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    HMS Unicorn. A display model.
    This is a display model. Bought on ebay as a partial build (hull). Finish the hull, eg stern lights, cannons, etc. Fitted the rigging, blocks and ropes. The standing rigging have over 1000 clove hitches. The rigging took weeks, and i now understand the saying "getting to know the ropes" I did not make a build blog as it would be very boring due to the build pace.
    Bizmork Scifi Fantasy Warship
    Based on the Ork aliens from the tabletop wargame, Warhammer 40,000. A scifi fantasy warship with working lights, smoke, fore and aft turrets operating in tandem, water gun inside the front cannon and a deck crane.
    Pilot 40 project
    2021 Covid Project
    New Borkum engine
    Chiltern steam engine replaced Graham engine. Rick
    Solent Class Lifeboat
    I:12 scale Solent Class Lifeboat built from scratch. Just finished and waiting to get on our lake to test. Very happy with how it has turned out.
    U.S.C.G. Waterways & Ports Patrol Boat
    Just finished this model. Bought it sometime ago at Coatbridge Model Exhibition It was just an unfinished hull with fittings. The boat has twin motors, props, rudders and 2 old Hi Tech ESC with 2 battery pack at 7.2 volts using one at a time. Still to have it on the water yet due to lockdown. Has one of those home made controllers that when you turn the inner motor slows down and the outer one speeds up to aid turner tighter. Scale 1/12
    Y Ddraig Aur
    DragonFlite95 GBR962
    Santos Maru
    DragonFlite95 GBR716
    Police Launch
    My second boat from SLEC and again very happy with the outcome, another maiden voyage waiting to happen after lockdown.😁
    The Anteo my very first ever steam powered tug.
    My very first steam-boat back in the 70s, the Anteo by Panart probably the best kit ever, a plank on frame hull with lots of brass fittings. I fitted a Maxwell Hemmings Caton Steam plant and I was smitten, that was the first of many and still going strong. My only regret was somewhat butchering the engine housing in order to fit the valves and pipework. One of these days I might build another and make a much better job of it, hopefully. Check out my harbour for the rest of my small fleet of steam-powered working boats. The Anteo looking very realistic on the water, and the start of a love affair with steam and all it has to offer
    Unknown 26" Pilot Boat
    One of the latest projects I have bought, a 26" Pilot boat. Initially i thought maybe a Lesro model, but the Lesro Pilot boat is bigger, at just over 33" in length. Anyone got any ideas what make it may be?
    The finished result of my building blog, an HAKITS Morston, a fishing boat design and this model based on a Sea Angling boat sailing out of Whitby. Yet to be sailed. Geoff
    Bruce Crandell Flyer - 1/4 scale Single Step Hydroplane
    Fell in love with the design several years ago so thought it to be the time to do something about it. Purchased the plans from john-tom.com - putting myself at the deep end - and I have finally commenced building. The original boat was in the 135 Cu Inch class and had a V8 in front of the single cockpit, and was just under 14ft long (waterline) with a beam of 5ft; It will be interesting and I have a lot of research to do as I go - correct motor, batteries, ballast etc., but that is all part of the fun. Photos will be put up as I go. Wish me luck.
    Billings Progress
    Seven years ago this boat was given to me making it my first boat. Turned out to be a good starter boat as the hull was almost finished. Having painted it the way the write up seamed to say. Then ready to run and into the water. The boat being top heavy it tipped and took on water. Back to the work bench and striped and left to sit until this year. The boat is almost finished needs rudder motor and ballast Rick
    Steam tug Lyttelton
    Details of this boat have been moved to a Build Blog.
    my ladies
    Built, bought, collected over more years than l care to remember.
    Greek Kaiki sailboat
    self built out of epoxy foam : Greek Kaiki sailing boat. intention to be able to raise the jib and mainsail. powered by motor and propellor. small servo to extent a fishing boom on the side.
    1 meter "open class"
    self built 1 mtr open class. light and fast
    Vosper RAF RTTL 2754
    1/24 scale hand built model of the Vosper RAF RTTL 2754 most probably from the Vic Smeed Model Maker magazine December 1958. It is complete with brass fittings most probably from the Ripmax advert featured in that issue.
    Norfolk Wherry
    Norfolk Wherry built over lock down 2
    Lively Lady II
    1 metre class racing yacht just used for lazy summer days sailing.
    Princesse Loane Trawler
    Built between October 2020 and January 2021 during the Pandemic. Plans were downloaded from www.freeshipplans.com built entirely of sheet basswood, and some sheet balsa
    70' MGB
    During the first lockdown I came across drawing by Graham Parkinson published in the May 1980 edition of Model Boats. Its a fairly simple build and very basic with no real detail but ideal for a quick build. (or so I thought) it is semi scale (1:32) 26.25 ins. long with a beam of 8 ins. originally powered by a RS540 type motor with a plain 35 two bladed prop. It now has a brushless motor (2900kv) and two blade 30mm prop powered from a lipo 2S 6000 mAh. 35C hard case battery via a 50Amp ESC with a 4amp BEC. For a change I wanted speed so the ESC and motor are water cooled. the water is circulated via pump that has its own speed controller running of the BEC supply. This only runs in forward and with the throttle set at zero it just a sort of "put put's" while the boat is stationary. Out of the water the current draw at f throttle is 7amps so run time should be around 30 mins at full throttle. The boat described in the article is very basic but dose list a couple of reference books. I found a number of pictures online so decided to make the model more detailed. (mistake no.2)My wallet is now quite light. The main challenge was the twin .5 caliber Vickers heavy machine gun turrets. If I had built this to 1:24 scale the there are plenty of "off the shelve parts" that can be obtained, but not in 1:32 scale. The rear Orelikon gun however is available in 1:32 scale. The Vickers guns are available from Gas Patch in Greece again expensive but very good resin cast in a four pack. I had just bought a 3D printer so it was put use printing parts in PLA that could not be bought. In the end I have become quite proficient with Fusion 360 3D design software Cura 4.2 and Meshmixer At the time of writing this I have just painted the hull and it is waiting for its final top coat. I deviated from the construction method in magazine and gave it 2 coats of XTC-3D epoxy, expensive but its the best I have used for this job (50ml's in total for both coats) and it gives a really good finish. I am not after a true scale model but a good representation. I will be using a basic 2 channel radio with no frills
    1/96 HMS ajax This model was built approx 20 year ago from Norman Ough plans also other various sources were used. It is plank on frame construction with revolving gun turrets and torpedo tubes. She is now really due a refit as she is a bit dusty and worn out - you will see her in her prime - alongside HMS Nelson which was built at 1:96 scale by a friend of mine Brian Chambers. The next 2 pics you can see her in the garage alongside HMS Exeter. She is actually depicted when she came from USA after a major refit when her new secondary armour and upgraded radar were fitted. Note the catapult and spotter plane were removed on that refit.
    Tug Brent
    This is firstly a TID Tug and a model of Brent which was owned by Port of London Authority on the river Thames the boat had a fold down funnel for the low dock bridges, at 70 ft long the model is built at 1:32 scale making a 27 inch model built from lite ply frames skinned with 1mm ply the superstructure is 40 thou plasticard sheet. I eventually settled on just a low drain 540 motor because of its small size driving a 45mm prop, the fittings are commercial and were supplied at shows by Mountfleet models. The boat now resides with a volunteer who works on the preserved vessel moored in Kent.
    U.S. Coast Guard 40' UTB 40535
    This is a 1:12 scale 40 footer that was part of the US Coast Guard's main harbor and inshore search and rescue (SAR) fleet. I served as engineer on a couple of these in the early '60's. They had a pair of GM 6-71's and the water expansion tanks actually had "GM" cast into them. At some point it was deemed PC to change that to "Detroit". The figures are modified action figures. Some plastic surgery, Squadron Putty, and a couple of old school "Dixie Cup" hats made them into sailors. This boat represents the MK IV version, but the boat's number won't show up in any archive as for some reason the 40535 number was skipped. I thought I'd fill the gap.
    Thames Barge Celia Jane
    Build from the drawings of David Metcalf. It is almost finished and I'm looking forward to get here sailing. Main sail, forsail, leeboards and rudder are controlled. A motor is as well on board.
    Finkenwerder Fischewer
    My first boat build from a drawing. It is a nice sail, but somehow the hull is leaking.
    Bruma/ Misty
    My first steam engine vessel. The engine, a Cheddar Puffin steam engine, is real easy to handle.
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