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HMS EXETER by JOHN Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Cheers Doug for the compliment - she is 1:96 scale. I obtained the original plans from Greenwich maritime museum - the plans that they hold are as she was 'proposed to be built' in 1928 - the same as her sister ship HMS YORK - but amongst the drawings they supply are the correct hull lines - which are the ones I used for my hull - then I used literally thousands of images from all over the place to do the rest of the superstructure. Also, I used the aid of a small online plan of her rigging which shows a fair amount of superstructure detail of how she was built.

Rigging by Rookysailor Commander   Posted: 9 days ago
Any haberdashery shop will stock 'shirring elastic', perfect for rigging and it comes in brown,black,grey, white etc.👍 Peter

Rigging by Northumbrian Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Gary try looking on amazon i bought some last year for my Thames barge good luck 👍 Bob

Rigging by GaryLCoupland Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
Give Cornwall Model Boats a try.

Davits and falls by Gdaynorm Captain   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi Doug, Happy New Year. Boats all done and lashed down. Dreadnought had multiple aerials slung between the masts. As far as I can make out they were connected onwards to a fitting just about at deck level right at the stern and also I think below the forward jack stay. I would have expected there to be connections down to the bridge or the housing forward of the after funnel. None of the photos I have are clear enough to show all the rigging, so some extent I am going to have to guess. She must have had signal halyards from presumably the main yard, but again where did they come down to. The bridge does not have much open space around the main house, so they must have come down to the upper bridge to presumably a rack? Any ideas? I have fitted canvas dodgers around the bridge, but am not too happy with them. At this scale very difficult. We have good shipbuilding weather, -12c at midday today. They are ice fishing on our lake. Take care.

Book on Sailing Barges by Joe727 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Chris, Thank for the information, I will look into that book. I started in RC Boating but building and racing several classes of sailboats, including several US1Meter class. Being a much better builder than skipper, I was drawn to schooners that many club members had. Got interested in working sailcraft due to the history and the slower, power of these craft. The Gaff Rigged Handbook by Jihn Leather is one of my favorite build guides. Yes, I really like Gaff Rigging. This book was great for lots of rigging details and sails... See photo example. Joe

Mickey finn by 2shaws Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Has anyone any info on sail plan and rigging of Mickey Finn Class modrl yacht

Sailing Ship Peking by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Nerys, Sometimes Wiki is better than Google😉 Hope this helps. Cheers, Doug 😎 "Refurbishment in Germany On August 2, 2017, she was transferred to Peters Werft located at Wewelsfleth for a 3 year refurbishment at estimated cost of €32 million: New rigging New double floor steel plates Dismounting of all masts, because these are too rotten Docking in dry-dock and renewal of the steel structure Removal of the cement that fills the lower three and a half metres of the Hull The ship spent about a year in dry dock. Peking was refloated on 07 September 2018 with Primer paint Hull. She stayed on Peters Werft Pier for about 2 months and goes to dry dock again. Teak will be reinstalled before she will be taken to Hamburg to the German Port Museum. There might also be an opportunity to make her sail again." Here the refloating (video)

Getting Close by alan20 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Very interested in your experiences with this vessel - love to share more. I am currently scratch building one from the original kit plans but have used plank on frame construction and incorporated a detachable keel. Currently fitting the standing rigging. Photo of my efforts attached

HMS Campbeltown 1941, 1/96 scale by cormorant Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Almost complete. More rigging and detail required but should soon be ready for sea.

Scratch built yacht. by ChrisG Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
I am thinking of building a new sailing yacht from plans which I have yet to acquire. I have 8 A4 pages of drawings of a Goth-USOM from Frank Russell 2014, not sure where I got them from and if they are worthy of the time and effort. The size is about right at 1000mm length and about 1500mm deck to masthead. I have had dealings with Nylet in the past and am sure they would be helpful for rigging, sails etc. I plan to plank build the hull onto wooden bulkheads. Although I have built several model boat hulls using this method before I wonder if I could enlist some help or recommendations from any other members of this group ie choice of plans, how to do it books. Many thanks Chris G

Deck beams & keel by steve-d Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
Been glueing up the curved deck beams (one still in the jig) and laying them roughly in place but final position is going to be governed by mast position and hard points for the running and standing rigging most of which I have yet to establish. Most of the keel is done but still needs plenty of sanding to get the foil profile right. So next question is does anyone have knowledge on how to make my own sails. They will not be modern Mylar/scrim types as I am going for a semi vintage look. I've bought some white nylon cloth (about the grade you would make a holdall out of) now I need to learn how the get the right shape into the sail.

Mast fittings by jbkiwi Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
I've sailed and re-rigged small full scale yachts and catamarans all my life and never seen a fitting like that. Perhaps it was put there as a halyard or stay 'tidy' for storage purposes? looks more like an upside down boat cover tie down clip or part of a latch. Perhaps try the door and lock section at your local hardware super store. Found this on google. As the other guys have said though, probably hand made. Usually, no rigging fittings on yachts have square edges unless they are part of a fitting.

Mast fittings by steve-d Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
I'm in the process of researching running and standing rigging for a boat of mine. I've not seen one of those anywhere so I suspect it is hand made. Closest i've seen.

Mast fittings by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hope this helps I no expert but wikipedia explains it. Standing rigging on a fore-and-aft rigged sailboat. Key: 1. Forestay 2. Shroud 3. (Spreaders) 4. Backstay 5. Inner forestay 6. Sidestay 7. (Boom) 8. Running backstays