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ballast tank
Clyde Puffer by Ballast Captain   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Hugh. Thanks for you input. I find other peoples ideas and methods very helpful as a bit of a rookie !!! You're a brave man working from scratch, I haven't attempted building a hull yet but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hope the weather in OZ is kinder to you than what is happening here in Blighty. Good luck with the build buddy, I'll keep you updated ! Alan

Clyde Puffer by Ballast Captain   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Everyone. My next build is a Clyde Puffer in the guise of Auld Reekie/Vital Spark ! I am starting with a 1/24 Scale GRP Hull from Orion Mouldings. I am in need of a bit of forward planning assistance so if anyone has built from the same hull or very similar I would be grateful for some input as regards size of electric motor length of shaft and prop size and anything else that could be of help to me. This is only my second build so I am still, very much a rookie !!! Alan.

Imara by Banchang-modeller Seaman   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi there, a good looking boat, well done. I also have an Imara which I am currently outfitting the motors (Caldercraft CEM 900T) and electrics, but need advice on the amount of ballast required to get it the correct waterline What was the total weight of the ballast you used? Many Thanks..........Richard

Motor problem by RichardSReade Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
Well today was the first chance I had to take the boat to Coate Water in Swindon to use their small boating area, which is weed free and only about 3ft deep, Video 1 shows the boat with two 7.2 volt batteries at the rear of the boat, video 2 shows the boat with the two 7.2volt batteries mid section just behind the motor, video 3 shows the baot with the 12volt L/Acid battery with the two 7.2 volt batteries in the section in front of the motor as ballast, vidio 4 shows the bat with one 7.2 volt battery mid section with one 7.2 volt battery front section as ballast. Sorry about the quality of the video's but I was on my own so had my phone on a small tripod. The motor got quite hot, so maybe the 56 mm three bladed prop is too much still and I suspect the angle of the prop maybe too great, although with the present prop I would not be able to move it much as there is only about 5 mm between it and the hull. I seem to have trouble with downloading the video's it keeps coming up with a message saying download failed, I have tried downloading just one, that fails as well, any idea's?

happy hunter by spitfiresooty Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 9 days ago
thanks everybody for the info .I will get 2 -6 volt batteries and fit them in the hull so that Ican work out the necessary extra ballast. I never thought of using a mixerbut will probably do this as well but nearer to when the build is complete .I am on with the drawings now scaling them from pictures /photos on the internet. I will then produce the templates -make the bits in cardboard then when they look ok finally out of plastic sheet .I have had one or two comments doubting my ability but as the bionic man said 'we have the technology we will rebuild it'

Footy by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Well the measurements are close to the Siren, which is a USA design. Weight should be about 480 grams of which 200 grams are ballast. I use domestic scales but the kitchen may have a suitable type provided permission can be obtained. You could just rest the keel on the scales with the boat on its side to get an indication. The rudder is clearly a mod and may not be in the original designed position. On such a short length boat this may be relatively critical. Can you see if there are any marks on the hull suggesting a previous fitting? Are the sails the original that came with the model?

happy Hunter by spitfiresooty Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 17 days ago
work on renovating my Happy hunter is progressing but I need to decide on the battery and make location for it in the hull so that I can get the right amount of ballast in before proceeding any further .The question is what battery to use .The Hull has 2 motors fitted with gearboxes ,I think the motors are 540,s but there are no markings on them.I am thinking a 12volt SLA battery but would welcome some advice

Fish boxes by Ballast Captain   Posted: 19 days ago
Glad you got sorted !

Fish boxes by Ballast Captain   Posted: 20 days ago
The little baskets came from the aquarium section of Wyevale Garden Centre! They are aquarium plant pots !!! The could easily be undercoated and painted !😊

Seabreacher by Captain-Steve Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 23 days ago
Tried seabreacher out with new ballast and brushless setup.....Had a nice long walk through the woods to retrieve the model after it beached itself on the other side of the waterway...😱😱😱

Fish boxes by Ballast Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
😉Thanks for that. I have been looking for some suitable little boxes that would suit but no joy so I'll give this method a whirl, I only need a few for bait, the crabs are in much bigger containers and computer ink cartridge boxes suit, like the one in photo !!!

Fish boxes by Ballast Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
What I'd like to know Graham is the method of making them!😉

Fish boxes by Ballast Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
Your thoughts are much appreciated mate. Although it was 34 years ago it still hurts and you have helped keep the boat and the Skippers memory alive. Thanks mate.😉

Fish boxes by Ballast Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
Thanks so much Graham. I am really touched by that and I know if he was alive so would "Skipper" Paul. Absolutely brilliant. Cheers mate. Actually, apart from a few pot buoy's, that's about all that was found of the boat ! Uncanny!!!

Fish boxes by GrahamP74 Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
Made a stack of boxes and some that I will add some fish too also! Julie Jean is a trawler that my Dad fitted out and put the engines in and fellow modelmaker Ballast will note the nod given to his own model of DH142.