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christmas wishes
chris craft
Light up the night by Trillium Commander   Posted: 16 days ago
Our club's 2nd annual "Light up the night" evening sail with lights on. The weather co-operated so it was dry and balmy after the sun went down. Lots of spectators on hand to enjoy the spectacle. Some boats were lit up like Christmas trees but others had the bare minimum navigation lights; at times navigating was a challenge.

Unbekannte Flitze. A very flighty girl by marky Admiral   Posted: 29 days ago
Doug if your a good boy santa may bring you one of these boat stands for christmas.cheers Marky

KeilKraft 1974 by AllenA Admiral   Posted: 2 months ago
Lovely ad here from the Model Engineer Christmas Extra December 1974. You have to love the prices.

Help wanted by AllenA Admiral   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Colin, This is what you might call a delayed response.....I always have been a little slow. About 3 years ago you posted your latest project which was to be something like the Great Eastern. While flipping through the Model Engineer Christmas Edition December 1958 I found this article. Probably too late but I thought you might like to see it. Did you ever finish the restoration?

Tank Steering by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Doug Though it might be the TGY-i6 but you were suggesting the Turnigy HT6. Looks like a good set. I will have access to one later this year as the Club is buying one for the main prizes in the Christmas Raffle! I do believe most modern servos work with all kit with perhaps a few exceptions, not like the early days when different pulse centres were quite common, not to mention the reversal of the Positive and negative leads. Then again the plugs were often type specific, not like todays standard types! Cheers Dave

3d printing by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hm, LCM3 50 ft? ~95cm at 1/16, so I suppose you have to do the hull in 4 chunks! Finished for Christmas ?😉 Here some inspiration for the deco - and here a real one - Cheers Doug 😎 PS where's Donald???

Kristoria by ChrisPSR Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 months ago
[Score: 8/10] 36"/3200g Kristoria Capable of 1mph Powered by NiCad (4.8v) 2Amp/h Batteries - Comments: KIt bought by my son for Christmas 2005, finished 2017. Sail only - no motor.

How do I resolve my varnish problem? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 months ago
Yep. see your problem. You don't want to sand it through 😡 With paint strippers, and I've used some pretty aggressive ones - like when I stripped about 20 coats of ancient oil paints off the beautiful pine doors in my old cottage in Sandhurst many moons ago, I'm always a bit concerned with what remains in the wood. Therefore I would favour careful sanding with as fine a grit that will do the job before Christmas! Then apply a quality wood sealer, Ronseal was good in those days! Damp the wood to bring up fibres and hand sand 'em flat with 'flour paper', if that is still known!? It's so fine your fingers barely notice it, but the fibres do 👍 NOT Wet&Dry, it will discolour the wood. After that apply a UV resistant yacht grade varnish of your choice. I'm sure Martin can recommend something and correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I learned from my Granddad, who was a master carpenter. Amongst many other wonderful things he made church furniture. Wow! now Queen on the radio - 'The Show Must Go On'. 😊

Miss Geico 29" by BOATSHED Commander   Posted: 5 months ago
Hi Martin (Westquay),I have seen the yacht's on Clapham Common Long Pond But sadly I don't seem to find them at all interesting. The same with thing's like Tugs and barges. I started when my dad and mum bought me an Areokits RAF Crash Tender for my ninth birthday. Rather than ruin the kit, my dad got me to draw round all the parts on old tea chests that he had got hold of and broke up. In all we built seven of them. For my Christmas present that year they got me a ED Hunter 3.46 cc diesel engine. They couldn't afford r/c so when my real one was finished it was fun as a kid to watch it go round and round until it arrived on the other side of Blackheath Pond. Or send it in a straight line and catch it on the other side. I have just seemed to progress from there and it just seem's to be addictive to try to get more speed. I do have some that are not as fast but still quite quick. I don't go for scale speed just speed. I have put 10cc engines in things that were meant for 7.5cc. With great success. The way I look at things is if we were all to think the same it would be a boring old world. I'm not into sports other than fishing and shooting,where as I have one 43 year old son that is football mad, and one 45 year old son that is into fishing and R/C quadcopters. I don't knock anyone's likes and dislikes as that's the way of he world. I know you are NOT putting my boat down, you probably don't see power boats in the same way. I have tried to get more speed from a brand new Webra 61 by adding too much extra nitro into the fuel and bending the conrod and having it break into pieces. Stupid I suppose but that's just me. I now love these brushless motors as they are so fast. I am just a speed junkie. Who know's when I get a bit older I might just try out a yacht, but I'm only 66 and still wan't more speed. I have Just got myself a Graupner Rhode Island F1 tunnel hull with a brushless outboard and I'm hoping it goes even faster than this Miss Geico. that's just me for you. To each his own. Sorry to have gone on too long. any way have you posted any video of your yachts on here.

Working out scale by Westquay Captain   Posted: 6 months ago
For me, sherry has to be Walnut Brown ever since I discovered a bottle in the duty free on Guernsey. I had flown at zero feet on an Islander from Jersey and had time to kill on Guernsey. Willians and Humbert. A superb name that instills great confidence in the contents. As to a malt, I agree with your area choice. I have a bottle of The Talisker, bought for me by a grateful customer who travels a lot. I haven't had customers for a couple of years, so you can see how much of it I drink! For a simple tipple, I prefer a Navy rum, like Pussers or Woods and to make the Woods last longer, but not noticeably change it's flavour a drop of peppermint cordial with it. An old Fenny put me on to that trick. But a smal heart attack at Christmas 2016 has made it necessary to be a bit careful with the imbibings and it goes in small measure in a coffee these days. Cheers, Martin

And now it is ESC time by Westquay Captain   Posted: 6 months ago
Ooh, a Taycol without bearings, Hmm. They only had Paxolin bearings amazingly. My Supermarine Special is still fine and it's 54 years old this Christmas! I would probably suggest srewing a new plate of Paxolin over the old bearing. A very Taycol thing to do. Martin

What size planking for crash tender decks? by Westquay Captain   Posted: 6 months ago
Very nice! For a first attempt particularly so. I have a 53 year old Crash Tender which was part of a huge Christmas haul when I was 11, by way of counteracting the sudden appearance of a baby brother! I am about to finish it once and for all, but want to do it as it originally would have been. BUT...I also want another to be finished with all the detail, now we have references to the details. Sod's Law says there's nothing cheap on ebay that I can repair/finish. I certainly can't justify the cost of a new kit, so I must keep searching and anyway, I like to bring back old wrecks! Bit like me really! Cheers, Martin

Her Majesty's Savior by RedRider Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
This is a Dumas Coast Guard Life boat lit given to me from my now wife for Christmas 2014. I've scratch built model planes (50 years ago) but never a boat. So, I'm learning on the job, as they say. Just started on the power train this past week before I do any top deck work.

Web Site Funding by allenrod Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
All's quiet on the donation front today, we must be in the doldrums come on lets have another sudden storm and liven things up a bit, all hands on deck sorry I mean in pockets. I know times are hard after Christmas but if anyone think things are so bad do let me know, I do have a few lengths of rope with nooses already tied, name and address and I will send you one complete with instructions but always remember things are never as bad as they seem every cloud has a silver lining, please, please donate. Thanks to all who are already on board....

raf crash tender by georgeo5664 Lieutenant   Posted: 10 months ago
I have been brought a 46" raf crash tender for Christmas but it has no motor i was hoping a mfa 850 torpedo would be bigger enough to get this boat on the plane any help would be more than appreciated thank you George