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action mixer
Twin Esc/Mixer by NPJ Captain   Posted: 4 days ago
Hello Mark. I was just not aware of the choices and followed the 'usual routine'.......... When space is such a consideration, I expected to see more of this type of approach. Enjoying the journey anyway. Thanks for your help. Cheers. NPJ

Twin Esc/Mixer by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
NJP. you can use the mini blade fuses, no problem, the difference is price, standard fuses are about half the price if mini's. Apart from your mounted fuse holders, why not just use crimp spade connectors??? get the right size for the blades no need for a holder or mounting Mark

Twin Esc/Mixer by NPJ Captain   Posted: 5 days ago
Thank you for your reply. Yes Tom, these are just as you described. What I saw and did not realise were available are the same structure but smaller and I thought that would help. However, there may be a good reason why they are not used here. So I thought this is the place to ask! All the best. NPJ

Twin Esc/Mixer by tomarack Commander   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi, in my model I have flat fuses used in cars. For this case, it is possible to select different sockets in a specialized store, and replacement of fuses is simple. Tom

Twin Esc/Mixer by NPJ Captain   Posted: 5 days ago
Somewhere RN Doug referred to fuse ratings and I bought more. having found they are hard to change Mark told me about the tool that is used. In the buying of these things and looking for more space on board, I noticed 'mini blade fuses' are available. Why are we not using these.......................? NPJ

happy hunter by spitfiresooty Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 days ago
thanks everybody for the info .I will get 2 -6 volt batteries and fit them in the hull so that Ican work out the necessary extra ballast. I never thought of using a mixerbut will probably do this as well but nearer to when the build is complete .I am on with the drawings now scaling them from pictures /photos on the internet. I will then produce the templates -make the bits in cardboard then when they look ok finally out of plastic sheet .I have had one or two comments doubting my ability but as the bionic man said 'we have the technology we will rebuild it'

Happy hunter by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Regarding the batteries, I suspect it was 2 x 6V ?Ahr gel cells. One for each motor. 2 x ESC and possibly the Robbe mixer. I agree with Jarvo it could have been 12v from 2 x 6v in series but it was common to use 6v during this period. Could be the space was for the ESC.

Power Cabling by NPJ Captain   Posted: 14 days ago
So following a long away week-end of Astronomy, now trying to get a bit further before going away for a couple of days. As I start to wire up the power circuit I realise how important it is to think things through first! Made up the link from the Battery to a ‘choc block’ distribution point which for space reasons is under the ‘control’ platform which will fill the bow area. (Pic 1) The fuse boards were obtained from Component – Ltd in Bangor which is a good source of all sorts of electrical bits for us and is in Wales! (Pic2) The Dual Esc/Mixer, from the same place, a P94 9Lite), I have secured with Velcro (Pic 3) and I hope to keep the battery on top of this with a little air gap. It is at this point that I really came to appreciate the space limitations (Pic 4) and I do not have the motors wired in yet which will have fuse boards on the ‘platform’. (Pic 5). Next time hope to wire in Motors and Fuse Boards, Sound Generator and Receiver. Then see how it sits in the bath.....! NPJ

Twin Esc/Mixer by NPJ Captain   Posted: 18 days ago
Thank you for that. I will see what can be done. All the best. NPJ

Twin Esc/Mixer by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
The basic answer is yes, but, ..... lay esc/mixer on its side, then lay the battery pack along side, just so you don't block the cooling holes in the esc. Mark

Twin Esc/Mixer by NPJ Captain   Posted: 19 days ago
Your advice please.................... Would it be OK to position the Receiver Battery on top of the Esc/Mixer box? As you can see I have cut the holes as required for the Unit! All the best. NPJ

Electronics Down Below (5) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi Neil, You read too much!! 😉 Before you give yourself the work of altering the rudders see how she performs with the twin ESC & rudder mixer. For slow manoeuvring, especially in reverse, I'm pretty sure the rudders will be almost irrelevant, apart of course for controlling the mixer and hence motors. If you use the P94 in Mode 3 you can spin the boat on it's axis😉 The guys with small rudders in front of the props most likely don't have twin ESCs and a mixer. Two maxims: Why complicated when simple works! If it ain't broke don't fix it! I intend to 'suck it and see' first. Whatever you do have fun with it, but don't 'over engineer', cheers Doug 😎

Electronics Down Below (5) by NPJ Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
RN - Thanks for the confidence boost it does help! I have picked up the gizmo that provides 5 volts off the mixer. It is very small and will tuck away. Re rudders, I have been reading that larger ones can help steering when in reverse, also that small rudders the other side of the props are good........ All up for consideration at the moment. Image here from 'Andy' on, but other shapes are around. All the best. NPJ

Electronics Down Below (5) by NPJ Captain   Posted: 25 days ago
This time I will try to remember to put in the ‘source’ information on the bits and pieces I use........... In the most recent piece I should have included exciters/transducers are Dayton Audio DAEX 25VT -4, 4 Ohms – 20 Watt pair, obtained from Sound Imports Netherlands and very quickly as well. The sound unit is a Mtroniks Digisound 5M diesel sound, available all over the place. Now to look at where I am at. Exciters are in place as high up the Hull as possible, but remembering the Deck level. Used the adhesive pads as supplied after wiping that part of the Hull with Meths and Silicone adhesive to keep in place as well as using the wiring tidies from Modelsport Ltd., for the cabling. (Pic 1+2) Before I start the motor and controller wiring I changed the platform ‘up front’ (pic3) with a piece of thin ply which I have given a couple of coats of varnish to waterproof. Then I thought to myself “why am I waterproofing this when, if it gets that wet, it will have gone to the bottom and be useless anyway”! (Pics 4) However, the platform gives a little more choice in terms of layout of other components and my plan for them is not really settled yet. I am concerned about the stern and possible swamping, but it currently seems the best place for the upgraded battery. (Pic5 ) Whilst talking batteries, I have gone for a separate battery supply for the receiver and hope to use the Bec supply for running other less critical items. Also the fitting of the battery in the stern bay drew my attention to the rudder servo for a couple of reasons. First is I am still considering increasing the size of the rudders and I am assuming that will increase the strain on the servo. The servo supplied is a standard issue and not water resistant so I have gone for an upgrade as shown(Pic6) That gives torque increase of 17Kg/cm over the Hobby Engine S1040C and has metal gears, metal control arm and waterproof for 20grams extra weight. Second is the closeness to the new battery position. So I was going to alter the servo arm setup anyway and the new metal arm suits this well. Maybe my ‘tutors’ will consider all this to be a little ‘over the top’ but I do so enjoy messing......................... New Servo DS 3218 by AYANI from Amazon. (Pics 6/7 ) Following that distraction, back to the front end and the Motor/Mixer placing and wiring. Now a little time ago I drew a plan to see what could go where and it came out that most of the ‘bits’ would go in the front bay with motors to be wired once power was brought forward, followed by the Esc/Mixer. (Pic 8) At that time I bought a P94 dual esc/mixer from Action Electronics and got the 20 amp version to be on the safe side................. My ‘guardians’ did point out this was ‘over-kill’ but I had already got it. Now, when placing the unit on the mounting board I found that the heatsinks made it too high to fit in the Hull! So being a spoilt brat only child I ordered the 10 amp version and as usual it came very quickly from up here in Bangor. ( Will keep the other one for the next project............Happy Hunter??) Unboxed it and it looked just the same, heatsinks and all. (Pic 9/10 ) So at that moment there was a bit of a set-back so I rang Component Shop at Bangor, they said “take the heat sinks off and you have a P94 lite”! Such a simple answer and such a nice chap. (Pic 11 ) Now a quick 'measure up' before I have a glass of wine (Pic 12) and does it all fit...? Well it appears to at the moment! (Pic 13) Next time really going to screw down the components under the forward hatch and wire it up. NPJ

Twin Esc/Mixer by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Neil, life's never too short for a glass of wine, only too short to drink bad wine! 😉 I have a glass of Rose de Loire before me 😊 Cheers all 😎