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Pleasure Crafts

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Lazy Dazs - Posted: 3 years ago by paulsmith
Made from card then put It all on ply wood then fiber glassed .

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Sea Queen - Posted: 3 years ago by Northumbrian
Sea Queen aka MALLARD
I built It from a kit a few years back sold It then bought It back to do a refit & new paint job
MFA 850 torpedo Motor 3 blade brass prop It runs on a 12v Battery It Is now with my nephews son In Northallerton

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Clare - Posted: 3 years ago by Lauriem
Built from a plan In 'Model Boats' In the 80's with a balsa hull and ply decking. Powered by a single cylinder 'Unit Steam Engine' from the same era, and a meths fired boiler. Only recently has radio control been added.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Lauriem on the 9th Jun 2016
Hi Roger,
I have put a couple of bits of flat lead sheet in it but not very much. With a flat bottom hull it really isn't very stable, with little of the hull in the water and no real 'self centering' influence. Having a high centre of gravity (almost all the weight is in a boiler full of water) doesn't help either. My boat does not like a windy day since the keel-less hull has no bite in the water and its easily blown windward. I have considered adding a lightly weighted keel like a yacht (removable?) which would solve all these problems but have as yet ignored it and gone on and built three other boats since that one.
Response by shavings on the 9th Jun 2016
Hi Laurie, since my last post I have filled a short length of 15mm copper pipe with lead and tied it under the keel. What a difference, now sits in water better and very stable Cant believe the difference moving the weight under the keel makes. Thonk I will bolt it through the keel so I can remove it for display, thanks for your help good sailing
Response by Lauriem on the 11th Jun 2016
HI Roger,
hadn't thought of a tube, and it's a lot simpler than my yacht keel idea!
Attic Treasure - Posted: 3 years ago by TonyL
I found the basic boat, a Keil Kraft Sea Rover, In an old second hand shop some years ago, and decided to put her back together. Couldn't resist adding some figures to the deck, even a pair of binoculars.
I added a RC motor and took her to a nearby boating lake. Used a couple of times before retiring to the loft for the last 10 years.
Recently took her out and after a bit of polish and oil for the pro shaft, she's running well.
My question Is, does anyone know what's she's worth?

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Veron Fairey Huntsman 28 - Posted: 3 years ago by sharpy1071
Finally got It on the water again. New coupling from HK. Way to powerful, goes uncontrollable at speed with just prop In water!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
KIKA & Water Skier - Posted: 4 years ago by chrislang
My sport boat Kika, see elsewhere on the site now has a friend! I've created a Skier (Chopped & Shaped Soldier figure ) put him on skis and got a passable attempt at model water ski-ing.
Doesn't much like going astern though!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Northumbrian on the 31st Mar 2015
what a great Idea looks really realistic 😎
Huntsman - Posted: 4 years ago by topperles
renovated from ebay . fair turn of power from a 12v wiper motor. easily up on the plane . just needs the seats sorting out

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Veron Fairey Huntsman 28 - Posted: 4 years ago by sharpy1071
First trip out 100Mtrs coupling broke, calmest day for weeks took an hour to get back!! Built from plans supplied by Colin Smith. 38/32 brushless motor, 125A ESC, 4 cell lipo. When It went It went! Motor, ESC and motor mount water cooled. I will get a new coupling and try to get a video of this hope we have some more calm days.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by TonyL on the 11th May 2015
Could be worse! Have you read my sailing RAC failure In the Naval section?
MFA Spearfish - Posted: 4 years ago by CraigRobotham
This was a very beat up and plain model when I bought It , but has cleaned up well . Original Power was from a Torpedo 850 and heavy 12v 7Ah lead acid battery giving run times of around 20 minutes of plod along performance . Now however Boat Is powered by Thumper motor and 4 cell Lipo's giving over an hour of entertainment . Cut's a fairly mean wake too . Needham lake In Suffolk Is It's home surf 👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by CraigRobotham on the 3rd Dec 2015
I know what ya mean Derek , I have two MFA Piranha's and an MFA Tracker as well as this Spearfish all great boats
Response by BOATSHED on the 11th Jan 2016
I'm lucky, I still have an MFA Piranha half finished, with a 540 motor in it.
Not quite finished. And an MFA Spearfish still untouched in the box.
I used to have a Spearfish with a Irvine 61 in and run great. Used it for many years on both Blackheath pond and Clapham Common long pond. Finally had to bin it 😭 after about 20 years due to quite a few run ins with the concrete pond sides 😯 . Still have the engine. But will hopefully put a brushless in the new one.
Response by Derek on the 17th Jan 2016
MFA Avenger / Spearfish. I'm running my Avenger on the Thumper type outrunner motor with a 45mm X prop (only because it was on from other motor useage). What's anyone else using on the thumper. Just put a 50X on, but the pond's frozen 😭 so haven't tested it. 😟
Thunder Tiger ATLANTIC - Posted: 4 years ago by thundertiger
HI heres my thunder tiger ATLANTIC POWER BOAT, with a water cooled brushless motor & ESC,dose 25 miles plus had It 12 months still flys named It annie after my wife, I all so have a saint tropez cruiser. 😀

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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