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smitt rotterdam
Affinity racing jacht by watson220 Lieutenant   Posted: 19 days ago
SPECIFICATION: Total lenght:650mm Beam:150mm Mast height :915mm Overal height: 1338mm RTR total weigh:1290g (without 4pcs AA batteries) Hull material Plastic Sail material : Mylar INCLUDED: *Completed hull with pre applied graphics. *Two milar film sail sets *Carbon fiber masts and booms ]2Rigs] *Zinc alloy ballast and aluminium alloy fin *Powerful sail winch *Metal gear rudder servo *Battery box an On/Off switch for receiver *AA Nimh batteries 2200mAh for transmitter and *rc/radio FrskyTaranis 2.4Ghz

Springer by AllenA Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
[Score: 7/10] 23"/2400g Springer Capable of 8mph and a runtime of 60mins Single Propellor (2 Blade X Type 50mm) Direct Drive to a LRP 12v Truck Puller (2 Blade X Type) Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 9Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Chinese 320A with fan (5Amps) ESC - Comments: Built as a rescue boat, the Springer seemed to be the easiest to build as I am still a Novice and to while away the time after my knee replacement. Blew up some plans off the net to 23" length and 10" beam. Makes her about 1/12, I think. Built from 3mm ply in the main. Powered by the LRP 12v Truck puller and direct drive via 12" ball raced prop-shaft with home made oiler and 50mm 2 blade propeller to be changed to 3 blade asap. Led lights front, back and upper. Transmitter Turnigy TGY i6, Rx TGY iA6, Esc 320 amp with fan. Ballast yet to be added and should slow her to scale speed. Interesting build had some problems with upscaled plans from a pdf. Goes well in the bath but will post video as soon as I can get to the water.

spektrum DX6 tx by Roy-williams Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi the way I did was plug in dinner switch on switch on transmitter with thotal at bottom . Then remove binder.

Twin motor control problem by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Dave, mtroinks have switches, so maybe when it had the pair of vipers, they where for the esc's? I would disconnect the red signal wire from the receiver end on the "y" harness, and use a separate 6v receiver supply, I have a number of twin screw setups, with a cheap battery monitor, if the esc fails, you still at least have rudder control, if the feed esc goes down, power is lost to the receiver, ensure you have a failsafe set at zero throttle. With spectrum, its usually automatic, unless...... you have reversed the throttle! that means you throttle will go wide open in event of esc failure. Easy test, on the bench, all set up to go, make sure all the props etc are clear, just turn your transmitter off, see what happens, nothing should! Have you done the range test? you might have been lucky having it go in reverse, Also, the gunner that is holding the esc wire, is he wearing a Teflon glove? His hand might get hot

Underwater obstructions (dumped rubbish) by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Boaty. The technology is already with us, Sonar is used by carp fishermen, in their bait boats. Transponder in the hull with a transmitter to a shore based screen, shows depth and the bottom contours, also what depth the fish are swimming!!! not expensive either. Not great clarity, but enough to see whats going on below. Mark

Twin motor control problem by John Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
The problem is both motors. For some reason they work fine until they are in the water then they both only go in reverse. It is not the transmitter as I have tried two tx and rx. Not about distance or height. Nothing is connected to the water. Have tried moving the rx. Current thinking is it must be some kind of feedback between the ESC's but that does not explain why it does not do it on the bench.

Twin motor control problem by Colin T Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 4 months ago
John, I had a problem with my Aerokits Solent lifeboat. What I discovered was that my receiver (I use a Spektrum DX6i) could not continuously feed two ESCs. Alternately the ESCs went into failsafe mode. I eventually solved my problem by binding a second receiver to my transmitter. I now use each ESC, which are Mtroniks Tio Marine 50, on their own receiver. I have retained the BECs on both receivers. This may help you.

Submerine by tonyp Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 months ago
Thank you for the reply already running on 40Mhz skysport transmitter also aerial is running outside and E.S.C is a mtroniks viper marine plug in and play but still have the problems as previous stated Tony

JOYSWAY DRAGONFLITE 95 TRANSMITTER by Les-Forbes Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
Thanks Jarvo.

JOYSWAY DRAGONFLITE 95 TRANSMITTER by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Les, yes use the mode buttons, it also mentions that the tension can be adjusted for each stick, you might want to try to slacken the (new) rudder stick and tighten the (new) sail stick, adjust slightly then re try to see how it feels. Don't overtighten as this will cause the sticks to either jam or snap off. Mark

Blackpool Model Show by Dave J Seaman   Posted: 4 months ago
if any one has lost a transmitter at the Blackpool show please contact myself by personal message to know the make etc Dave

JOYSWAY DRAGONFLITE 95 TRANSMITTER by Les-Forbes Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
Thanks Jarvo. Do I still switch the mode setting under the battery holder.

JOYSWAY DRAGONFLITE 95 TRANSMITTER by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Les, unscrew the back and look at the gimbal mountings, there will be 2 or 4 screws on each gimbal, turn each gimbal through 90 degrees, refit the screws, switch the receiver plugs that should be it!!! Mark

JOYSWAY DRAGONFLITE 95 TRANSMITTER by Les-Forbes Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
NOW LOOSEN UP PLEASE: I have this Joysway transmitter. It's for my Dragonflite 95. The controls on the left operate the rudder and the controls on the right operate the sails. I'm use to it being the opposite. Do I change the mode selector switch under the battery housing and THEN loosen and tighten the screws as per instructed. It just seems long winded.

Twin motor control problem by tomarack Commander   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi, I have to say - I use a simple V-tail mixer only, and ESC at the basic setting, the transmitter => Throttle and Ail only(right stick). I tried to connect Rudder servo to this design, but I could not adjust it, the servo behaved "non-standardly". That's why I have it connected to the usual rudder channel nr 4 (left stick). One more important thing ... check the settings of the transmitter, especially the mixes that are sometimes pre-programmed from the factory. It is recommended to clear the transmitter memory first, and then set your own values. It usually helps ... I use the power supply of the receiver from a single source via an external BEC, powering motors using Y cables to ESC,from the same source as BEC ( gel Aku 12V).I had setup problems too - I finally found that one ESC was defective. after replacing both ESC no problems.