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    Railing at the rails!!
    Hi all. Did a bit more the past few evenings, got most of the railing installed. I really think next time I build a boat with
    hand rails
    and the like I’ll build up the superstructure, locate and drill all the holes THEN paint the cabin and install the railings after. I think 20 percent of the time I have in this is correcting any scratches and errant glue dobs that seem to haunt my work. Anyhow, a couple more small details then it’s antennas and mast. Cash
    5 months ago by Cashrc
    HMS Cottesmore in 1/48 scale.
    Hi Guys, This section is on the funnel and intakes. Constructed from plastic card and a bit of electrical wire. There is not much I can say about the construction really. Made a basic frame then bent the plastic card around it to form the funnel then made the intake box section, attached it to the funnel. Cut out the vent areas, made vents glued them in. Made the
    hand rails
    and fitted in place. The lions were cutout from 0.5mm plastic card shaped and sanded,painted then glued in place. Fitted deck light LED's And that's about it. If you do have any questions about this log then please contact me and I will do my best to answer them. Martin.
    11 months ago by Martin555
    Hi Ken, I think I will be going with the dress making pins. I am not at the position to use them yet it was a bit of forward planning, although I did try some as an experiment and broke a pair of small cutters so ended up using pliers. They're tough little things to cut. I was thinking about riveting every panel but that could take me about twenty years! Now that I have retired and my model making budget is almost zero I have to work out how to make things from nothing and I must admit I am starting to get good at it. As you may of seen in my HMS Cottesmore log I use things like yogurt pots BBQ sticks and any thing that I can to achieve the end results. I also strip the insulation from wire and use the wire for
    hand rails
    and stanchions. It is surprising what you can make from all sorts of recycled stuff. Sorry I drifted away from your question, yes I will show you the results. Thank you for showing interest, I am really glad that I joined this site. I have now got fellow modellers to share and contact and that is what keeps me going with this hobby. Martin.
    11 months ago by Martin555

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