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    Thames police Launch from Veron plan
    Scratch built from 4/5th of a copy of the Veron plan. Nice little build and fun to detail the interior. Hiding the ESC, battery, receiver and wiring was difficult. Handles well on the water as one would expect from this vintage hull design enhanced by a brushless motor and 35mm prop
    The model of the ship is from the Rewel kit in 1/35 scale. I made the model in a civilian version as a medical ambulance. From China, I ordered 2 pieces of JET drives equipped with two motors with a size of 150 regulators, two pieces of 10 A and a two-cell Li-Ion battery 7.4V and 3000mA. I've only tested the boat so far in the bathtub at home, but it's pretty nimble. I can only state that this kit is really hilarious and a nice piece for brokers.
    Sea Commander build.
    My Sea Commander kit build from a few years back. Runs very nicely and its quite a spritely model. I am yet to decide on her name (names always puzzle me - I need to get a sense of this boat before deciding) and to add a few more details to her. The only issue found on first run was the rudder tube leaking at the tiller arm flange, purely as she stands up so high on the plane that a small burr on the tube was allowing water ingress as the transom dipped under full speed. Remedied with a file and some minor adjustments. Will post a video when I get her back out on the pond, waiting for a few warmer days to come our way. Cheers Chris
    Aero Naut Jenny
    1930 style American speed boat
    Halverson RAAF Seaplane Tender
    My Halverson Seaplane tender 1/16 scale
    RAF Class 100 HSL
    A few pictures of my plan built pre war RAF launch 1/24 scale. As requested I've added some pics of the running gear, twin 930KV brushless driving 30mm props. I run it on one 3S or 4S lipo .
    Dumas MISS UNLIMITED KIT #1305
    This is the third dumas model i have bought and working on. For some reason i like this Hydroplane the old style types,. I had heard this was not a very good kit, alot of work to get it finish, and they were right. the instructions, are just about useless, parts are all ( one good point) over sizes. but that said, it is hard to figure out what and where the pieces go and fit. Driving me crazy trying to make a nice working model, but not sure where and how parts go/ lint up, or the intended of the drawing is suppose to be. Dumas email me back, just said it is an old model and will not be made any longer. thanks. Not sure about the motor. looking at 600 - 800 brush type motors. that is what i have experience with as of now,. Not sure how brushless motors are rated. yes i have read the how and what the numbers mean, but i'm not sure how i can convert that to a 600 type motor.. any help would be of great h... i'm not going to race this, no clubs around here. I just want it to go up on plane, not 60 MPH. I'm thinking that a 600 type will do the job, also have batteries and a ESC for brush type. but i have been looking into burshless and trying to get educated on what all the numbers mean... that are no charts to convert over so i'm asking if anyone have a good working knowledge on how you pick out an burshless motor... thank you.โšก
    Dutch Towing Barge MKII
    This barge will be more or less the same as the MKI but I have increased the scale, it only 100mm longer but the increase in scale allows me to install the motor inside the craft. As you can see by the photo's I have included decking, amazing what you can do with coffee/tea stirrers.
    Dutch Towing Barge
    This is probably my favourite 3D printed boat. Files are from Thingiverse and by "Tinkerman".As the inside of the hull is very shallow, I was unable to install a conventional drive. After much deliberation I decided to use a bow thruster. I purchased the smallest I could get (12mm) and hung it underneath, it works really well. The original barge nowadays acts as a tourist attraction and has been somewhat adapted to be used to show people around the canals, the old city of Coevorden and former peat grounds of the Northern provinces of The Netherlands. Originally it was an almost empty hull (see original pictures) that was filled up with cargo, mostly peat, and that had some benches to transport people as well. Extract from Tinkermans write up. See photo's of original.
    1/16th scale landing craft
    This design is intended for a 1/16th scale tank, I have a 1/16th tank and It fits perfectly. The LCM3 craft was origianly designed by m-bergman 1:200 LCM 3, scaled to 1:16 and made wider for fitting a 1:16 Tiger I.by Torben Vandborg. I dropped my craft so hense new components being printed (green)
    All my 3D Printed boats, at present.
    All the boats I have printed today and in various form of completion. All printing (stl) files from Thingyverse.
    3d Printed Work Boat
    I have been printing boats from 2016 when I purchased my first printer. I have three work boats of differs sizes, two of which were for friends. The only issue I have with the boat is that it tends to roll. It has plenty of ballast, is very manoeuvrable. With the 3d printed prop it has plenty of umph. Still to be finished/fitted out.
    The next addition to the Onemancave fleet
    just another r36 picked up to work on
    LESRO Pilot Boat conversion
    Just test sailed today before it goes to its new owner as this was a commission build. This is the ebay bought kit from LESRO but couldnt stand the basic shape of it, so converted it to the Pilot Boats as used in Southampton port. Runs nicly on 2S, but if I was keeping I would put a 3S LIPO in it.
    Brave Borderer
    Not finished yet but well on the way, a few more parts to fabricate, but slowly getting everything together ready for the final push. Keep calm and carry on.
    (Trawler) Milford Star
    This is my latest build and is from the Caldercraft range. It has taken me 3 months during the Covid 'lock down' period. It was challenging at times due to the poor information in the so called instruction book and not to scale drawing. The parts list in areas bore little resemblance to what was included in the contents however it makes up to be a very good model and it does help if you have your own stash of materials that you can substitute or make the parts you need or replace. I used an MFA geared motor at 2.5:1 ratio and a Viper 15 Amp ESC. I installed an electronic switch for the navigation lights and it should give a good effect during the darker afternoons/evening later in the year. In all it was a very satisfying build.
    New hull for my boat Nora
    Due to the high amount of inner components, was necessary for me to exchange the first hull by a bigger one, maintaining the super structure, not yet finished I show you some pictures of it
    Norfolk Broads Police Boat
    This was a renovation project the idea was to on convert to a Norfolk Broads Police Boat from the 1970's Running on an old 27mhz Acoms radio with brushless motor and ESC.
    Corona Extra
    Just had to do some think since March 2020 so started a scratch built Chris Craft Constellation . Plans came from vintage model plans . I replace motor as on it's first run motor over heated so put a 500 series motor in & I've had 2 runs with new motor & O/K touch wood
    Crash Tender
    A 3 year build yet to have its maiden voyage a little more detail:- HobbyKing 90A Boat ESC Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5045-660KV Brushless Outrunner Motor HobbyKing Boat ESC Programming Card 9.6v 50000 mah Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Packs x 2
    Dutch Schouw Yacht
    This is 'De Groene Draek' a Dutch Schouw yacht. She is scratchbuilt from drawings in a book called 'Ronde en Platboden Jachten' which I bought in Barcelona forty odd years ago. She is 30" long with 9" beam. She is shown here on the 'quayside' as travel restrictions in Wales preclude me from launching her for the moment.
    RAF Firefloat refurbishment
    This was my first full scratch build - using the plans from my Dad some 23+ years ago she was built in my garden shed (which at the time was probably not much bigger than the average 4 seater dining table!). At that time I deliberately kept the boat aesthetically different to his original kit built in the 1950's. Not sure why, I think perhaps I didn't understand the history of the 2 vessels and my dad was a little vague other than he loved the speed he got from his with an ED racing diesel in it originally!! Anyhow, after his passing a few years ago I gave it a touch up but was never really happy with it. So I gave it a good refurb last year, replacing the deck, forward cabin roofs, installing the forward portholes, a new aft deck, and scratch building all the parts as best I could from the images I could obtain - tow hook, masts, davit etc etc. and adding an LED light kit to the mast, navigation and insides. I obtained a decal kit from the UK to finish her off, and numbered her #93. When I refurbished my Dads before xmas that became #94 (I understand this was delivered first so it seemed appropriate). Fire monitors from SLEC also obtained a few years back for both boats. Still running my original Johnson brushed motor, but upgraded the prop, shaft and stern tube to M4 and replaced the servo driven electro-mechanical speed controller for an ESC instead. Yet to get a video of her on the plane but she certainly scoots along. Cheers, Chris
    Pursuit Boat 7
    In 2019 I started this racing boat but as of yet have not managed to get it to a lake it runs on 14.8v lipo with 3674 High Performance 2650KV Brushless Motor. Please note rudder is hinged so if it hits something it lifts up, to prevent damage.
    I built Dauntless back in 2019 taking nearly 5 months to complete. Loved the build, very challenging and rewarding. Based on the Rockerfellers daily commuter boat she is from the mid 1940's with quite some history. She survived as a private vessel I believe until around 2014. 60ft 1/16th scale. Runs really nicely and is close to her scale speed. Chris.
    Brought this scratch built ship unfinished and sadly no plans etc, it does look like a ferry type of ship so I am planning to modify her to be like Brittany Ferrys NORMANDIE, if I do it will be quite some size I think!!!
    Dragon Force sailboat
    Nordic Folkboat design seen on the shores of Lake Geneva. Scratch built with my own plans
    new project
    new project i bought few days ago
    my titanic built during lockdown
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