run. I think there might also be an Irvine 61 that has no box. As well as a Zenoah 26c all pimped up in purple only run in ready to be put in a boat. Shed full of both engines and boats, some boats still new in the boxes still waiting to be built. Hopefully I will get to build them before I pop me clogs.