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    New "Toy"
    Will get it going but with brushless power.
    Wave Jumper
    This is a very old model from about 15 years ago. I have just put some old motors in and repaired loads of cracks. Its great fun taking it out to sea in waves that are about a foot high and jump from wave to wave. Have tried to down load video from phone but dose not seem to work ? https://youtu.be/r0J3tONuX-Y
    Vosper MTB 379
    This model was built with the occasional help of my grandson. It was constructed from plan
    Sea Commander
    Originally built in the late 1950's by my dad, and rescued from his attic 22 years ago, it had major delamination problems, a seized propshaft, no rc kit only an ancient Taycol Supermarine motor which was ready for the scrap bin, but Doug in Munich offered to resurrect it, and I was actually amazed at how efficient it is now its refitted along with the special Doug converter box. 25amp water cooled esc, flysky 6 channel rx. All ppowered by the 12 volt 7amp hour battery.
    Vosper 46ft RAF crash Rescue Tender
    Refurbishing a model my dad built, changing motor to electric and putting R/C equipment in.
    ISIS Mk2 IOM 4577
    Amphitruck. (adding to harbour) Amphibious 4x4 rear drive truck. Uses 1 brushed 550 geared drive motor (850rpm/12v) for ground use, and 2 28mm 2200kv outrunners for swimming. Has a GT Power sound unit, fire monitor (uses a brushed water pump on a 2s LiPo, has a 45deg range) lights, (head and tail) and a small air pump to pressurise the rear diffs to prevent water ingress. Has twin rudders using a std servo, (as does the steering and fire monitor). Has an RHIB with outboard which stores in the rear, tool boxes, removable side levelling jacks (stored in the rear) and a converted rear red flashing bike lamp on the roof, with 6 flash modes.
    Elly Gray
    Scratch built. Now has had her bottom wet can add to Harbour
    My little Springer Tug
    I ran across this and thought it would be a nice addition to my harbor.
    Virgin Challenger II
    Always fancied one of these, arrived today slightly worse for wear. Here's why I do mad trips to collect in person, whoever packed it sat it on top of the Tx, the sticks punched holes through the hull !!! Never mind, it was due a refit and paint job. No more acquisitions, I now have enough lined up top keep me out of mischief for the next year or two (did I have something crossed as I wrote that ?).
    Collected the same day as the Rapier, a 500+ mile round trip (I know, mad). Out with the old power unit, a HP 61+ silencer (for sale if anyone's interested), ready for a brushless of some kind, any suggestions what size would be best suited ?
    Finally the Rapier
    Needs a makeover, but it's here now.
    This Moonraker is currently under complete make-over. I will update photos as time goes by. Some of the highlights of this vessel is the refitted sundeck which now hosts a cocktail bar and a dinner nook. Rearranging the seats supplied in the kit, made it possible to create a horse shoe seating arrangement. The detail-less cabinet was cut open and a glass bar counter was fitted. The old-fashioned dining set on the main deck was out of scale with the table a whopping 900mm high. The table was resized and lowered to 760mm while the bulky chairs was removed and replaced with more contemporary chairs with aluminium frames and soft leather upholstery :-) The underwater lights was replaced, while the main deck lights and interior lighting system was replaced. The rear search lights was removed, while the front search lights was fitted with high-bright LED lamps. A lot of work has gone into the model already and she is still a long way from the water.
    Slim Nip
    Exploring the possibilities of a new sleeker look to the Wee Nips that I have built previously , - Result :- the "Slim Nip" .
    "Black Bird"
    15 Year old ready made model. Revamped. Sunk. Recovered. Re instated. Oh it has literally been at the bottom of the Harbour.๐Ÿ˜
    ProBoat USCG 47 ft Motor Life Boat
    Overhauled/modified and a lot of details added. Upgraded to an 8 channel RC Spektrum radio.
    Sunflower II Thames Sailing Barge
    I bought this old build thames saling barge 26th march, looks like it has been used as a static display for some years judging by the thick dust! it does have full r/c installed along with a decaperm motor. I tested all the r/c kit and the motor, all looks to be working so a nice suprise... i will now check everything over as best i can ready for a test sail next weekend fingers crossed!
    Semi scale that uses a lift and drive motor. Not used too often as it's too noisy.
    Slightly different but it does float
    Coast Guard Cutter
    My second model of this type of vessel.
    Lady Jan
    Built from a Mobile Marine kit. Very scale appearance and sails realistically. Tows barges and other vessels very well and runs forever. Working lights and Technobots sound unit (ESC: Electronize) (5/10) Brushed car fan motor with 2:1 belt drive
    MFV Eileen H92
    Wooden hull fishing boat..
    Louis Helouise
    Nice old build sailing boat
    Dusseldorf Fire boat
    currently being restored
    GB 36.
    This is a static display. I received her very damaged with old lighting etc. I spent almost 100 hours repairing her.
    Azure Spirit
    This is a one-of-a-kind model. Powered by a 3D printed outboard engine with trim and tilt. It was built to test the prototype outboard engine after printing. It is 1:10 scale. The driver's head turns with the outboard. He's thus always looking where he's going! The model is based on the typical pleasure craft with outboards. Video is here: https://youtu.be/XXh_0ptmvAI
    Northern City Light House
    This model is 800mm tall. The island is constructed of high density polystyrene and rocks were created with fillafoam. A 5kg weight is lowered from the platform by a remote operated winch powered by the motor of a cordless screwdriver. The tower is constructed of corrugated cardboard and sealed with epoxy resin. The lightkeeper's house is made of balsa wood. Two trees were added. One is a trimmed bottle brush. The other one was made with string and scotch-brite chopped up in a blender. Photos to follow
    Chriscraft in action
    Full speed ahead!!
    Mary Ann
    Hi all I like fishing boats and this must be one of the most popular judging from prices. This is an old one with brass fittings. It took me a while to recruit the crew as the hours are long and no holidays. She runs with a Monoperm on 6 cells and a small brass prop. The esc is a very small pcb one from China. I have another one but different colours can't go to sea yet as no Captain!
    1953 Colonial Sport Cruiser
    I accidentally added to my harbour yesterday. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it (especially if you talk to my wife ....).
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