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    This is a nice small version of this type of craft. I acquired some years ago from ebay and apart from some minor tidying up and fitting an ESC, battery and radio it is untouched. I will post a video of this craft on the water.
    "Searcher" Falmouth Catamaran Potter.
    Has anyone built one of these ? More photos to follow.
    Lady T Tug
    Built on the Mobile Marine Hull and using their templates and plans. Nicely detailed but quite skittish in any sort of swell. Looks nice as a display or on the water, but fiddly to set-up for sail.
    Sea Breeze
    This is a small commercial model acquired from a former club member. Nice sail if not to blustery and quick and easy to put on the water as it fits in the car fully rigged, if I have nothing else ready
    "Monarch" Marblehead Yacht
    Another model built on a fibreglass hull made by Brian Clewes. Several years ago our lake was weed free and a couple of feet deeper so it was safe to sail this deep keeled hull. Unfortunately the water level dropped and weed proliferated so sailing was not possible and I sold the boat on. Pity as it was an exciting model to sail especially in a good blow. One picture show my model at an early stage along side Brian's Yacht
    Pond Yacht
    This is another scratch built yacht based on a fibreglass hull made by a club member. Great fun to sail and the old codger has been puffing on his pipe for several years. Uses A hitek winch servo and block in plastic railing for both sails.
    This is a scratch built model using a template my club acquired several years ago. The template is upside down and the hull is planked from Mahogany 1/4" x 3/16 strips with a solid mahogany keel. A Hitek drum winch drives a sliding block in some plastic channel and this controls the two main sails. The last pic shows the general idea, and is from another club members model. A separate lever servo controls to two jibs. The gaff sails can be removed if the wind is bowing a hoolie on our lake. They are very popular and to date I believe our members have constructed about 9 models. This may be because the model easily rides over the weed that invades our waters during the summer months.
    Searcher - 1930s Customs Cutter
    Another hull bought many years ago from the Boat Convention at the Boat Museum in E Port. Came with a plan. Built from wood, mainly mahogany type and most bits scratch built. Powered by a brushed 555. Very stable and can handle some of the roughest weather on our club lake. Flying HM Customs flag and boarding party ready to confront any smugglers. I believe Skelmersdale Models still stock thye hull and plan.
    Mini Tugboat
    Pictures 2 & 3 show my first boat. Unfortunately when turning it banked and a passing larger craft swamped it and it sank. Fortunately the cabin with the skipper floated and was rescued. I built the second one and again fortunately, although slightly larger than the first one the cabin fitted. So you will see I have named the new one "Phoenix" and of course the skipper is "Uncle Albert" !!!!!
    I always wanted a ferrari. Still this is the next I can afford. Nando Dell'Orto put a Ferrari engine in and won a few races. This is a kit model but adding the driver makes it look good I think. I had to adapt a 12" suit for this 6" driver. Fortunately his hands are rubber and so they can hold the steering wheel well. I didn't want it for speed but it looks good on the water.
    Vice Admiral Popov
    Another unusual ship. Classed as a Russian Ironclad. Made to defend the Black sea. Flat and "circular" is was able to navigate shallow waters. Named after its developer and designed by a scotsman. This model was built without plans and with leftover wood from other models. The difficulties were; it is not round, it is longer fore and aft than in the beam. Also the deck is ramped, to allow water to flow off. It has a fixed rudder (this was from the original) steering is by 3 left propellers and 3 right propellers. Just like a tracked vehicle. After getting used to the steering it can speed forwards and reverse and spin on its axis. It has a horn and twin smoke stacks (chemical). This model just won the 2021 Blackpool Model Show "Best Scratch Built".
    Another "different" ship. Korean Ironclad - in the truest sense. It's decks are covered with shields with spike extending through to ward off boarding. Photo 7 shows only some of the prepared spiked shields. Research informed me that a cannon was fired from inside the dragon so I added that to this model. I also adapted the deck to enable the removal of a section to allow viewing of the inside of deck two. Unfortunately we cannot see the bottom deck and its oar setup. Those spikes caused blood to be spilt making this one!
    I like the unusual, this is a model of an acual working submarine. A lifesize model is on display in a park iin Russia. See picture 11. Russian Submarine. Display model. Note: The small barrel and extension tube; barrel floats and air pumped down extension tube. Note: Lead weights (6) on spirals. Turned from inside would allow weights to fall to permit emergency surfacing. The spike is representative. The actual armament was a flamethrower ignited from inside the submarine.
    Mississippi Steamboat
    Rear paddle steamboat. Always wanted to do one of these. Kit Built Added Skipper in deckhouse. Bottom deck: Four horses and haybales. 1st Deck: Cabins with furniture and figures - seated or in bed. 2nd Deck: Casino-Roulette, Poker tables, dining tables, figures: dealers and customers and a dance band at the end: LMB Lionels Mississippi Band. Lighting around first deck and inside cabins. Lighting in casino; can be turned to multi-colour disco. Bell sound, steam engine sound in sequence with speed of paddle, propels forward and back; double rudder steering.
    The African Queen
    My first attempt at a working model. Forward, Reverse, L/R, Horn, Smoke (chemical). Very responsive. Famous, if you've seen the film. Had to learn dressmaking to make her dress. Note: He's holding a glass of gin, she's holding a mug of tea!
    Greek Bireme; always intrigued me. Kit built. Heck of a job shaping the oars, they are the thickness of a toothpick. Nice display model
    Mary Rose
    Henry VIII flagship I like this one, a pretty ship, unfortunate demise. Kit built but I added the deck netting which was inteded to prevent boarding. However it played a major part in prevening the sailors from escaping the sinking ship when it foundered. Also added the upper topping on the main mast; shown in skeches of the original and rear stern chasers not in the kit. Plus placed figure of henry VII on plinth under ship.
    USS Constellation
    My fourth build. Kit Built Nice american sailing ship
    HMS Victory
    Third Build Kit Built but added Bow chasers (not in kit); Boats on deck (not in kit); Flags: Nelsons last signal, some sailors and Nelson model under Ship.
    The Halifax
    My Second Build. Halifax my home town so why not? Halifax. Nova Scotia built.
    Harvey (1847)
    My First build
    Acquired part completed. Fitted with 555 motor and Electronize ESC. Finished off the cabin details and re-rigged the masts. Looks good and sails well on the water.
    Clyde Puffer
    Built on a fibreglass hull bought at a model Show at the Boat Museum. I use a sealed internal tank that floods to provide ballast. I use a fish tank valve to release the air and the boat settles with the weight of the battery. Take the battery out and open the air valve and the water drains out. Makes transport much more feasible.
    SS Talacre
    Built from the Caldercraft kit. Sails well and is my standby model if nothing else available
    US Coast Guard
    Built from the Billing kit. Replaced brushed motors and NiMh with Brushless and LiPos. Sails much better with the lighter loading.
    RMS Olympic
    Built this with a friend who built RMS Titanic at the same time. Plans by Dr Haan at a scale of 1:96. Motors are 555 and the centre prop has 4 blades. The ballast is 76Kg carried in 3 boxes and placed in the hull at the waterside. I have still to finish some detailing and with such a large model this can take years.
    Pepsi Hovercraft
    We have a prolific hovercraft member in my club and this is a copy of his standard design using just one brushless motor for the skirt and propulsion.
    Helford Maiden
    This is a modified Al Khubar built by a former passed club member. I sold my Al Khubar and having regretted this I was pleased to get this nice detailed model.
    This is the Robbe kit which I acquired part built. Took some figuring out to rig the sails and I needed to rework the lead that fits in the keel. Sails nicely in a light breeze and looks great on the water.
    Picket Boat from HMS Repulse
    This is a fibreglass moulding from Dean's Marine with a scratch built top. I have a twin oscillator engine and home made boiler made by John Moore a fellow club member. I also have a large 12v brushed motor from Motors Direct and an Electronize ESC so I can sail when the weather is too cold to steam. I do have a gun to mount on the front, obtained from Mike McGinn. The origin of "send a gun boat" possibly, but mainly used to transport personnel and mail amongst the fleet at anchor or off-shore. The posher version was the admirals barge but all were maintained to a high standard and any midshipman who damaged the boat was likely to endure the Captain's wrath.
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