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    Mtronics ESC's
    I have used these speed
    for many years and never had a problem. Just recently there seems to be a few now that have burnt out or have just gone pop. I am wondering if there has been a change in the manufacturing process. It could be a good question to ask them! Martin555.
    5 hours ago by Martin555
    Re: Futaba F14 Dual Thottle Installed!
    Hi Mouldbuilder, I like the Flysky
    ! I have the FS-T6. It's a nice little controller! Now your pick of the Frsky X9D Plus. Looks very good! But, I chose the Futaba F-14. Because I wanted to add the Dual Throttles! Have i mentioned the F-14 is a monster size controller! It's about a inch and a quarter bigger than a standard controller!
    18 hours ago by figtree7nts
    40'' Seaplane Tender, new build. Quest for the correct engine sound
    Found a sound by accident which sounds quite a bit like the sound of the GM Detroit 453 2 stroke diesels fitted to this boat (still has these today) Vid from cockpit is the sound I discovered while mucking around with some old electric motors, and my new voltage
    which just turned up. I'll add the link to the real engine for comparison (next post here). Sounds to be revving really high but being 2 stroke it's only doing around 2800 rpm! https://youtu.be/faNOYteDDoM JB
    14 days ago by jbkiwi
    Electronics 43x esc
    Hi. These speed
    are really excellent quality and can handle a high degree of voltage and amps. I use two in my vosper which each handle 24 volts. Be warned though you can seriously damage them if you reverse the polarity when connecting to the battery. There are two adjustments on them. I think one is sensitivity around the low speed response which improves greater low speed control. The other is speed range which gives you adjustment on the range of speed in relation to your radio stick throw. I have found these to be excellent high quality
    giving excellent service and performance. You can wire in an anti reverse polarity circuit using a diode which is described in the instructions. Regards Kevin
    3 months ago by kevinsharpe
    Fairmile c class maiden voyage
    hi there Chewi having read through your postings and watching your video - I am not sure if you have the ACTion P94 set up correctly. You should be able to spin that model round on the spot as the P94 contains a rudder motor mixer built into it. However, be warned, the P94 doesnt like certain 2.4 transmitter sets. Basically, you have to set your transmitter back to zero manufacture settings with no mixing at all on your transmitter to get it working - and - its all done in the ESC - I have built several triple screw vessels myself - the RAF63and the MTBs and basically what I used to do there is use the old Electronize speed
    from the 90s which dont have the pre-programmed chips in them so that I could switch the signal on and off to the speed controller, thus allowing me to control the centre prop by switching the signal off and on. So, when I wanted speed I ran on all 3 props but when I wanted to manouvre I switched the centre prop off and allowed the 2 outboard motors to spin the vessel with the rudders, using mixers. In this particular model - I would ditch the gelcel battery and go for a Ni-MH battery and the 9.6 volt 500 mAh - 3 of these batteries one for each motor should give you ample run time. John
    4 months ago by JOHN
    Sydney Star
    Kit by Graupner. The ship is fitted with the MIG 500 main motor, 2 transverse motors MIG 400, 3 turnigy 45A
    , 2 pcs of 5000 mA, 3 RC light switches. Illuminated corridors beneath containers, cabin, position lights with masts, horns (Motor: MIG 500 BOAT 12V) (ESC: Turnigy 45 A) (8/10)
    4 months ago by Inkoust
    What batteries?
    HI all, I am building a 1/24th Perkasa wooden kit. And I have no idea how to power it. I have bought two Graupner Speed 700BB turbos that run from 9.6v to 12v. I don't want to use a 12v gel battery as the boat will sail like a brick! I want to use two coupled 50 amp speed
    with Lipos, but I dont think I can use them with these
    as they are for brushed motors and have a bec 5v / 1amp which I think would destroy the Lipo. What size Nimh battery pack would you recommend, and would I need two packs or would one pack be enough. I have other boats that only have one motor and are smaller than this one so have not had this sort of conundrum! I am on a limited budget so cant afford to waste money on trial and error combinations. I would be very grateful for any suggestions.๐Ÿ˜ญ
    4 months ago by Daveyboy
    What batteries?
    Hello, my friend from a distance. Sufficient energy is needed to drive class 700 motors. NiMh batteries are by no means unable to stably release their current power and turn off the
    . The LiPol battery is ideal, and in your case the 3S - 11.1 volts. Motors would work reliably with 2S LiPol cells, but I recommend a minimum capacity of 4200 mA if you want to drive at least 40 minutes in full power. 600 class engines would be good for you. I use LiPol 2S 4000 mA in all models. Two regulators per battery is not a problem with one connector you put into the receiver with the help of a red cable needle to ensure that the receiver is burned. If you have one battery, count on the fact that you will drive max 15 minutes at full power and end. In either case, you will need two 60A min. They have a very strong current draw and especially during start-up. If you want to make an investment in the future to buy AC
    and AC motors, it's power elsewhere and very powerful shaft power. Then you will need a 400W motor and a 45A regulator. https://www.bighobby.cz/Bighobby-NANO-Tech-4200mAh-2S-25C-d1972.htm https://www.bighobby.cz/Sunrise-X80A-Car-sensored-stridavy-regulator-80A-d1010.htm# https://www.bighobby.cz/Motor-Turnigy-D35-36-1250kv-d609.htm Hi Zdenek
    4 months ago by Inkoust
    (Naval Ship) Fletcher
    Old Lindberg Plastic kit aprox scale 1:125 (5/10) 2018 refit, Brushed motor + gearbox removed, 2 Brushless motors + 2
    4 years ago by stevedownunder

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