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Aeronaut Pilot Boat by JohnAsklar Apprentice   Posted: 6 days ago
Call the guys at Harbor You only need 2 speed controllers if the motors will run at different speeds. They sold me a Viper 40 amp that runs my 2 brushed 500 motors perfectly (1/96 USS Olympia). They are great for questions and customer service. John Asklar

Artesania Latina by keithtindley Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago
just emailed artesania latina to congratulate them on their now world wide atrocious, crap customer service.😁

H.M.S. BRAVE BORDERER by bikerjohn57 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 months ago
If its of any help I run a all wood Perkasa with one motor (came from a old battery power tool) powered with a lead acid 12 volt, so as you can imagine its heavy. But she will plane as per any photo you can find on the NET. 😊 You state that you are waiting for parts from HK, is your BB a Hooben model ?. I purchased one of these and found the moulding of the transom to be atrocious and the company's customer service to be non existent.

Plan printing by kmbcsecretary Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 months ago
Hi all just thought I would share this with you after searching for somewhere to have some plans blown up and printed. I found there customer services very helpful and the quality of there prints to be very Sharp and crisp. I have no affiliation with these but will be using them again.

Glue from Humbrol! by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 months ago
It's nice to see customer service at work.Kudos to Cornwall Model Boats.

Westbourne Models by red110kev Apprentice   Posted: 2 years ago
DO NOT order from Westbourne. There have been many complaints on various forums about their lack of service and concern for the customer (myself included). It appears (from another forum) that the shop is boarded up and they only trade via the internet now. But, DO NOT order over the net. I did a few months ago and when I eventually found out that they didn't stock the props I wanted, I cancelled the order and was assured a full refund would be paid. They did not, and after chasing numerous times had to get my credit card company involved. BTW, when I did once get through on the phone and I said I'd sent an email, the guy on the phone said they don't bother with emails as there's so many backed up at their email address!!! It's a shame their website is so slick but the customer service 'aint.

Westbourne Models by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Peter, lost my trust in Westbourne when i visited the shop 2 years ago, popped in just looking (like you do) 3 o'clock friday afternoon was only there about 5 minutes when the guy behind the counter demanded i bought something or leave, great customer service (i dont think)

Is westbournemodel@ co serious? by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Westbourne has been criticized for poor service and Cornwall Model Boats praised for good. Would suggest readers also add Model Dockyard to their lists of reputable suppliers. I am a relatively new customer, being recommended to them by a friend. All my earlier transactions were fine; but with my latest, the goods were unreasonably delayed in the great intestine of the postal service. After about 5 weeks of waiting Model Dockyard replaced and reshipped the order at their expense, totally without quibble. Over two mail deliveries I have received my original order and now it's replacement. That is the type of service that deserves recognition, would recommend this company to anybody.

Is westbournemodel@ co serious? by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
could it be that they don't give a ****. Any business that has performed with as little consideration for customer service is not going to take note of comments on websites like this. To them we are lost anyhow until their income starts to fall they will just keep on keeping on.

Is westbournemodel@ co serious? by Tall Paul Lieutenant   Posted: 3 years ago
If these stories are true then I think a complaint should be registered with trading standards, perhaps with list of complainants. Unless someone lodges an official complaint nothing will change. I use Cromwell Model boat ... Excellent customer service.

wanted 40ghz receiver futaba by andy_mart Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 4 years ago
I did see a post somewhere re the 40Mhz/35Mhz from someone who worked at Futaba. I have tried it and never had any bother to be honest range wise. Another reason for going to 2.4Ghz is less interference from other users or electrical noise from the motor or speed controller. You can pick up Planet RC systems from Ebay or Howes Models sometimes a little lower than Cornwall model Boats. That said though the customer service at Cornwall MB is excellent. Personally I would go with a more known manufacturer such as Futaba, Spektrum, JR, Graupner etc if you feel you will get the bug and continue with modelling

Mtronik Hydra 50 by Dave Kershaw Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for reply Alan, sorry I should have said Its a motor contoller combo £109 from their website. Its expensive but I like their quality and customer service. But I'm open to suggestions of a good set up. Dave

dissapointed by bassman Commander   Posted: 6 years ago
well thats another day without a reply despite sending a second mail 👎 ,I even offered to drive down to them to sort It. Sorry but thats just really bad customer service !!!

'just built' or 'years of war' look by bassman Commander   Posted: 6 years ago
finally got a mail saying It has been dispatched, hope the kit Is better than the customer service!! (unanswered mails and 3 weeks to deliver)

WESTBOURNE MODEL CO. by triumphjon Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
cant vouch for westbournes poor customer service , Ive used them once or twice via the phone and have had the opertunity to visit the small shop they operate from ! as to the Issue with graupner , they have recently been bought by another company , and are still trading , Ive just placed an order for micro magic spares from my local model shop , fratton models In portsmouth . jon