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    HMS Victorious.
    HMS Victorious,circa 1941. Still very much in the early stages of construction. Most of the internal workings are in place ,but still a few ideas to work on. Thus far she has a working forward aircraft lift. A smoke generator (water not oil). All four rear guns rotate. A working
    bilge pump
    . Working next on how to activate the crane. All three engines are powered from a 6 volt battery. All other items mentioned above powered from another 6 volt battery,bot of which provide the main ballast. As I say still a long way to go yet as can be seen.Many of the fittings have to be more authentically painted.
    2 years ago by Scratchbuilder
    Emma C Berry Schooner Rig
    built this one a few years ago. she is fitted with an aux motor only used when we were becalmed.
    bilge pump
    auto ops a couple of times in really high wind and foolishly left the topsail up. drop bulb keel installed. flyin jib loosely tethered to jib boom. she is about 30ins and the schooner rig fits quite nicely into the back of my outlander without demasting. she is lovely to sail
    2 years ago by Grumpy1949
    BUILT 5 YEARS AGO WITH ALL MOVING CREW one with 3 850 motors & one runs on 2
    bilge pump
    S 1000 GPH EACH & side thrusters
    3 years ago by RETSUB12
    Mersey ferry Royal Daffodil (ex Overchurch)
    4 years ago by 4clubs
    Mersey Ferry RC workingModel
    Now Sold SOLD
    4 years ago by 4clubs
    San Pedro Push Boat
    Well I think I'm putting in a
    bilge pump
    , just in case one never knows!
    4 years ago by figtree7nts
    Sovereign of the Sea's.
    Scratch built 2016 no plans built from ships drawings and paintings.Twin props Maiden at Llandrindod Wells lake 20/8/2016.Ps nearly lost it
    bilge pump
    accidentally switched on drained battery thankfully got it back just. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
    4 years ago by prashley
    (Life Boat) R.N.L.B. Lady MacRobert
    Upgraded Aerokits Solent class lifeboat kit. 1/12 scale. The model has working lights, radar scanner, automatic
    bilge pump
    system and is fitted with sound. The model is also fitted with two receivers to get around a signal supply problem. (Motor: MFA Torpedo 800) (ESC: Tio Mtroniks) (6/10)
    4 years ago by Colin T
    Oliver W
    37" tug, near completion, Futaba radio, single screw, fire monitor,
    bilge pump
    , deisel sound, for nephew.
    5 years ago by Squirtgun
    R.N.L.B. Lady MacRobert (Montrose Lifeboat)
    This 1/12 scale model is based on the Aerokits Solent Class lifeboat. Over the past 5 months it has been under going a major refit. I originally built the boat about 35 years ago and got the "bug" again last September. I've done the best I can to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Its powered by two MFA Torpedo 800 electric motors. power comes from two lead acid batteries, each rated at 12v 7Ah. Control is provided by two Mtroniks Tio ESC. The twin spade rudders are linked to one servo. Each ESC has its own receiver. I found that one receiver, using a Y lead, could not continuesly keep the two ESC supplied with a signal and they kept going into Failsafe mode alternately. I got round it by binding two receivers to the one transmitter. Within the engine compartment is an automatic
    bilge pump
    . Two probes detect if/when the water level rises to a certain amount in the bilge and activates the pump. The model has working radar scanner , navigation lights, search light and blue flashing light. If you want to see the boat in action please go to my You Tube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/coljacktonvale
    5 years ago by Colin T
    Oliver W, 37'' tug boat
    I started this April of 2010, for my newly born nephew, yup, you guessed It he's five now, and his tug will be finished next weekend when they come for a visit! Scratch built, Ram sound unit,
    bilge pump
    , single 12V brushed motor, Dumas mechanical speed control, a single water monitor, operated via Futaba 4 channel. Internal arrangement of gear, not yet set, however In water testing, the boat Is very stable, will update when completed.
    5 years ago by Squirtgun
    1:72 USS Johnston DD-557 ART KIT
    Custom made rotating radar & gun director, flashing LED spot/signal lights, smoke system, RAM sound system "WHOOPER", RAM
    bilge pump
    . Two guns are set to follow the gun director.
    6 years ago by Global101
    dusseldorf fireboat
    built this one after the first one was stolen which has turned out for the better. Has working fire monitors,anchor,bow thruster,sounds,searchlight,lightsand a bloke on the back having a wee, which in turn acts as a
    bilge pump
    to tell me there is water in the boat
    6 years ago by tduggan
    Oliver S
    Hi! This is a scratch build from plans, of the "Angel's Gate II" , at the Los Angeles Maritime museum. This example has a
    bilge pump
    , diesel horn, and will be adding a fire monitor. My nephew is pretty excited about it, he is 4, and already has been practicing with the transmitter!
    7 years ago by Squirtgun
    Mersey Ferry Snowdrop (ex Woodchurch)
    Scratch built 1/48 scale Mersey ferry Snowdrop in current use on the Mersey (ex Woodchurch) Model interiors fitted out with tables chairs people etc and 72 leds light to Illuminate the interior saloons. Just completed and maiden voyage on Hoylake Lake on the Wirral. 2.4Ghz radio and a
    bilge pump
    just in case. Sails a treat with 100 passengers. Extensive use of plasticard on superstructure. Fibreglass hull from own mould. See sailing location at www.hoylakemodelboatclub.co.uk Our club can supply the hull if you want to have a go at building one.
    7 years ago by 4clubs
    (Tug Boat) Imara
    Model by Caldercraft (as most will know) modeler that built her, then found she was too heavy to handle. Approx 2 1/2 stones. Extremely good in choppy waters, though does take on water, so fitted a very realistic
    bilge pump
    . Full lighting for night time sailing, warm white led type now on the mast. Newly installed smoke generator, this UK made, consists of a tank, generator unit and small fan. (Motor: 12v large unknown) (ESC: Electonise ) (10/10)
    8 years ago by Derek
    Fireboats In service?
    HI David Lesro's e-bay listing of the kit gives the following info: "BRIEF HiSTORY OF FULL-SIZE CRAFT Only two Vosper 46 foot RAF Crash Tenders (or firefloat Mk. 2) of this type were produced by Vospers. Firefloat No. 93 was delivered to the RAF Marine Craft Section based at Calshot on Southampton Water in approximately March 1952, it appears to have spent most of its life in storage probably because the Sunderland Flying Boats were being withdrawn from service during this period and its role therefore became redundant. No. 93 was struck off charge in July 1958 and disposed of. No. 94 entered service in about 1952/1953 and was damaged and stored at number 238 Maintenance Unit until July 1958 when it too was struck off charge. it is not known what happened to the two craft after this date. The main power units for the craft were provided by two Meteorite 8-cylinder petrol marine engines of 375 bhp at 2400 rpm, this gave a top speed of 28.4 knots. Fuel consumption at top speed was nearly 48 gallons per hour. A separate smaller Ford V8 engine was used to operate the two foam/water monitors and a smaller JAP engine for the
    bilge pump
    s. A crew of five was intended in service, construction was wood, hard chine, plywood frames and double diagonal planking." I assume the crew would be RAF personnel suitable trained in search and rescue, and firefighting. The latter would probably have worn suitable protective clothing similar to their land based colleagues. Dave HI David I have just found a website called Air Sea Rescue and Marine at http://www.asrmcs-club.com/boatswebsite/ This may answer more of your questions. Plenty of good pics as well Dave
    9 years ago by Dave M
    HI Dave I intend to cover the outside in glass fibre tissue and resin ( actually I have done it, as I have said earlier, the blog is a bit behind actual events so details will follow later ) As I cannot get to the inside and the frames do not have any clearances from the hull skinning, I cannot slosh coat with a sealant, so hope that fibre glass and paint will seal adequately. If it leaks a bit, as the boat is only about three foot long I will be able to tip it upsde down to clear it. in your magnificent project it would not be easy to tip an eight foot long ship ( or 2 of them ) up side down or get it out of the water either. I expect that if you get leaks you will have to fit
    bilge pump
    s you will have plenty of space ! Kind regards nasraf
    9 years ago by nasraf
    rear deck
    Peter G has asked me how I did the rear deck of my 34รƒยขaโ€šAย fire boat , the first time I did It I used plasticard, this worked well but I thought was a bit thick where It folded over the combing .so I decided to use some K&S brass Instead and some brass shim . my boat Is a Kingston hull and so the rest Is scratch built, I have tried to use anything but wood on the outside so that Is why I decided to do the rear the way I did also the well deck Is a prime place to flood when reversing, so this acts like a tank to save the rear bilges flooding, I have thought of fitting a drain to a small pump I have. Anyway here are some pictures, of the two decks, there Is very little difference In weight between them. Also a picture of some of the fittings I have made for It. Peter
    10 years ago by Peter HS93
    rear deck
    Hello Peter, Many thanks for posting all that detail - an Impressive boat I must say. I too have edged the well deck sides with K&S Brass channel, it looks so good. is that a laminate type floor that you have fitted to this deck? I did wonder about fitting lockers/benches here too but I anticipated having trouble removing the deck to get to the rudder? Is that a home made brass transom/support fitted below the towing hook? Did you control the
    bilge pump
    from the RC? PeteG
    10 years ago by PeteG

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