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    Lord Nelson Victory Tug
    From the same estate sale. Her paint is blistering off the hull. She is Covered in canvas on the hull, so I will strip her, glass her and repaint her. All electronics as well. I will update the photos when she is done.
    Zwarte Zee
    Picked this one up from an estate sale. Builder did a quality job. She is fully set up with electronics. I will save the electric for winter work. Stored for years in a smokers room. a lot of cleaning. Windex works great.
    Covid 19
    This was built during Covid 19 shut down. It was modified from a Zippkits tugster kit that I had around.
    Wacht am Rhein
    I got this boat back in 1996 from Deans Marine. Scale is 1/32 Length is 965mm Beam is 180mm The model is of an 1893 Rhein Tug. She has a glass fibre hull with a detailed moulded hull. the deck housings are in Vacformed plastic and 1mm sheet plastic, and the fittings are in white metal, the ships boat on mine is resin cast. Today's models have laser cut decks and deck housings, fittings are in light alloy. All in all she is a good model to make, and like all Deans kit's there is room to make her your own.
    Afon Alaw
    Will enter detail in time. Afon Alaw is based on a real tug. At moment working around Denmark.
    Gaff Rigged Cutter 'Ellen'
    Semi-scale inspired by the design of gaff rigged pilot cutters. Based on plans from Gary Webb (bearospaceindustries.com) it took 6 months to build. Hull is ply sheeting over ply bulkheads. Three channel RC - two sail winches plus rudder. Removable rig, keel and rudder plus retractable bowsprit for transport. Overall length 58in, hull length at deck level 43in, beam 12 3/4in. Sail area is 1180 sq ins. Lots of scale like detail added to the basic plan including anchor winch, tiller, skylight, gooseneck, deadeyes, working blocks with brass sheeves... A couple of videos produced by Buxton Model Boat Club member Phil: https://youtu.be/VgHNemEOfn0 https://youtu.be/gcM6U8VguXs Full blog here: https://model-boats.com/blogs/86653
    Finally finished with club help(Thanks), a couple of pictures of it in water(water splash on pool surround caused by working monitors) and lighting shown in workshop activated using a servo operating a spring micro switch. Peter you can see the problem re dinghy on stern. Has a small turning circle at high speed and very stable
    My first ever completed model boat
    Sonicwake Speed Boat
    This is my Sonicwake it will be going on the water for the first time Thursday.
    Aeronaut Diva Cabin Cruiser kit
    This is my new boat kit that arrived yesterday. I will be starting to build it next week. I hope the build will go well.
    Proboat River Jet
    This is my Proboat River Jet I am hoping to get it in the water next week to see how she goes.
    Re: Re: Focus 2 Yatch
    Hi Martin Yes I did enjoy it. I like motor boats as well. I want to build one but don’t wich one as I am a novice at building.πŸ‘
    Focus 2 Yatch
    This is a lovely Yacht it sails absolutely great. I had my first maiden sail today and it went very well.
    Camera Boat
    Adapted Swamp Dawg with wider pontoon area and brushed speed 400 motor.
    Tid tug
    Today was the first time on the water for the tid tug to check the ballasting, speed and wether I had any leaks. All seemed fine, so for my second build from plans I’m really happy. I still have a fair amount of work to do on her, but at least it’s very usable. It’s got a 540 motor with 6:1 reduction gearbox driving a 50mm prop, and it plods along nicely but has a bit of extra speed if I need to blip the throttle. It is built in 1/24 scale from plans purchased from Sarik, and has a 6v Pb battery.
    Flower class corvette
    Not built to a specific ship, but made to my liking. Way to fast on the water at the moment with a 360 motor and 35mm prop, so going to try a 30mm prop
    Vesper mtb
    My first attempt at building an rc boat from plans. A long way from perfect, but it looks good on the water.
    RNLI Shannon class lifeboat
    This is my Speedline Models β€œShannon” lifeboat at 1:16 scale. Possibly my favourite build so far, it took the best part of 5 months! Running on brushless motors pushing water through Oceanworks jet drives (very much like the Hamilton’s on the full size) very scale like.
    Two new tugs on the lake all scratch built.
    Morston - H A Kits (small version)
    She's finished and sailed well on her first outing on a wet miserable day. The wind was blowing hard and there was a bit of a swell on the pond at Clevedon, but I was very pleased, she seemed a little bow heavy until I remembered that she is a model of a working boat, not a cruiser and then I realised that she looked right! Everything worked she turned and ran well, no photos of this one unfortunately it was raining too hard but when she is sailing next time I will add the photos of her on the water. Really enjoyed building my first model in 52 years a big thank you to everyone who has helped with their advice and encouragement. I will hopefully build another one soon, certainly not as long a gap as the last time!
    Presently re building the Vliestrom Old part built ( bought 3rd hand kit) with most parts missing. scratch building ( and 3D printing) missing parts still lots of details to be added
    Uss Missouri gulf war 1/200 scale
    Uss Missouri gulf war 1/200 scale Conversion from the trumpeter 1/200 2nd world war version Lots of scratch building and 3D printing
    RC sovramany class
    Small high detail RC conversion plastic kit (trumpeter 1/200)
    Smit Nederland
    Smit Nederland
    Coast Guard Boat
    Don’t know very much about this boat as I took it on to renovate. I know it is a Billings model and will post more when known. Cheers, Ian
    To come
    Scratch built Steam launch. The plant was in my first steam build never happy with the final job.
    RNXS Exploit
    Scratch built, fibreglass hull, ply superstructure. Refurbished last year new brushless gear.
    Tenby Lifeboat.
    Based on a Speedline 1/12 kit, this was my 1st big build, took 3 years ish πŸ‘
    The Morrell, Shannon class Lifeboat.
    Based on a 1/12 Speedline kit. I’ve been building her on and off for a couple of years, not far off now 😁
    Midwest dinghy 1:12 scale
    This was produced to complement the Maine Boothbay Lobster boat that is also in my harbour. Although obsolete they can still be found occasionally on eBay at high prices usually
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