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Model Slipway - Sentinel WANTED by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Or you can buy THE ORIGINAL if you like - nice quick Houseboat 😁 😎

Model Slipway - Sentinel WANTED by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
There's kit for her here MH, style='background-color:yellow;'>sentinel-customs-cutter-ms-12/ More info here, kit comes from Barnsley! See pdf attachment. Check out Model Slipway 77 Arundell Drive, Lundwood Barnsley S71 5LE United Kingdom Answerphone/Fax: 01226 - 715576 E-mail: I think Sea Craft also do a kit, available from Harbor Models in the US. Cheers, Doug 😎

Model Slipway - Sentinel WANTED by ModelHover Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Anyone have a Sentinel Customs Cutter for sale? Please send PM with details, location, and price. Thanks

SENTINEL. Customs cutter. by 2283eric Seaman   Posted: 2 years ago
[Score: 8/10] 37"/3600g SENTINEL. Customs cutter. Capable of 6mph Twin Propellors (2 Blade X Type 35mm) Direct Drive to a MFA/ como drills (2 Blade X Type) Powered by NiCad (7.2v) Batteries Controlled Through Electronize FR15HX ESC - Comments: This is the first boat I had made using about eight sheets of plain styrene sheet.cutting all the parts,and using a vernier gauge to help me make exact parts. A full set of instructions came with the kit and I found it very easy to follow. The hull is very good.sailing on calm sunny days it sits in the water perfect, turning at speed is very realistic, in leans like motor bike.I built this some time ago and I never stop looking at it and thinking what else can I do to make this more realistic,so now it's back on the table and I'm planning to make the radars work, and after this nav/ lights, and on.

Graupner Bremen 9 Patrol Boat by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Surfacesub They are Discontinued about 2009 or so I believe, you might want to try looking on Ebay! Or You might also want to look at The Sentinel Patrol boat. Ed Sorry, I just noticed it's out of Stock. 😡

MID-HULL STABILIZERS/RUDDERS by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Hi I helped a friend build the Sentinel from Model Slipway. The stabilisers are connected by push rods to the rudders and do work well in preventing the model from listing heavily in fast turns. I no longer have access to the model so can't provide a picture of the linkages. It did require some fetteling to get the setup correct but the end result was justified. Both stabilisers are linked together by rods that run to the rear and connect with the twin linked rudders. If you can source a plan from someone I do recall the details were given. Cheers Dave

MID-HULL STABILIZERS/RUDDERS by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 years ago
Am trying to research building a model of the Daman 4207 Patrol vessel, used as the base for many coastal patrol vessels including HMCC Vigilant & Vailiant. A similar, slightly smaller vessel was build by Vosper as HMCC Sentinel etc. Both of these vessel types use a mid-hull mounted stabilizer/rudder at about spray rail level linked to the actual rudder. Understand the purpose of this stabilizer is to reduce roll in turns. Does anybody have any details of these items and particularly how they are linked to and work in conjunction with the rudder?

Sentinel by dragon Admiral   Posted: 4 years ago
Hi The Sentinel sold at Ellesmere Port yesterday, Enjoyed every minute of the show, and sitting In the sun watching the Boys play with there Toys. Cheers

Sentinel by ColinJ Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Yeah, That's probably the best way mate.

Sentinel by dragon Admiral   Posted: 4 years ago
Hi Yes Its a new Kit, I should have put more photo's so you could see It needed building all I have done Is fit the prop shafts rudder tubes a servo for the rudder and tested It In a water tank. It looks like Ill be taking It to Elsmere Port next Saturday and put It In the bring and buy. thanks for looking. cheers

Sentinel by ColinJ Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
I see Its a new kit then, I thought It was like the photo part built

Sentinel by dragon Admiral   Posted: 4 years ago
Hi Two motors but nothing else Its what Is shown In Slipways web site Yes that Is the finished Model scale 1.40 length 940mm x beam 190mm

Sentinel by ColinJ Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Does It come with motor and servo etc, and the photo Is that the model

Sentinel by dragon Admiral   Posted: 4 years ago
I have for sale the above It Is the complete kit with some parts already started, but am unable to finish, Bought from Model Slipways last month. Will be taking It to Elsmere on the 7 If not sold. Looking for £200 or near offer

Sentinel by dragon Admiral   Posted: 4 years ago
[Score: 10/10] 35" Sentinel Capable of 15mph and a runtime of 75mins Twin Propellors (4 Blade 35mm) Direct Drive to a Graupner Speed 700 BB Turbo (4 Blade) Powered by NiCad (12v) 5Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Action (20Amps) ESC - Comments: Lots of small bits and takes time building sits nice In water and easy to carry