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Decks by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Some info. on radar, armament and wartime mods! 'Ya pays ya money and yer takes yer choice'! 😎 "Armament, electronics and protection The main armament of the Illustrious class consisted of sixteen quick-firing (QF) 4.5-inch (110 mm) dual-purpose guns in eight twin-gun turrets, four in sponsons on each side of the hull. The roofs of the gun turrets protruded above the level of the flight deck to allow them to fire across the deck at high elevations.[11] The gun had a maximum range of 20,760 yards (18,980 m).[12] Her light anti-aircraft defences included six octuple mounts for QF 2-pounder ("pom-pom") anti-aircraft (AA) guns, two each fore and aft of the island and two in sponsons on the port side of the hull.[11] The 2-pounder gun had a maximum range of 6,800 yards (6,200 m).[13] The completion of Illustrious was delayed two months to fit her with a Type 79Z early-warning radar; she was the first aircraft carrier in the world to be fitted with radar before completion.[11] This version of the radar had separate transmitting and receiving antennas which required a new mainmast to be added to the aft end of the island to mount the transmitter.[14] The Illustrious-class ships had a flight deck protected by 3 inches (76 mm) of armour and the internal sides and ends of the hangars were 4.5 inches (114 mm) thick. The hangar deck itself was 2.5 inches (64 mm) thick and extended the full width of the ship to meet the top of the 4.5-inch waterline armour belt. The belt was closed by 2.5-inch transverse bulkheads fore and aft. The underwater defence system was a layered system of liquid- and air-filled compartments backed by a 1.5-inch (38 mm) splinter bulkhead.[15] Wartime modifications While under repair in 1941, Illustrious's rear "round-down" was flattened to increase the usable length of the flight deck to 670 feet (204.2 m).[16] This increased her aircraft complement to 41 aircraft by use of a permanent deck park.[17] Her light AA armament was also augmented by the addition of 10 Oerlikon 20 mm autocannon in single mounts with a maximum range of 4,800 yards (4,400 m).[18] In addition the two steel fire curtains in the hangar were replaced by asbestos ones.[19] After her return to the UK later that year, her Type 79Z radar was replaced by a Type 281 system and a Type 285 gunnery radar was mounted on one of the main fire-control directors.[16] The additional crewmen, maintenance personnel and facilities needed to support these aircraft, weapons and sensors increased her complement to 1,326.[7] During her 1943 refits, the flight deck was modified to extend its usable length to 740 feet (225.6 m), and "outriggers" were probably added at this time. These were 'U'-shaped beams that extended from the side of the flight deck into which aircraft tailwheels were placed. The aircraft were pushed back until the main wheels were near the edge of the flight deck to allow more aircraft to be stored on the deck. Twin Oerlikon mounts replaced most of the single mounts. Other twin mounts were added so that by May she had a total of eighteen twin and two single mounts. The Type 281 radar was replaced by an upgraded Type 281M, and a single-antenna Type 79M was added. Type 282 gunnery radars were added for each of the "pom-pom" directors, and the rest of the main directors were fitted with Type 285 radars. A Type 272 target-indicator radar was mounted above her bridge.[16] These changes increased her aircraft capacity to 57[20] and caused her crew to grow to 1,831.[7] A year later, in preparation for her service against the Japanese in the Pacific, one starboard octuple "pom-pom" mount, directly abaft the island, was replaced by two 40 mm Bofors AA guns;[21] which had a maximum range of 10,750 yards (9,830 m).[22] Two more twin Oerlikon mounts were added, and her boilers were retubed.[21] At this time her complement was 1,997 officers and enlisted men.[7] By 1945, accumulated wear-and-tear as well as undiagnosed shock damage to Illustrious's machinery caused severe vibrations in her centre propeller shaft at high speeds. In an effort to cure the problem, the propeller was removed, and the shaft was locked in place in February; these radical measures succeeded in reducing, but not eliminating, the vibrations and reduced the ship's speed to about 24 knots (44 km/h; 28 mph).["

Decks by Gdaynorm Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Doug, I am beginning to think I will have to make her a generic of Illustrious! I originally intended my model to be as she was in 1942/3. She had so many modifications I am getting lost. My only drawing is one by Norman Ough, from the Great Britain Trust. It has proved to be rather inaccurate. Usually I get drawings from Greenwich, but for some reason they were unable to this time. Maybe just as well as from all the pics I have seen she was probably never as designed. I made the Hull from those drawings, and have had to make alterations to agree with photos! The turrets I had already realized I must alter. Not too great a problem. Just remake the actual turrets but barrels okay. According to my drawing there were two multiple Pom poms abaft the funnel, one one deck below the base of the funnel and the other at flight deck level and two forward of the island, one at flight deck level. I have all the Pom Pom units eight barrelled. Your pic taken from port side forward I was taken in the Pacific I think, as she has the damage to the bridge from kamikaze hit. I'll take a pic tomorrow showing my model as she is now see what you think. Best till then Norm

Decks by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Norm, the GA I have, as on active service 1940, doesn't show any sponsons between the 2nd 4.5"AA and the director abaft the front of the island!? It also shows TWO 8 barrel pompoms starboard between the radio mast and the island! It also shows the 4.5 turrets much flatter, almost flush with the flight deck! What you have may have been later add ons. I suspect that the smaller square one was simply for access to the radio mast and the tuning unit which would be at the foot of it. Since the round one also has a door and bulwarks to stop people sliding overboard it would have been manned sometimes and I suspect that either a Quad Vickers 0.5" MG AA (see pics) or a 20mm Oerlikon AA might have been mounted there. Most carriers initially had up to 8 of these Vickers, but they were b.. useless against fast metal aircraft and were soon replaced with 20mm. So if I were you I would be tempted to put a twin 20mm on there. At some stage of the war it would be correct! The Vickers is impossible to find in a reasonable scale, only teeny weeny etch sets. I once went bonkers putting one together in 1/600 scale for my HMS Manxman, makes yer eyes go funny 😲 There are 8 at 1/350 on my Ark Royal 😡 I'm currently in contact with Adrian Smith of Battlecrafts to get some made up in 1/72. He's just done me some 4.7" guns for my 1/72 HMS Hotspur H class destroyer. Not cheap, but damn good 👍 If he ain't got it he'll make it if we can give him photos and drawing or reference sources. The original ship builder often has such an online archive; Vickers for instance. What date are you depicting with your model? Can you post a pic of your plan? Where did it come from? I've also forgotten what Scale you are building! Aha just found it 1/192 ! Hope this helps more than confuses! Cheers Doug😎 Last pic, Illustrious, date unknown, is bit tiny but does show 'something' on sponsons aft of the 4.5s. look like twin 40mm to me, so maybe the sponsons were enlarged at this stage?

Tank Steering by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Dave, you won't find a Conrad anything anywhere else but on the Conrad (or Amazon/Ebay) sites! But if you look for the Turnigy HT-6 you will find it on HobbyKing, it's the same damn thing for nearly half the Conrad price. See pics. Pure badge 'engineering'! Also just bought some Absima LiPos 2s 4000mAh from Conrad, €40 each. Today I found out that Absima is in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) just up the road from here, same batt €25 😡😭 Conrad will shortly be getting an appropriate mail from me! NO more Reely stuff for me!! I found the HT-6 very easy to set up, amazing what they pack into a $45 set these days. My Spektrum cost 12 times that a few years ago and doesn't do an awful lot more and is more complex to set up 🤔 Won't mess with mixer boards or two stick motor control just yet. Can use the mixer functions in the TX 😊 Have tested the HT-6 with various ESCs; e.g. Graupner Navy VR30 and Mtroniks Viper Micro10, no problems. When the new 2s LiPos are charged the next test will be with a Turnigy brushless ESCs and the BL I want to put in the Sea Scout. Progress is slow but sure. Why do I get on faster with electronics than with shipbuilding!!?? 😉 You're right; Mode 1 or 2 (3 and 4 are also available!) don't matter much. With this set you can assign any control element stick, switch, or pot to any channel (i.e. RX output) you want, and very simply - not like the Spektrum🤔. Like it.👍 I also like having the two pots available for proportional control; gun turrets, cranes, monitors .... 👍 And still switches left over for lights, sound .... Very versatile 👍👍 Only irritation is it won't go into operational mode until all switches are forward and the throttle (left stick) is pulled right back - motor off for an aircraft - safety feature. Minor irritation for a boater but pull the stick back and all is OK and you can then operate normally. Used the spring removal method on my old Graupner 40Meg MC-10. That box was a pain to set up as well🤔 I could programme the radio ATE for the old Home Office Type Approval lab faster, but then - I wrote the software 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

Working radar by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Julian, don't know exactly how much room you have under the radar mount but I still think you will need a couple of pulleys! Motor mounted out of sight underneath the mast - shaft running up the mast to pulley #1 - pulley #2 mounted at end of the boom underneath the the radar mount. Choose ratio of diameter pulley 1 to 2 according to the space available and final rotation rate (RPM) you want. Strong rubber band to connect the two pulleys. Didn't need this method for my destroyer radar cos it sat right on top of the Director Tower, but used the pulley principle for gun turret rotation to connect two turrets together! 👍 One servo with extended rotation arc and two pulleys. Cheers Doug 😎

Hms bigbury bay by watsy106 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 months ago
Hey guys here is my 7 and a half ft HMS BIGBURY BAY needing some tlc it has working gun powder turrets .will keep you posted with progress

Smoke Generator by martinsperring070558 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 12 months ago
As for my next build I am looking at HMS Devonshire, the first Royal Navy Guided Missile Destroyer. My last Build HMS Blake (See Post) has rotating Radar that was my limit. I would like to push the boat as to say and add some smoke from both funnels. I have seen some smoke generators on offer and was wondering about stability as the water evaporates up the funnel. I will be looking to rotate the two main Aerial on the ship and was wondering about moving turrets - Or would that be step to far this will be my four build.

HMS Diamond D35 by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
[Score: 8/10] 49"/4600g HMS Diamond D35 Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 30mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 35mm) Direct Drive to a Unknown (Old) (3 Blade) Powered by NiCad (7.2v) 7Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Marine Viper 10 (10Amps) ESC - Comments: This is my 1st build, overall I'm very happy with the attempt I've made, there is a lot of finishing / detailing to complete but she is ready to run. I've added rotating turrets and running lights with this ship and no doubt tinker with her over time.

HMS Diamond D35 - Build update Ten by McCluskey Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
There has been a slight delay In updating the blog here due to a horrid bout of flu which lasted some two weeks. So... Today has been the second day back In the workshop and I've nearly completed the two life boats and the small Whaler. I just need to add a bit more filler and a further coat of primer to these before I build the upper cabin detail. I have been experimenting with the worm motor electrics that will drive the gun turrets and the speed Is just a tad too quick running 4.8 Volt. I can't post the video here so I will try and post It In the video section pages. The whole Internal hull cavity has been varnished ready to start fitting power pack platforms etc. I'll post a wiring diagram In due course along with details of the motors, batteries, ESC and Radio Gear. The two pictures of the worm motor batteries are wired In Series. These are extremely light and sufficient for running two low drain motors. 😊

HMS Diamond D35 - Gun Turret Detail by McCluskey Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
I have lost a week of my life with dreaded flu and after seven days I am just starting to feel a little more human. Perhaps I will be back In the building yard soon. In the mean time.... I found this shot of the gun turrets and has provided me with a little more detail which Isn't shown on the plan. The main bits for me are the ladder at rear and some side panel plates. The other photos are also handy for extracting some building Information relating to the depth charges and torpedo-tubes.

HMS Diamond Update Six by McCluskey Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
Here are a few pictures of the gun turrets and how I built them along with the original turret. I will fix the barrels once sanded and painted.

HMS Diamond Build Update Five by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
They look really good! I've been wondering how to fit barrels Into the turrets, nothing on the plans so I'll have a play around see what works. Not had much chance to do much to mine, hoping to get a few hrs to do some tomorrow. How was the weekend? Regards Dave

HMS Diamond Build Update Five by McCluskey Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
The last few days has seen me tidying up the superstructure (Sanding etc). I also cut out the pieces for the Gun Turrets which has been a task and half given that some of the building Instructions were missing off the plan. However, I managed to finish these to a fashion and need to fill and sand a little more prior to coating with primer paint. The gun barrels were made from brass and BBQ skewers they seemed to have the shape I was looking for. Incidentally, I build all three turrets next to each other on a strip on masking tape and this worked really well for me. I also made up an alignment tool so that each gap where the gun barrels will eventually sit were the same measurement. This was useful when positioning some of the Inner walls too..... Just need some 1" dowel to fix gun barrels In place now. Day off tomorrow! Roy

Build Update by McCluskey Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
HI Dave you mention that you would like to have rotating gun turrets. I'm looking at Henglong Tank Turret motor do a google or look on eBay, but making me think along these lines. I've Had a full day rubbing down the hull today and applied further filler to finish. I should be In a position to put photos on tomorrow night. The weather here In the NE (Newcastle) has been FAB great for working outside.... Have fun. Roy 😎

Build Update by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 2 years ago
Hello, I've not had much chance lately to get much done, the photo's I've attached with this update show that I've added port holes to the side (and superstructure) I tried to find some pre fabricated "Navy" port holes but did not have much luck, I had a look at another build blog on a Destroyer and found he had used Eyelets you'd use on shoes! I thought I'd give It a go, I think they look good, some may argue It's not the original but It'll do for me 😊 I've also made a start on the turrets, I need to do a lot of sanding / smoothing before I attached them to the running gear and make sure they are level. Once I get to this point I am going to upload a video as I've not seen any "Simple" design solutions to rotating turrets for others to view, not being overly cleaver with the electronics just yet It may help others?? Last photo's are of the Hull with It's 1st coat of paint, I'm going for a darker Grey (Humbrol Sea Grey No-27) than the recommended light grey. I'll need to rub down with finishing paper and add a few more coats before I'm happy, I'll upload a few more close up when ready. Good luck with your build's Dave