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    Help me please
    I have an old 35mhz but if I need new will get motor is the one that comes with it which is a brushed motor going through a
    pulley system
    and the prop was one that came with its well
    1 year ago by m02is500
    Re: Z-39 German WW2 Destroyer
    Well I'm damned! That's exactly how my HMS Hotspur started out when I was 15! 52 years ago, Tempus Fugit ๐Ÿค” Based on the old 1/600 Airfix kit! Back then no digital micros, PCs, Internet or 3D techโ˜น๏ธ I used calipers, a crude plastic micrometer, Dad's steel rule (half mm and 1/64th scales) and a slide rule. Drew the plans at 1/72 on an 'endless' printer roll Dad brought from the RAF Cosford Tech Training School, where he was chief syllabus writer for the Radar Tech courses. Much much later (32 years ago) I made my own decoder board with relays to switch the lighting, smoke and horn circuits. All operated from one channel at the TX. Servo mounted micro switches provide for two further functions. Looking forward to your sketches / photos very much๐Ÿ‘ For my turrets I used one servo reduction gear and a
    pulley system
    to increase the 'firing arc' to ~270ยฐ. The whole shebang is mounted underneath the aft deck section so all comes out together for servicing. Think I'd better continue this in 'Retro Build Blog'!๐Ÿ˜ฎ Cheers, Doug ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    1 year ago by RNinMunich
    Forward mast and associated fittings
    The mast is used for raising the ship signal lighting. These lantern were oil lamps and could be raised and lowered using a
    pulley system
    and two guide ropes. I have used two guide ropes using brass wire. these are insulated from each other. Using wheat grain lamps fitted in brass lanterns soft soldered to the two guide rope allows them to be lit using 12volts from the battery. The mast footing is made from plasticard and fitted with belaying pins. The mast from a tapered wood dowel. The masthead brackets from brass sheet and ring pins. The rigging turn buckles from soft soldered brass tube and ring pins. Small pulley blocks from spares box. Rigging cord used to secure the mast to the hull and to the bowsprit. The flag was added as an afterthought. I could have used LEDs but there is always the problem of dropping resistors and where to put them. The bulbs leads also could be hidden quite easily. Mast head lanterns purchased from Croppers Models
    1 year ago by Hillro

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