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hms bulldog
h.m.s. bulldog / beagle
hms bulldog
hms bulldog
HMS Bulldog by ikseno99 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 6 months ago
[Score: 8/10] 48"/12000g HMS Bulldog Capable of 4mph and a runtime of 120mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 40mm) Direct Drive Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 12Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Action Electronics P94 ESC - Comments: Metcalfe Kit at 1/48 She is has fine lines and looks well on the water. She handles reasonably well with independent control on each shaft given her length and the amount of superstructure too. She has direct drive on each shaft and need a load of ballast in the stern to keep the props well in the water otherwise she will capitate quite dramatically Running 2 x 12 Amp Hour lead acids she has a great run time, helped by her hull lines, she will carry her way for quite a distance, so yo need to keep your wits about you on a busy pond! She is an ongoing project / refit with new davits and ships boats to be added.

HMS Bulldog by Toby Lieutenant   Posted: 12 months ago
[Score: 5/10] Twin Propellors Geared Powered by Lead Acid (12v) Batteries - Comments: Fibreglass hull 1:48

H.M.S Bulldog by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Think it was a great deal. Cannot buy the hull for anywhere near 50 GBP! I built one under a blog HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE a couple of years ago. Turned into a nice model and very nice sailer. Only downside is she is bigger that fits my car easily and susceptible to transport damage. Good luck. As Dave M suggests, write a blog so we can watch the rebuild, it should be interesting.

H.M.S Bulldog by Fred Commander   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi One and All First my I take you all down memory lane, the second model ship that I made was the Dean Marine HMS Bulldog, so when I saw one for sale on a Facebook page at £50.00 I went for it, oh such a big mistake. When I picked it up from a friend in Norwich (who had collected it for me) I could have just put it into his bin😭, after looking at it for some time I felt that I could in time make a passable model out of it, and this is my attempt at a rebuild. I must say at this point that this will not be a fast rebuild.👍

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 3 years ago
Hi, I've just sent you a private message with the 25Ft motor boat details I have from my post WW2 Warship. Hope they help? If you need more detailed images let me know. Regards Dave

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 3 years ago
I may have something that could suit?? (With a bit of adaptation) I'll send over a few pictures in a couple of hrs. The scale is 1/96 however. Regards Dave

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Yes mine is the steam picket boat as used on capital ships at the beginning of the last century. You nedd one from the post ww11 period

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by Ballast Admiral   Posted: 3 years ago
Sorry that should have read Fairey Huntress !

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by Ballast Admiral   Posted: 3 years ago
This looks like a vessel the Royal Navy use as a liberty/picket boat called a Farey Huntress

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Thanks Dave and to the others who have responded. The steam picket boat you sent looks to be twin screw and a longer vessel than the survey boat / barge I am looking for. Have attached a picture showing the plan side view, does anybody have anything on these lines?

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Looking neatly complete. Neat idea to use a plg to charge the batteries. I have a steam picket boat which is similar to the Admirals barge but not as shiny. I will send you a pm with a pic. I have plans for this. Dave

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Finished the fore and stern decks. Most of the fittings are either scratch built, with some from a couple of specialist epoxy cast item suppliers. The plans and ship pictures enabled the fore deck to be made quite accurately. That is not the case with the stern as the plans, pictures of other models and actual vessels show several differences. Ended up using Modelers license to arrive at a layout which seems representative of the class. The only approach that could be considered out of the ordinary was the Land Rover installation. Made up a mounting plate as no self respecting RN crew could live with the oil pools on the decking! This is held down with a female jack-plug socket which can be used to charge the batteries. The corresponding male jack-plug is fitted to the underside of the Land Rover so the vehicle can be fitted onto the plate and held in place. The picture also shows a screw fitting where one of the deck derricks, which are held down with magnets, is located. This screw also holds down the removable deck. Now moving onto the centre superstructure. One of the opportunities presented is the 28'6" survey boat, which is similar to an Admirals barge. Does anybody know where I can get plans for this? 1:48 scale would be ideal, although can scale if necessary.

radar setup plans by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 3 years ago
Hi, I initially was going to use a small 30RPM motor to directly drive a radar in my model but when it came to the mast and setup I realised I could not fit it in (shame) but if you look at RHBakers build blog of HMS Bulldog / Beagle he has posted a very good example of a radar setup that may help you? Regards Dave

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by RedRider Lieutenant   Posted: 3 years ago
Thanks Mate, Does give me an indication of where I might go with power.

HMS BULLDOG / BEAGLE by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
I have tended to twin screw arrangements and have settled on (hull lengths range from 30 - 48") MabuchI 545 motors, that have a speed of around 5500 rpm, direct driven to 45 MM 3 bladed props. These have an operating range of between 2 - 7000 rpm according to supplier. At 12 volts the vessels are overpowered, but when sailing on congested waters this is a definite attribute! I am happy with this arrangement as can throttle back to achieve a more realistic scale speed. Not sure if this helps with your lifeboat, but my 30" RNLI Tyne class performs well with this set up.