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    Problem with Skysport 4 transmitter TV4F
    Hi John, " Due to the fact that we don't charge these often, is this one of the reasons that the cells are prone to deteriorating?" Fraid so John ๐Ÿค” I'm sure we have all had this problem some time or other. Not sure what you mean by 'slow drain' but I'm assuming that your TX batteries are NiMh.
    NiMh batteries
    have an irritating habit of self discharging at a rate of about 1% of capacity per day. So if we ignore them for 3 months or so they will go flat or even into so called Deep Discharge with cell voltages of 1V or less. At this point chemical changes take place which are irreversible and create a higher resistance in the cell. The chemical change prevents it from taking charge properly and what it does take is quickly dissipated in the increased cell internal resistance when placed under load. So the cell voltage collapses โ˜น๏ธ NiMh cells should not be discharged below 1.1V. If they haven't been used for a while it is recommended to cycle them through 2 or 3 discharge-charge cycles to 'recondition' them. This helps to reduce the infamous Memory Effect as well. This procedure is also recommended to condition new batteries. Any half decent modern charger should include this cycling function. Glad to hear things seem to be working now ๐Ÿ‘ Look forward to the Sunday trials report. Cheers, Doug ๐Ÿ‘
    9 months ago by RNinMunich
    Battery backup
    Think they only go from 2.6/8 v/cell to 3.8v Doug. Have some which are for REC bat voltage warning but they are only for 4,8v/6v low amp. I plugged one into my TGY 6x TX (runs on 4.8/6v) which I am using
    NiMh batteries
    in,(for a boat TX) and it worked ok on that as a display There must be others for higher output somewhere, I'll have a search around. Evening all, (or morning here in my case) John B P.S we'll have to convert them to LiPos Doug!
    10 months ago by jbkiwi
    Charge multiple 7.2v
    NiMh batteries
    looking for the best way to charge multiple 7.2v
    NiMh batteries
    at one time without having to buy a chargers for each battery. (trickle charge). right now I have (6) 7.2v and (5) 8.4v (4) 6v batteries. to get charged after a days playing. - Venom brand, deens connectors - scale ships - AMYA sailboats
    10 months ago by tgilchristjr
    What batteries?
    Hello, my friend from a distance. Sufficient energy is needed to drive class 700 motors.
    NiMh batteries
    are by no means unable to stably release their current power and turn off the controllers. The LiPol battery is ideal, and in your case the 3S - 11.1 volts. Motors would work reliably with 2S LiPol cells, but I recommend a minimum capacity of 4200 mA if you want to drive at least 40 minutes in full power. 600 class engines would be good for you. I use LiPol 2S 4000 mA in all models. Two regulators per battery is not a problem with one connector you put into the receiver with the help of a red cable needle to ensure that the receiver is burned. If you have one battery, count on the fact that you will drive max 15 minutes at full power and end. In either case, you will need two 60A min. They have a very strong current draw and especially during start-up. If you want to make an investment in the future to buy AC controllers and AC motors, it's power elsewhere and very powerful shaft power. Then you will need a 400W motor and a 45A regulator. https://www.bighobby.cz/Bighobby-NANO-Tech-4200mAh-2S-25C-d1972.htm https://www.bighobby.cz/Sunrise-X80A-Car-sensored-stridavy-regulator-80A-d1010.htm# https://www.bighobby.cz/Motor-Turnigy-D35-36-1250kv-d609.htm Hi Zdenek
    11 months ago by Inkoust

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