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smitt rotterdam
Rx-tx confusion by Joe727 Captain   Posted: 12 days ago
Lordgord, I understand the confusion as there is almost too much infor nation on the web, much of it is mis-leading. I have been using this technology for 12 years now and have owned and used at least 8 Spektrum receivers. Here's my take: 1. You need a DSM2 or DSMX Transmitter, that simple. 2. My first photo shows a Spektrum AR7000 RX in my tugboat. It's a nice RX, IS 7 channel with an addition satellite received. It's overkill for a boat that just needs a couple of channels and doesn't fall to earth in a failure. Originally purchased for an RC Airplane, it's pricey at $90 to $100 USD. OUCH. 3. Ti try the less expensive RX's available no, first I tried OrangeRX and bought 3, none of which ever worked, a problem with China's lack of quality control. 4. Recently p, I needed two more RXs for boat builds and read that LemonRX was doing pretty good. Last two photos are of the Lemon, model LM0034. They work great and bind very easy, best of all they are $16 USD ! 5. One caveat with the lemon, they come just as shown in documentation. You need to look up on the internet which port is which and how to bind. Took me about 10 minute, bu is something to consider if this is your first hookup. Knowing which set of prongs go to what channel is critical. Personally, In the future, I am going to buy more Lemons... Hope this helps, Ask any question that you may have, we are all hear to help each other. Cheers, Joe

Rx-tx confusion by DodgyGeezer Lieutenant   Posted: 13 days ago
Google is probably your friend here. You DO need compatible receivers - here is the first discussion I found when googling "spectrum dx6i compatible receiver".... style='background-color:yellow;'>transmitter.31936/

Rx-tx confusion by Lordgord Petty Officer   Posted: 13 days ago
This being my first serious foray into Rx-tx, I am having some difficulty in binding. My question is, do I need a specific brand/type of reciever to be compatible with my spectrum dx6i transmitter? If so, can anyone recommend which one I need to source and where I may purchase one?

Debbie 1 by GARTH Admiral   Posted: 15 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 20"/1000g Debbie 1 Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 30mins Single Propellor (2 Blade S Type 35mm) Direct Drive Powered by NiMH (7.2v) 3Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Traxxass XL-1 (5Amps) ESC - Comments: This Billings model was probably one of the first R/C models I ever built the speed control is a Traxxas XL-1 2 Channel am Airtronics transmitter . I took it down to a pond at Confederation Park to test it with my girl friend turned it on but the rudder was hard over & I didn't see that the boat started going in a nice circle until it screwed itself under .I jumped in and there was only 3 feet of water & 4 feet of mud . My girlfriend ,now my wife thought I was crazy but after 42 years she still thinks I'm crazy .

internet sales by keithtindley Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
I have been reading about how the high street shops are suffering in regards to sales.I wish to plead guilty as i purchase most of my model boat kits and parts online ! The shop keepers have high rates and running costs etc when compared to some online retailers .I purchased online a 4 channel transmitter,receiver and 30amp esc from china for around £40 as this would cost double from a uk retailer its no wonder there are very few model shops left but as an Oap i look after the pennies.All the chinese parts are excellent and work well. I would prefer to buy local and enjoy a walk around a well stocked shop but difference in local retail prices and imported items is now too much.Model shops of my youth are sorely missed.

Transmitter-Rain Cover by jimdogge Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi all l bought what was called at the time a Trans mit must be nearly 25 years ago made by a mob called MM developments lovely piece of kit kept my pandies warm and dry and still acomodates the newer type of transmitter with screens and a christmas tree of switches and twiddly knobs.

USS Coeur de Lion by rpbidgood Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
This ship was a lightship tender named "Coeur de Lion" that was armed and drafted into the Union during the civil war to counter blockade runners. This model is scratch built and is inspired by a paper model designed by Magnus Mörck. A sidewheel steamer equipped with the typical walking beam machinery, it was rebuilt to carry three guns. A line of iron plates along the gun wales added a measure of armoured protection. After the war it was returned to lightship service. On my model the paddles are independently driven, mainly because I have a Robbe Navy F14 transmitter with twin sticks. The walking beam is operated by a servo modified for continuous rotation. The original ship towed a barge that flew an observation balloon and could be described as the first 'aircraft carrier' the fifth picture shows the barge I have made - I hope one day to emulate the real thing by raising and lowering a suitable balloon. I have included some pictures of the rest of my paddle fleet.The 'Rachel Erin' is a freelance sternwheeler 'quarter wheeler' tug that uses a worm drive to the paddles. She does not steer well. The last ship is an enlarged version of Graham Goodchild's Santa Anna.

gas shot off by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
as a first thought if you have a spare channel on your transmitter use it to drive a servo to close a shut off valve it could also function as a valve to prevent accidental gas leakage when connecting everything up. Trying to do it auto is fraught with danger since even if your out of water your still going to have pressure. If on the other hand your wanting to stop the gas if your pressure falls to low why?

Miss Doris by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Jeez!😲 how big is she she? None of my 4 to 5 foot ships weigh half that! Did you make a welded steel hull or what???? I can see we are going to have to design a derrick so you can lower your ships to the ground to get going 😉 Oh and, I still have a corset 😲 with a steel plate set into the back, left over from my last back injury. I'll send it you if you want 😁😁 It goes back to dislocating two discs about 30 years ago - (NO you 'orrible lot I WAS NOT diving off the wardrobe onto the bed ..... !!!) On the other hand; the building is more than half the fun! Confucius he say 'It is better to travel hopefully - than to arrive'.😉 Clever guy. Don't suppose he ever had to contend with lousy instructions in a boat kit or Chinglish transmitter manuals though😁 All the best Ed and better half, cheers, Doug 😎

All hooked up, nowt happens... by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
first question which no one seems to have mentioned is :- did you have the transmitter switched on BEFORE you powered up the receiver/ esc ? If not de power the receiver and try switching on the transmitter . Most of these systems have an interlock to prevent the motor running if there is no transmitter.

kyosho fair wind by keithtindley Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
This yacht was purchased on a whim ? i spotted it for sail locally and thought it was about 30 inches high. i had a shock on collection as its over 40 inches high and 3foot needed some attention to the electrics and transmitter and a lot of tlc. i think its big enough for my jack russell to curcumnavigate the world single footed !

Fast electric rc transmitters by boaty Admiral   Posted: 3 months ago
Just got a new Proboat Sonicwake .The e.s.c and brushless motor look very good but the STX2 TX appears to be a bit cheap . Not sailed it as yet but changed over to the Futaba T2HR system as I had already done on my Blackjack 29. I prefer the stick to the wheel and the Blackjack runs very well on the Futaba T2HR and has the steering adjuster on top right of the TX case. Has anyone else used the Futaba set in place of the one that comes with the boat.😁 Boaty

Transmitter-Rain Cover by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
If the battery was along side the motor you could wrap some fleece fabric over both and use the heat from the motor(s) to keep the battery warm.👍😊

Transmitter-Rain Cover by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Actually I am more concerned about how to keep the Transmitter dry in misty wet weather than warming my hands. Sometimes here in Canada we can be sailing our boats when a sudden squall will pop up. How to keep my transmitter dry under those conditions is my main concern. In Canada we have hand warmers to put in our gloves that work very well. Shrug off the coldest days with these "pocket furnaces." Slip warmers into gloves, pockets, hard hats or between layers of clothing. Shake to use, air-activated. Heats up to 55°C (130°F). Safe, odorless and disposable. Heats up to 10 hours.

Transmitter-Rain Cover by CaptainFlack Apprentice   Posted: 3 months ago
If it's really cold you can add the "tyre warmers" available from Hobbyking