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    Older Billings Models
    @Richard7 ".... Your chat reminded me of my early school days (late 50’s) when l used to spend my paper round money of the β€œ
    boat kits” (May have got the kit name wrong), the boat l recall was called the Mermaid, does anyone out there remember these early kits?..." At least one person does. http://eezebilt.tk/index.html Look for http://eezebilt.tk/Mermaid.html Or http://eezebilt.tk/Range.html Or http://eezebilt.tk/mermaidpics.html They are actually going from strength to strength, with 10 new EeZeBilt plans issued over the last several years as a fan homage to the original 7....
    2 years ago by DodgyGeezer
    Older Billings Models
    Hi Garth & Brianaro, l too have been building Billings kits, although l do find some of there instructions a bit hit and miss, but l think any kit has its challenge. My first Billing kit was the Norden fishing boat, my second kit was the Boulogne-Etaples, now l am currently building the St Canute tug, but l took a rest during the run up and over Xmas, to be honest l am struggling with the hull planking, so l will knuckle down very soon. I have also built the Aero-naut Diva which was a fine kit to make. Your chat reminded me of my early school days (late 50’s) when l used to spend my paper round money of the β€œ
    boat kits” (May have got the kit name wrong), the boat l recall was called the Mermaid, does anyone out there remember these early kits? Anyway chaps l’ve attached photos of my current finished kits, l always like to see other completed kits! Happy new year and good modelling for 2019 Richard
    2 years ago by Richard7
    I have purchased a ROBBE 1:25 Working Fire Monitor to fit on my rebuild of a
    RAF Vosper Crash Tender. The plans for the boat state 3/4 to 1inch (1:16 scale). The ROBBE Fire Monitor was the closest size I could find, but when it arrived it appears to be grossly out of scale and looks far to big and out proportion to fit on my boat. Is it me or have ROBBE got the scale wrong. As an aside I am very disappointed with the poor quality of the monitor which does not match its Β£25 cost.
    2 years ago by RobbieMcKennan
    St Canute Planking Help?
    Aha, the old 6d and 1/- shilling takes me back to my first model making days with
    balsa kits such as the Mermaid, in those days l could buy a kit with two weeks paperboy wages! Thanks for the memory and about the packs of Balsa.... Richard
    2 years ago by Richard7
    I suggest you go to one of my old reports on my 48 inch Crash boat by Lyle G. The issue is most likely t5hat asn it is a MODEL it needs some extra support in full size water . A model thus NEEDS the advantage of planing strakes at the vertical hull and lower hull joint as it is a "Hard Chine design " and you may need to widen with an extra strake WIDTH though it can be thinned in its vertical configuration as it is blend into the forward hull skin. The wider chine is the secret of the MGB's Torpedo Boats the Elco's and the Higgins and the BPBoat design . Though I live in the colony of Oz I have the British Power boat 41 foot 6 inch model at 48 inches , the Vosper Fast patrol boat , the Range Safety Launch , The BPB co Whaleback at 36 inches and the Black Maurader and even the Sea Queen and ALL I/Combustion powered and all over 15 to 20 years young and ALL as well as the
    48 inch Cras Boat all all all have this trick and all get up on the plane as the "Brave class" with its Proteus engineer was still a planing Hard Chine hull and as such it is the hull chine strakes that are so essential to the design originated by was it Georga Selman ? and Hubert Scott Payne ?. Oldies are goodies and the masters of old need to be never forgotten for their skills. Regards Lyle and best construction wishes for modifications.
    2 years ago by Lyle
    What Im Left With
    I don't know of a
    crash tender, the most popular production was the 34" version by Aerokits, long since departed. The model is well suited to modern electric propulsion because of great improvements in batteries and motors. The number surviving show the popularity of the craft which was made for the emerging market of small Diesel engines in the early 1960's. Jim
    5 years ago by Aeronut1
    What Im Left With
    After the other weekends work stripping back the deck and superstructure this is what I'm left with. I think the glue removal is the next task and a check of the hull alignment. I'm not 100% sure whether simply scrapping off the glue will be enough to provide a suitable key when replacing the deck or whether I need to sand down as well? I purchased the plans from the guy on eBAy for 15 pound and to be honest they're not that bad but I'm using the original superstructure as the template simply done the fact it was easier than cutting the paper ones. Although the overall plan and original instructions are of good quality, I have found the templates not to be that great and have found myself redoing the wheelhouse front deck area twice now as they are not suited in either size or shape to my models super structure - not sure why though as would have expected all
    models to be produced the same.
    6 years ago by neilmc
    Walton Thames ASRL
    Hi" to all model boat builders. I thought I would add my new project to this fireboat website for all to see ! I bought this from fleabay as a total wreck. She is a rare Scratch built from a plan of a Walton Thames RAF ASRL launch at 36 inch long & 8 inch wide.took me approx 6 months to do the rebuild. Brush painted with 5 assorted colours with decals working lights ect. Walton Thames is now running on a new Johnston speed 600 electric motor. 50 amp speed controller 45mm pitched propeller.A 6 volt at4.ah which gives good running time & good scale speed. Photos are taken at Eaton park Norwich England. Enjoy. 😊 My next project will be a 1950s Aerokits/
    Sea hornet. " So watch this space "
    9 years ago by aprestney

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