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christmas wishes
chris craft
A Tragic Tale Unfolds by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hello Martin, Yes my wife thought the same about the hair styles.............. Probably images chosen from photographs when they were younger and looking their best. The boat was only only four years old when it went down in a North Westerly gale on 23rd February. Urk only had some 6000 inhabitants then and such a loss of local men must have been a very emotional time. When my current project is finished, say after Christmas, I hope to bring the model back to nearer the original full size appearance and put all the pictures and history with it at some of the local 'Boat Days' next year. All the best. Neville.

Got the bits, now what?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
I do have an inrunner, Doug, for my CNC outboard, but the one we're talking about here is an outrunner as it's the outside that spins and the innards which are bolted to a thick bit of aluminium. You can get the idea from the picture. My dear bride has just bought me an early Christmas present of a new camera which, I hope will take pictures clearly when the sun isn't shining. So my pics should improve soon. Martin

Elke HF 408 by Neil-S Seaman   Posted: 26 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 20"/600g Elke HF 408 Capable of 2mph Single Propellor (3 Blade) Direct Drive to a 6v (3 Blade) Powered by NiMH (7.2v) Batteries - Comments: This is a restoration project - my first radio control boat 'Elke', is a small fishing boat with plastic hull, a Graupner kit, purchased in Germany when I was serving in the Army there in 1974. I am restoring it for my grandson. It used to be a good runner with a 6v battery, small electric motor, two servos, one wired so it could move boat in reverse as well as forward. A good little sailor, light in weight and a good pond model. Had to be careful of wave height. Anyway, it has been in the garage for 40 years now so much to do. The inside is a bit of a mess and everything has a layer of dust. I will fit a speed controller and NiMH battery. But nothing too difficult so hope to have it finished for Christmas.

Range Safety Launch? by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Yes Sir! Of course Sir! But I have already spent the money................ I will give it to one of the boys for Christmas Hey the heat gun came today and it had 'bits' with it. I have a few images which I will put up later. Going to try it out in about five hours. Came across this image . Puts my leak problems into perspective. All the best . NPJ

PT 109 upgrade? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Probably sponsored by the oil corporations Martin 😉 BTW: how do you like my 'Southampton' Christmas Tree? 😁 Cheers, Doug

Martin's Taycol Conversion Boards by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Good Oh! 'Merry Christmas' 😁 Spec for the brass bashing coming soon, got bogged down in LED fitting to my Southampton😉 Cheers, Doug 😎

Fitting by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Well, best laid plans and all that. Things have not gone too well. I managed to transport the boat in pieces to Hungary as planned. That is where the plans changed slightly. The plan was to have a trial on the river by the end of my holiday. I was rudely interupted by beautiful weather so I spent a lot of time in the river myself instead. I have started to assemble the superstructure and completed the radar, which turns rather realistically when under power. I have added coloured LED`s to the navigation lights. I have mostly completed the painting and laquering. I assembled the hand rails but still have to paint them. I started to look into the electrics but had to stop when I found that the pump I purchased was not suitable for purpose. I put the pump under test and it only appears to work if fully submerged. Not really useful for a boat. I will search for a replacement.🤔 Just a small note, I have now found that the superstructure has warped slightly during painting. I fitted it really closely before painting but now it has twisted slightly. Very disappointed but never mind.😤 As I am now home until Christmas, there will be no further progress until then. I may not be able to trial until April as our river is often frozen at Christmas. Well I could not help myself and bought another kit. This next one is different and should be easier. It will be a Pilots boat. At the same time, I will now continue with the PTB refurbishment.🤓

LiPo batteries by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Doug and all. Delay in answering your post as for some reason, my phone was useless on the internet. I did not see your post about checking the capacity percentage until I returned home, so that is why in April my checks were not complete. On my return to Hungary a couple of weeks ago, I checked the batteries and they were both at 3.85 volts per cell and at 51% capacity. When they were new, they were at 31% capacity. My new smaller batteries were also at 30% capacity and when I left on a storage charge, they are also at around 50%. The new, lighter 4S batteries are 1800mAh. On the first full charge they only gave me 89% capacity. I used them both, unfortunately they lasted about 6 minutes each, and recharged. This time they charged to 99% and lasted 10 minutes. Hopefully they get a little better after a few uses. I am now back in England and when I left, all of the batteries were at around 3.86 volts per cell an 50% capacity. I will check again at Christmas but I will have to see if the Danube freezes to see if I can use the boats then or not.😉

Range Safety Launch? by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Post 2 Range Launch? The bath test has shown up a leak……………….. Have not tried to find where yet but it is hopefully in that small bay as it did not flow over the rib section. Strange I had not thought leaks to be much of a possibility in a boat! Wishful thinking again. Anyway it has put work back a bit. You will notice that the bath water was ‘used’ condition. I was not allowed to waste water due to the shortage so had to use the bath with Radox and herbal Oils in it. I trust it does not affect the paintwork…………… Any opinions on Leak Checking? I did check how it ‘sat’, and the waterline at its current weight. There is something in those images that RN Munich will pick up on! Have received some of the parts………….just like Christmas for me. ( I was a spoilt only child). Two issues strike me. a. It may be of interest if I give sources of the parts b. I think I have a problem with ‘scale’………….. Currently the purchases fall into two groups, electrical and deck fittings. The electrics are not posing a problem yet, but the size of deck fittings certainly is! Taking the larger ‘electricals’ first, I have gone for pre built units. Someone with more ability could build the units themselves. Kits are available. Also far fewer units could be used to start with and added later if needed. As a result of my previous, though small, experience with the Richardson Tug I used Action Electronics and Component Shop in Bangor, Wales for almost all of the electrical bits. They are helpful and efficient with good quality products. I am still using Mtroniks DigiSound for the sound unit, but Action Electronics now makes one as well. I have used a new source for the transducers/exciters. I have previously used Dayton Audio, sourced through SoundandVision Netherlands and costing around £35.00 for a pair of TT25’s plus mail. This time I used Mr RC for similar item, made by them for about £53.00 the pair mail free. They too came from the Netherlands! Not tried yet, but have noted that the Dayton Audio ones had a foam ring on the face which was self adhesive and easy to place. Mr RC require Gluing in place. Going to look for the leak. Next post should be on the electronics which I hope will have arrived by then. BTW, The 46 Firefloat Mk2 blogg by ‘Elsrickle and Fire Boat (Crash Tender) on our site are great sources of information. NPJ.

46Firefloat Mk2 paint by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
New info I've never seen before. I wonder where robbob got that drawing! The 2 photos are fascinating as they show the angle metal screwed top the corners and chines all round. I can understand someone getting so into the details, but I have to stop myself. My natural inclination is to put everything in, but I want the model to look like it might have been given to me for my 11th Christmas, 55 years ago, so must stop short at what might have been a conscientious building effort by a proud Dad. I would, if I were a much younger chap and free to indulge, buy one of the 46" kits and do a real "number" on it, detail-wise, but I ain't. So a half decent finish is what I aim for. My main concern is finding the damned Taycol motor I rebuilt for it! I went to the drawer of early motors and it wasn't there! Panic!! Thanks for these new items of reference, robbob. Martin

Crew Arrived! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
1:220! Oops😲 Never mind, get the missus to buy you a Marklin train set for Christmas😁😁

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Pete, JFF I built a little 'breadboard' (now where's my peanut butter!?😁) to test your LED lighting configurations. Theory and calculation is fine but there's nowt like an acid test😉 Pics attached of the results (Christmas tree😊). Difficult to capture the colours due to the very bright white LEDs🤔 Will play with the resistors to bring up the yellows and dampen the whites a bit. The 3 yellows at the bottom are the deck and cabin lights. The 4 rows at the top are the mast lights, red and green self explanatory! Applied (battery) voltage is shown on the meter top left, current drawn in mA on the meter to the right. The circuits work fine from 6.0V upwards. Current drain is approx- 110mA @ 7.8V (fully charged 6 cell NiMh) 103mA @ 7.5V (probable voltage after running a little while) 90mA @ 7.2V (nominal NiMh battery voltage. It will flatten out at approx this voltage after running a while - until it suddenly collapses at the end!) 75mA @ 6.6V (voltage of FLAT 6 cell NiMh battery) 60mA @ 6.0V curiosity! Below this some LEDs switch off. Brightness is noticeably reduced. I think we can increase some resistors to reduce the current drawn without reducing the lighting effect😊 More info soon, I'm still experimenting, then I'll start modding my own tug😊 Cheers, Doug 😎

Crash Tender crew by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
I don't know about Munich...Chris and I enjoyed half meter bratties at Braunschweig Castle Christmas market. With a bowl of delicious boiled mushrooms and a Gluhwein. Magic. Martin

Fire boat by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Kevin, having just got hold of a SLEC fittings kit for a birthday present from my dear wife I can confirm that in fact they are not in plastic, but white metal. All of them. There are no instructions or parts list. They are the old Yeoman fittings kit, a set of which I was promised by Ivan of IP Engineering as I was involved with his works for a while as a pattern maker and he showed me all the original patterns for what I assume is what SLEC now sell, as Ivan flogged off all his Vintage Model Boat Company rights to them. Chances are he is now just casting fittings sets to SLEC as they don't have casting facilities at their place in Watton. I had an original Mersey Marine set with my Crash Tender for my 11th Christmas, but it was stolen and they no longer exist alas. Cheers, Martin

At last, as step nearer to completion for the Crash tender... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi all, well having been disappointed by the non arrival of the wherry GRP hull as an early birthday present, my dear bride has agreed to let me send off to SLEC for a set of Crash Tender fittings. I was going to get them in white metal from Ivan at ipengineering, who had them and all the Rowell kits, but he darts from one thing to another and next thing I know is he's flogged it all to SLEC, so I have a set of 1/16th fittings coming to replace the long stolen set of Ripmax Mersey Marine fittings I got with the Crash Tender when I was 11. I had a new brother arriving at the time and would be chucked out of my boxroom, so Dad went nuts and got me the whole kit and caboodle from a new exciting R/C and boat shop in Collier Row, Romford for my 11th Christmas. Alas, the REP single channel R/C set has also been stolen, but the boat and its Taycol Supermarine are here still and now might even finally get finished. As a 12 year old I used the model in an unfinished state on Essex oyster beds for years after, using up lantern batteries like they were growing on trees by the River Roach. Going left, centre,right,centre, but I was having a whale of a time. I shall put an old set of early propo. in it, 27 meg, of course, so stay off green frequency if you don't mind. I was thinking it should be finished as a 60s model, but I can't resist the lure of detailing it now we have all the info thanks to this website, so rather than finding space for 2 of them I'll detail this one after all. The wherry will have to wait. Oh and that brother? He's due here in an hour having come over for a tour of the old country from his life in Australia with his 22 year old son! And he's going back with some old model boat plans from Gary Griswold and The Rudder, which I have amassed, so the tradition continues. I will work on the nephew! Cheers, Martin