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    Construction of a smoker
    That's something we alchemists have been trying to do for years Steve ๐Ÿค” (I'm going back to trying to turn lead into gold!) After seeing the effects of a nutter setting fire to some car tyres in our underground garage โ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ˜  I thought I might try burning
    model car
    tyres! If you do stumble on the secret Steve DO please let us know๐Ÿ‘ Cheers, Doug ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    8 months ago by RNinMunich
    Aerokits Plans
    ".... I think this might be one for our 'Dodgygeezer'!? He runs a site with some vintage plans..........Just tried 'em and they don't work.๐Ÿค” At best they'll redirect Dodgy's site needs updating!....." Yes, indeed. My sites (unusually for me!) try to comply with current legislation. Very simply, this means that I need to get permission from the rights holder, or declare the item to be an 'orphan'. If you want a discussion of my interpretation of the current copyright legislation, ask for it in a separate thread! In general, where vintage model kits are still being sold, I do not publish plans, since these can be obtained commercially. All the plans which are available for free from my sites either come with explicit written permission from the rights holder, or documented evidence that I have researched the history and found any rights holder to be unavailable. That is the case, for example, for all 'Marinecraft' models, which were created by Model Aerodrome Ltd, merged with Model Aircraft (Bournemouth) Ltd, became Model Aircraft Stores, and then reverted to Model Aerodrome. At some point in the 1970/80s the kits were discontinued, and Model Aerodrome was sold to an entrepreneur in 1987 who resurrected the business under the name 'ModelZone'. This went bust in 2013, and W.H.Smith bought the name to sell imported
    model car
    s under. Their legal department do not seem to know whether with that they also obtained the rights to some model boat plans designed in the 1950s by a company started in the 1930s. Nor do they seem to care. They have, of course, no existing plan data, so as usual I have to reverse engineer from surviving examples.. Tracking this kind of thing is complex, and the Aerokits models have been through a bewildering series of ownership (and claimed ownership). Often this seems to be the same people trading under different names. At the moment SLEC seem to be making (and selling) the kits, while Cornwall Model Boats, Jotika, Lesro and Vintage Model Works and a good few others all distribute them. Of particular interest is Belair, who have an agreement with Colin Smith to produce the old Phil Smith range of kits. But while all these are being commercially provided I will refer plan requests to the rights holders. Tracking all this it time-consuming, but it looks as if I should do a bit of link updating at some point...
    12 months ago by DodgyGeezer
    Static Model Boat Building Club
    I remember building my first
    model car
    . that was some 50 yrs ago! It was a christmas gift! I think I'll look into making a model boat club. If I find out anything. I'll let you know!
    1 year ago by figtree7nts
    Static Model Boat Building Club
    No I haven't done any kit builds. As a kid I built
    model car
    s from kits.
    1 year ago by retirement-hobby
    Static Model Boat Club
    I did
    model car
    s in my youth.
    1 year ago by retirement-hobby

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