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    Fairey Huntsmen
    looking forward to 'doing up' these two beauts after the new year πŸ˜€
    Small Scratch Built Yacht
    Again a 1980's picture at Woodbridge, this time a scratch built small yacht from a free plan. Fixed sails, rudder only
    Solarcraft Dolphin
    Picture here of a Solarcraft Dolphin I was sailing on the pond at Woodbridge during the 1980's
    Graupner Elke
    boats im working on, sea commander behind it and unknown trawler behind that ...
    Lesro Rapier?
    bought this a month ago - picked it up yesterday - i love it 😍
    Galley News
    This boat represents a small inter-island coastal freighter that would carry almost anything from the mainland to the islands of any coast. I don't know what the actual speed is, but it is just slightly faster than scale. It has a 6V battery that I have never run down on an outing. Galley is hard chined, very responsive, and (I think) presents well on the water.
    SMS Komet
    Built from the Dean's Marine kit S Y Komet from 2009 to 2011 with added features such as brass props, lighting to hull, lower & upper decks, wheelhouse, navigation and mast searchlight, Steam Master smoke module, sound module from Model Sounds Inc. (klaxon, fog horn, twin triple expansion steam engines, 8mm machine gun and 37mm canon. Two machine gunners which rotate. If link below doesn't work just type in SMS Komet on YouTube. Should have posted this when I built it but it was my first build after retiring and new to everything. Lockdown has made me stop to record more. Some of you may have seen it at MB shows (who remembers them?) so we need more videos etc!
    Scratch built from photographs. The forward gun traverses via a servo and the searchlights are bright LEDs (4Β½v). Also a homemade "whoop" sound system.
    MV Gladys B.
    Scratch built from photographs, power is a Decaperm 6 volt.
    Pride of Suffolk
    A conversion deck from Ro-Ro to container.
    Fairey Huntsman
    Abandoned project on a Precedent 1:8 scale of about 1995. Added real decking and the figures. Two old style motors and modern battery
    HMS York D98
    Just a few quick pics - just landed in my posession - needs to be completed
    Aeronaut DIVA
    A recently completed project during lockdown. A super kit to build from Aeronaut, with accurate laser cutting mahogany double sided ply for upper hull and superstructure. ample space for RC gear. Have yet to put in on the water due to current UK situation. Fitted MFA RE385 5 pole motor.
    Mantua Mincio
    My first model boat build for about 30 years. Mincio is all wood construction with balsa planked on frames and clad with mahogany planking. a simple boat to build and sail. Very small motor 280, which drives small two bladed prop. Kit comes with motor, shaft and prop and rudder and all deck fittings. I use a small pond so the size is ideal and looks good on the water, not swift but goes well. small rubber band drive between motor and prop shaft. I change the band on each sailing as I have experienced transmission failure mid pond on one occasion!
    steam drifter
    'coriedalis KY.21' the real boat was built in 1918 in aberdeen as an admiralty steel standard drifter, HMD dusk. the model is built from a caldercraft peggie hull at 1:24 scale, and about 4 feet long, not quite finished, but she sails well. powered by a ford cortina blower motor, direct drive to a 80mm 4 blade prop.
    Lumba Lumba
    Well I got one at last a Lumba Lumba an old unfinished project,Ive wanted one for years since I saw someone elses, a bit of a barn find. So Im open for any ideas / comments would be welcome. πŸ˜‰
    Marian Belle' Tug Mobile Marine Kit.
    A Mobile Marine tug kit, modified to take a steam plant, TVR1A-BB steam engine, 3 1/2" diameter x 6" length boiler. 4 channel for forward / reverse. speed control, steering and gas cutoff valve. Around 2 years to complete.
    My-Jen is another RTR model. I purchased just because I really like her lines! My-Jen is a classic yacht model! Her hull is fiberglass! Her superstructure is 2 mm plastic! My-Jen is named after my Wife Jennifer! Maiden Voyage Soon! PS. No one can tell it's an RTR! That's how well she was built!
    First ever build so should be interesting. I had a sportsman when I was younger.
    A model of a fictional modern trawler based on a hull from Bill Wood in Aberdeen the access is great as the whole shelter deck removes. Although its only 23 inches long there is lots of room as its so beamy and the whole hull opens up. There are some fittings available from Scoonie Hobbies but I was forced to make some myself.
    Lesro RNLI Atlantic 21 RIB
    This is my β€œLesro” Atlantic 21 RNLI RIB. This was 95% scratch built after buying the sponsons and hull of eBay and then completely remaking all the details. I have made a detailed blog of the complete build on the forum. Point to not at this point is the figure is not quite complete as more detailing painting still to be done. I’ll add an update once finished....
    Vosper MTB 77 - Italeri kit
    πŸ˜‹I have just finished refurbishing this boat. It was given to me by a Club members wife whose husband had passed away. The boat was made some years ago and was in a fragile state as the adhesive used had dried out. The parts almost fell off and I managed to strip the model completely down and repaint and build it again. I have installed new prop shaft, prop, motor, rudder assembly and RC throughout. 'Sea' trials will be held soon as long as I can properly seal between the hull and the deck.
    U.S.S. Melvin
    Plastic Revel model that was made into a R/C model and again I haven't run her in a while .USS Melvin was also known as the Blue Devil I think . Original kit had a system to run in circles & figure Eights so a rudder & speed control was needed
    This is a Billing kit that I built a long time ago it was a R/C model at one time but I haven't run her in years from what I have read it was the beginnings of yachts . I also didn't get the accessory kit & just carved all the fancy ornaments.
    HMS Chatham F87
    HMS Chatham F87 1/72nd Type 22 Batch 3 Build 81.5" x 8.125" / 207cm x20.5
    Russian Corvette
    Scratch Russian Corvette built by John Meredith
    'silver chord' KY.124
    a small waterline model i made of the of the prunier trophy winner in 1957.
    cygnus 33
    built from a 'boats and models' semi kit.
    HMS penelope
    stand off scale 1/144
    inter-nos ll KY.57
    85' miller built seine netter, built from jim pottingers plan a good few years ago.
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