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Task Force-50, Your, PA. USA FUN FLOAT - Posted: 2 years ago by Phrogphlyer
Our July, 2016 Fun Float was a great success! The weather was perfect and we had a great number of spectators, met a few new Captains who just came to sail with us and see what we are about! We had up to 6 scale sail boats on the water and several powered boats. We were also experimenting with "on board video" which we are setting to music and commentary. Even the wives enjoyed the day of great weather, a snack bar, walking trails and each others company. There was even talk about relocating our regatta to the "Muddy Run" location.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Invictus of Allington - Posted: 3 years ago by Jim
Hi,Just started building from a plan, only my second build.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by snowballshipyard on the 2nd Nov 2016
Looking good so far! Keep going!
HMAFV Stirling - Posted: 3 years ago by colindavies
Stirling was one of the last generation of Rescue & Target Towing Launches built for the RAF and were designated Mk 3 RTTL and were delivered in the mid 1970's. The model is 1/24 scale and is 39inches L.o.a completed November 2015 from donated hull, all else is scratch built. twin 555 motors running at 12v with 2 x 6v 4a sla batteries in parallel, gives a good scale speed, and has about 45min endurance..

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 5th Jun 2016
Oh, it looks great so far! can't wait to see close up shots and a video when its completed.
Response by colindavies on the 5th Jun 2016
I've added two new photos, one the real Stirling in Plymouth Sound, and the view from astern.
Response by figtree7nts on the 5th Jun 2016
Great job on the green deck it makes all the detail come alive!
Yolanda - Posted: 3 years ago by modbot
Nearly finished Tortola sloop. Bits of cloth to keep sides away as the paint may still be wet!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Tortola & Curlew - Posted: 3 years ago by modbot
Tortola at rear, Curlew in foreground.
Tortola plank (Balsa, tissued and dope) on frame, the keel and bulkheads from 10mm plywood. It has a small electric motor fitted but will have sails as well. Curlew from the Eezibuilt range. Material ply wood, Some of it from fruit crates.
The stand for Tortola made from 3 ply cardboard to my own design, stuck together with PVA glue.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Curlew - Posted: 3 years ago by modbot
Enlarged version of Curlew from Eezibilt model range. 150% larger than original. Powered with 380 and Mktronics Electronic speed controller.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by boaty on the 3rd Feb 2016
:HI modbot

I like it. Very creative enlarging it by 150%.

From my knowledge of the Keil Kraft range this should be somewhere around the size of the Mermaid or the Cresta etc.
I remember the Otter Tug and the Terrier M.T.B also from the Ezeibilt series as well as all the Marinecraft balsa models, eg the Police Launch, Tern, Cormorant, and Thornycraft M.T.B.

Last time I saw a Curlew on the water was in 1961 on Coronation Park Lake in Crosby when I was 8.

I had a Victory Industries Vosper Triple Screw Express Turbine Yacht at the time. It was an R.T.R plastic thing, 20 inches in length and powered by a Mighty Midget turning the three props via an elastic band and costing a kings ransom for the four U11 batteries which expired quickly.

Despite the triple screws and the immaculate plastic hull,
in terms of the performance the Curlew left it for dead especially when it came to speed and satisfaction.

The mind boggles when I think of all those balsa models of decades ago and what can be done using 21st century technology i.e motors batteries, ESCs and affordable r.c equipment.

Have loads of fun with your Curlew and I hope it inspires many others to follow and build similar models.

Regards Boaty:
Response by modbot on the 3rd Feb 2016
Thanks for your comments, I have built the Terrier, Mermaid and one other in addition to the Curlew, I didnt carry on with the other one whose name escapes me because I felt it was too narrow in the beam. Personally I think the Curlew and Mermaid are the best of the group.
I dont think Mermaid would take rough water even though I sailed it on Loch Ken when I was on holiday up in Scotland, using small motor, Mtronics speed controller od 10 amps it copes with the weight rather well. I did make an en;arged version but I wasnt too thrilled with how it looked when enlarged, so no further work was done on it. I've also made the tug boat Beaver and even enlarged that to 150 %...its enormous..:-) The original is a nice little thing...I've made use of a lot of cardboard and balsa skins on these models. Its my personal effort with re cycling of materials, as they say what is one mans scrap is another's raw material.
Curlew - Posted: 3 years ago by modbot

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by modbot on the 3rd Feb 2016
I'v made 4 versions of this boat Curlew, I did one at 75% of original, 125%, 150% and now I'm in the process of making one at 200%, plus the original size.
I've made quite a few of these models using cardboard as used by photographers, and then skinned in Balsa plus tissue and dope, so they are sealed from the effects of water. The twice normal size is being made from plywood and balsa wood, I'm also doing a Tortola sloop, I havent seen any drawings other than a line drawing which I got from the magazine and enlarged, so the model is roughly 27 inches in length and 8 inches beam. I've fitted a motor but it will have sails as per original. Not sure about the deck layout so I have employed modellers licence, not having a proper drawing. It has balsa planks on bulkheads which are plywood as is the keel. I'll post a photo of the two I am working on each one doing a bit at a time. One thing I found with the Eezibilt models was the keels always seemed not deep enough. So I used to add a little...
Bosphours Shipping Boat - Posted: 3 years ago by TürkiyeTR
Traditional Turkish Fisshing Boat. All things is wood and hunred percent handmade. Also it is RC boat.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 9th Jun 2016
Very nice, how about a video!
Reaper - Posted: 3 years ago by Sandy
August 2015,first scratch build from scale 1/25th plans.Was looking for something different and found it at the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther.The sole survivor of the Fyffie lug sail craft,with an interesting history, is still sailed up and down the East coast of Britain in summer,to various regatta's and festivals.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Stolen Krick Victoria - Posted: 3 years ago by ColinT
Stolen Boat. Please be on the lookout for this beautiful KRICK VICTORIA complete with a Chedder Puffin Steam Unit, This boat was stolen from a member of the Mutual Model Boat Society, Heywood, Manchester. when some scumbag broke into his workshop over the weekend of 5th 6th September 2015. as well as his pride and joy they also stole a Spektrum DX6I / 3 x 40Mg / 2x27 Mg Tx's, plus tools???.

Should you hear or be offered this boat please contact me. or the police
Colin Travis 07905028298

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 15th Sep 2015
Some of the radio bits will almost certainly appear in on-line adverts.

Lets hope the perpetrators can be found and the model restored to its rightful owner.

Response by petedavis123 on the 10th Jul 2016
I certainly hope so. Heartbreaking.

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