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    Maersk Master
    Maersk Master, scale 1/50. Dimensions, 168x38cm, weight 54kg 1 main pitch controlled propeller (100mm) 2 azimuth thrusters (50mm) and 2 bow thrusters(44mm). Full function, winches, towing pins, lights, fifi, radars,
    HMS Cottesmore
    I just thought I would post some photos of my HMS Cottesmore. She is still a work in progress. I have been working on her for about three years now.(in between other projects) I purchased the hull And running gear from Fleetscale. Everything else has been made by myself using odds and ends, bits and pieces including yogurt pots and a lot of LED's I have a few more years work to do before she is completed, lots more bits to make.
    hamburg 11
    im told its a american harbour tug but have no proof
    My Swordsman
    First run in 15/20 years not to bad
    Springer Tug
    I just thought I would post a few photos of a little tug that I made some time ago.
    Mk1 Micro Magic
    Been gathering dust, time to go sailing!!!!!!!!!!
    Bantam Pusher Tug
    Bantam pusher Tug, Hull from Mastman, work in progress!
    Old Swordsman or Huntsman ?
    Purchased many moons ago in a sorry state, the wiring was a bit of rats nest, I tided it up and and ran it for a while then forgot about it. I have now restored it to its currant state but have not sailed it yet. Not sure if its a Swordsman or Huntsman and have no idea whose kit it is, I did have an Aerokits RAF Fire Tender and it seems to be the same sort of kit or maybe Veron? Fitted with MFA torpedo 850 and two 2200 mah lipos.
    MTB from a Model Boats plan
    Here are a couple of pics of my MTB which I built from a freebie plan which was in Model Boats - the plans were by Glyn Guest. We had it on the lake last Sunday for a run around - she has a 540 motor fitted; an Mtroniks 15 amp speed controller; and can run for a good while on 7.2 300 mAh batteries
    Brushless Launch
    My first dabble with brushless power....
    Amsterdam Tug
    Amsterdam Tug, decoperm 6v motor
    Aeronaut Princess
    Aeronaut Princess, brushed motor, annoying propshaft whip at low revs! Will get round to sorting it, too many other projects
    MTB patrol boat
    Vosper thorneycroft MTB, twin prop with mixer
    Billing Boats Nordkap Trawler
    LT100 Fishing Boat
    LT100 Fishing boat
    Al Khubar Tug
    Al Khubar tug
    Waveney 1:12
    Waveney class lifeboat 1:12 scale, twin MFA Torpedo 850’s
    Trent 1:16
    Trent class, twin MFA Torpedo 850’s
    My Retirement Plans !!!
    Hi Everybody, Having decided to finally officially retire, I have been inundated with an assortment of wrecks, part builds, kits etc. As you can see from the attached photos I've divided them into 3 Groups, Military Leisure Craft and Sailing. The Military group consists of a 1:128 Scharnhorst, 2 x 1:24 E.Boats, an unidentified V & W Hull, 1:36 Perkasa, and a 1:144 wooden hull of HMS Victory. The Leisure Craft group consists 1:8 Fairey Huntsman, a 1:36 Billings Sampson II, 1:35 Billings Calypso, 1:24 Clyde Puffer / Tug, Narrow Boat. And the Sailing Boats Group consists of 2 x Unidentified R/C Yachts. Finally there is a concrete Narrow Boat Planter to paint...definitely will not float, it weighs 15kgs!!! So having been forced to give up gainful employmentπŸ˜‚ , (I was management so I could delegate), I now find myself back as general dogsbody, chief cook and bottle-washer. I'm setting up the Workshop, got a computer design area, a general workbench and a painting/ moulding table outside, the rest will be a 3D printer and scanner when funds permit and the wife wont miss a few bob from the holiday fund. So no quiet life for me!!! Can I go back to work please????? Steve
    Marian Belle' Empire Class Tug
    Finally completed on 5th April, I must be slowing down with age. Despite the weight of the installed steam plant, it requires more weight to sit more realistically on the water.
    Police Launch
    This has been a long-time work in progress.. it changed identity after a partial strip down and rebuild as a Police Launch. Powered by a MFA Torpedo 850, running off a 12v SLA Battery. Working radar and deck lighting.
    Built from a Model Boats plan with balsa and lite ply, running on a 540 brushed motor and 7.2v Ni-Cad.
    Model of torpedo fighter submarines from the 60s of German production. Equipped with 4 MIG 480 engines, servo, rc switch for position light, lights on model superstructure. The ship is made of ABS and laminate, the hull used from the original kit and adapted to the actual ship. 2 x Lipol battery 4000 mA
    No Name Yet
    Bought this in a second hand store in Tasmania Australia. It has prop shaft and rudder but nothing else.
    not built by myself, fitted radio gear had 1st test friday 22-3-19 works well steers great added quite a load of lead ballast to get her down to waterline. desperately needs a bow thruster fitting as cannot turn tight enough due to length
    Maxton modified wooden ornament
    A modified wooden ornament by Hannah. All superstructure stripped off and fitted with all electrics prop, rudder etc. Now a little river barge. Handles well light to carry and good in water.
    Krick Felix
    Hi y’all..this is my Krick Felix. I built her about 2 years ago. This was my first scale or scale-like boat build. She’s powered by a long can Speed 400 type motor, has a Hobbyking Quicrun 1060 for an ESC, Frysky rx and tx. Has RAM nav lights, those are switched on and off with an old Zagi esc. I usually run a 6 cell nimh pack, but the esc will handle both nimh and li-po, so I sometimes run her with a 3800 mah lipo, which gives impressive run time. I don’t take her out much as I would like to, but hopefully she’ll see more water this year.
    Aeronaut Kalle Harbour Tug.
    Acquired as a Freebe at the local model club monthly meeting last Monday, possibly a Tid Tug only the stern is not quit right. Will spend some time restoring it our the next few weeks.
    Occre Ulises
    this one nearly finished.
    Ollie "G"
    Based on the kit Ayton Cross by Mobile Marine and dedicated to my two grandsons. I have added a working winch for towing aft, two working radars off the mast , running/ navigation, towing , wheelhouse and deck lights. Raboesch 19x22 bow thruster and sound system from Component Shop representing twin deisels. The two main 15amp ESC's are Electronize (unfortunately out of business now). The hull is GRP with wooden superstructure.
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