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ballast tank
EarlyVosper M.T.B by Simplas by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 hours ago
"Maybe but ballast ,is ballast,is ballast. However it's achieved." Sure John, but at least a heavy battery is useful load and not 'just' ballast.😉 Have no idea what shaft power the Fuji produces (only know their excellent 35mm film😉) but the Taycol Supermarine is rated at 22.5mHP (22.5/1000HP) at 3.5A, 4000rpm. Efficiency 52% 🤔 so you have to stick twice as much electrical power in to achieve that! Sooo, given that 1HP = 745.7 Watts - And electrically P=IxV (Current x Volts) 22.5/1000HP = (745.7*22.5)/1000 = 16.778W so ~33.55W in. Thus if I = 3.5A they must have done that test / measurement at about 9.6V. The Supermarine also runs great at 12V but maybe not with max efficiency!? With a spec weight of 2&1/2 lb i don't even want to get into Power to Weight Ratio, although I measured Colin's motor at 947gm = 2.0877776229lb 😉 But then, some of the motor had corroded away As I'm currently renovating a Supermarine for Colin H. This makes me start thinking about rigging up a test jig so I can see what it actually produces!!! Always up for a challenge 😁 Got nowt else to do 😁😁 Would be useful for other motors as well if I can get it figured out😉 Happy fiddlin' folks, cheers, Doug 😎

EarlyVosper M.T.B by Simplas by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 hours ago
Maybe but ballast ,is ballast,is ballast. However it's achieved. The overall effect is the same. Would the Taycol Supermarine have had more power than the Fuji? Or at least the equivalent.?👍

EarlyVosper M.T.B by Simplas by boaty Captain   Posted: 1 day ago
Found on E Bay but sold in June of this year, a 42 inch kit of a Simplas Marine Construction Vosper M.T.B. It would appear that there are not many about now. I built one in 1972 and the kit contained a fibreglass hull with all fittings including the guns being in cast metal. Deck and superstructure were plywood and the boat was a model of an early Vosper as it had a very narrow beam and torpedo tubes were towards the stern. I fitted a DC Sabre 1.5cc diesel but had to add a lot of ballast which resulted in a sharp drop in performance. This was solved by replacing the Sabre with a Fuji 15 marine version glowplug engine . The boat was free running and as I was on an apprentice engineers pay and could not afford I was having to support an ageing Mini. This was my transport from Ellesmere Port to the boating lake in New Brighton. If I had bought a Taycol Supermarine motor it would have solved all my problems as the battery would have been the ballast. Boaty 😁

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by boaty Captain   Posted: 3 days ago
Interesting restoration project . Great fan of Taycols myself though its some 24 years since I had one. The motors themselves are bristling with character as you can see the armature rotating and you do get the smell of something electrical along with it. Taycols go further than being just power units as they are good ballast due to their weight. Unfortunately through progress they have been replaced by little tin cans and brushless devices. Hopefully someday a person or a company will put them back in production due to the number of retro boat kits now being sold. Boaty

Boat lifting eyes by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
What size Thorney crofts to pull all that brass, she's not gonna need much ballast, Joking aside it's a great build, as a retired engineer I have a a great admiration for your work, keep it up matey. Cheers Colin.

Plimsoll Line by gerritv Seaman   Posted: 9 days ago
If you have access to the drawings, then measure in several places, level on the bench according to your marks and then run a pencil mark around the hull. Then you have a continuous line to align the tape with. Depending on the hull build, you might have to measure down from the deck (My dad added .75" to the depth of hull to gain displacement for batteries etc.) This led me to measure from the deck line. Once model is in the water, shift ballast around until it is level with the line.

Restore An American Nirvana Yacht by CB90 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
I have by luck, not judgement acquired a second hand 'Nirvana' Yacht, it is a sloop rigged craft that was only sold in America and retailed between $250 and $350 according to the revision version and the year brought. This was a bit of a surprise to me as I only paid £10 for it. The Nirvana RC Sailboat was first produced by Megatech in 2002. and is 32in long and the hull& deck are ABS plastic. The quality of the boat is unmatched in the price range, with such features as a lead keel ballast, superior polyester sails that won't mildew, stretch or tear, and fittings that make the boat a dream to sail. The mast and booms are made of carbon reinforced composite that is light and very strong. The Boat hull is in sound condition just a few scratches, there is a hairline crack in the mast area, no radio gear at all. and sails are usable but really need replacing.

Elizabeth Park! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Thinks! I have a spare corset (!) with a steel bracing plate left over from an old severe back injury if you need one! You could even use the plate as ballast 😁😁

54" long Cervia tug. by tysonyoung Petty Officer   Posted: 13 days ago
My Cervia was ready built. I have replaced the Electric motor with a large servo motor (Brushed) .Direct drive and being heavy helps with ballasting. lead acid gel cells are power source. Motor rated voltage24 v but run it on 12v . low rev high torque no load current 1 amp. Shaft diameter 0.5 in. Gives some idea of power out. Being servo motor (ex computer drive 30 years old) well balanced no vibration. Photo near shore shows power of motor.

54" long Cervia tug. by scout13 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 14 days ago
I have the same hull I made it as Ten Cents the cartoon character from the children's programme Tugs a friend gave me a hand to make the prop on his lathe was going to power it with a car radiator motor but lent it to a friend to try in his boat and never saw it again and use a car battery for power as well as ballast I now have spine problems so can't see it getting on the water any time soon

"IMARA" by Novagsi0 Admiral   Posted: 17 days ago
Only 2nd run of "IMARA Tug", my lad did the shaky video. (O well) Nice model lots of ballast, batteries, MARX Hectoperm motor for huge power reserve. Running on electric but Cheddar Proteus steam plant also fits in instead with ABC boiler control. plan for the future to try this never run not even on air yet!

Schnnelleboot Battery by Kipper Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 18 days ago
Not necessarily, it would depend on the amount of current your 3 motors would draw & the voltage + ah rating of the battery. For instance, my tug has 2 motors - 2 esc - 2 sla batteries, they make 2 separate systems, port & stb, so if I lose one side, I can still tug with the other. They would both run just on 1 battery if that's all I put in the boat, but using 2 batteries saves me having to use a lot of lead for ballast.

she sails! by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
I was hoping to get the Wavney on the water yesterday, but the weather gods put paid to that! Anyway, today was the day, so after adding almost 2kg of lead ballast fore and aft to get her on the waterline, it was off to Needham Lakes near Stowmarket, Suffolk. The initial sailing report is that she looks fantastic on the water despite it being a little choppy in the wind. The motors, ESC's performed perfectly, steering needs no adjusting and and at full tilt looked scale with a really nice bow wave. After 20 minutes of sailing which only dropped the 3S lipo down my 30%, all was well apart from a tiny little bit of water ingress at the back near the rudders. I can only put this down to water ingress from high speed passes as the bow wave created a little puddle of water on the rear deck. I know the hull is watertight as she was sat in the hot tub for an hour this morning and was as dry as bone following that. Will have to look at sealing the removable rear cabin as I think thats where the water got in?

Tug Brooklyn Tub Test! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 26 days ago
Just a 2 minute tub test. While adding her ballast! She's a beast! She must weigh in at 9 or 10 pounds!😲

Complete! by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
So, having had a few days off during the week when "The Boss" has been at work has given me enough hours to finish The Waveney off! Its been a hard week of making the small bits n bobs from scratch using a combination of balsa, carbon rod, brass rod, plastic tube, plastic sheet etc to make the radar array, antenna mast, extra cockpit details ect. The deck winch was made from large Servo output discs! The RNLI flag printed off Google! This has been followed by alot of detail painting and laquering. Anyway, I think I have just about exhausted as much detail as can be had at this scale and and happy to call completion! Only job to do now is get it in the Hot Tub and add the 2 Kg of ballast to get her on the waterline. On water photos and video to follow in the last update on this thread! as for next projects? I have the Aeronaut Pilot boat sat in the pile and the Fairy huntress 23 plan and wood pack on route from Sarik Hobbies!