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HYDROGRAF by Inkoust Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Wooden structure model fishing boats. Was done on his knee at home in the kitchen from the remnants of plywood, balsa etc. Motor 1 pc 600 with water cooling, 1pc battery NiCd 3000 mA. Excellent handling characteristics. Even though it was not good at handling the water looks great.

Thin Flat Timber by AlanP Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Yep, Ikea wooden blinds are a good source of Lime wood, unfortunately they have stopped making that sort, so it is looking in skip times. Cut into strips and the coating sanded off are excellent for plank on frame boats, also good for deck planking and will take a stain. Alan

Thin Flat Timber by sonar Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
I have been looking for some thin flat timber for another project for some time and ended up on Ebay. Then another thought have a look down the local tip seems I spend A lot of time there but I don.t I Just look about when throwing out something that I can Not give away on freecycle. Anyway looking through the paints again Yep bought 4 small tins Assorted colours. £1 and tripped over a window blind that was left leaning against the wall. Picked it up and realized it was a wooden blind. And Guess what it was wood constructed with thin strips and NOT plywood.A little under 3 mm thick and 25mm wide. I guess ripped down into very small strips it would be Ideal for those that make wooden boats or even strip wood hulls. So yet another £1 spent. and stored away for later use. I guess buying something like this from elsewhere could cost a small fortune. I am thinking that your local freecycle website may also be a place to look..For free wooden blinds.

To resin cover or not my ulises steam tug by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I would recommend you follow Mark's very sound advice. I built a Billings Mercantic (plank on frame with Cascamite) many years ago. Over time the planks split either side of the glue line. I had also followed the instructions but now cover all my wooden hulls as suggested. So much easier to do when building than several years later with all the paint removal and replacement of rotted wood. Good luck with the boat Dave

Job Lot of Model boats , parts , plans , books everything by cpc100 Apprentice   Posted: 3 months ago
ive a large collection of model boats (72) some complete some not complete , ranging from wooden to fibreglass the collection incs lots of new and used hulls , serious amounts of plans , new and old books , model boat mags , a lot of parts - props motors , radio controls , over 20 yachet sails with masts too much to mention and photograph if anyone is interested in this full collection or making a serious dent in the collection , contact me on phone 07941140146👍

Curl in a wooden sheet of 1/8" ply by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Onetenor Thank you for your advice, It is well taken. I don't generally work on wooden models, as my collection of boats are all made of plastic. Except for one it's my number 1 barge which I finished awhile back but, I didn't have any finishing supplies so I used Ducktape neatly of course. My number 2 barge I want to finish it correctly, as you recommend the use of varnish or resin. Ed

RC Turkish Traditional Fishing Boat by TürkiyeTR Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 months ago
It is wooden boat.

36 Rater model yacht by Rex3644 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 5 months ago
[Score: 8/10] 36"/4100g 36 Rater model yacht Powered by NiMH (6v) Batteries - Comments: Purchased at Henly on Thames wooden boat show in May 2016 again by my brother in law who likes to see me recycle old model boats. Thin GRP hull with stess fractures one mast and one thick canvas sail. Hull was coated with polyester resin and model aircraft wing cloth rubbed down and recoated with another application of resin rubbed down and painted with three coats Yellow machinery enamel after having been redecked with 1/16" ply fitted out with four turn sail winch and standard Futaba servo for rudder via flexible cable connection. As there are no restrictions on sail sizes and the original mast was in three sections at 196cm I replaced the centre 40 cm shorter in effect creating a no2 or B rig from Mylar type plastic sheet. Jib and Main made from four panels each and using a Claudio Gadget to create a curve in each sail. Having sailed on very calm day several issues presented themselves which need to be addressed in the sail department. Not too many photo's of this type about but I have found one on MYA website which I shall use to to make amendments i.e. new sails and gooseneck.

boat windows by englishbiker Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 months ago
hi guys, any one know a good link or post on building windows I,ve got a few 5feet cruisers I need to make windows for metal or wooden framed ive got 8 boats to do all big ones so cant buy any many thanks 😭

The Robert by skegness Lieutenant   Posted: 10 months ago
The Robert Broughty ferry lifeboat when it first appeared at the station (in Grey not Orange) Believe it or not I have never sailed her,only displayed I will put her on the water soon,the reason I chose grey as I do prefer the older lifeboats in grey as they have more character my opinion only,I have spoke to the owner of the real boat and he has said the only thing wrong is the flag pole , my is gold chrome not wooden (flag on front of hull) but when you get your transfers for nothing you don't worry.The real boat the Robert is in the Orkney Islands at Kirkwall and you can go on trips on her

hull paint by Westquay Lieutenant   Posted: 11 months ago
I've never used the glass cloth, but I do know epoxy, from models to full size wooden narrow boat cabins. I applied epoxy (WEST) to the new cabins I built with an old credit card. 2 coats. Then red oxide primer followed by 3 coats of enamel top coat gloss. By the time I sold the boat those cabins had gone through 3 winters and still the water ran off like a duck's back. I can't see how the glass can be safely or invisibly rubbed down with out seeing the overlaps in the finish. But I guess if you CAN rub it down invisibly it can't hurt, it just seems unecessary to me. Plus my work on a full sized boat kind of proves you don't need it. I have just epoxied the skin of my pre-War Marbehead yacht too, that'll be gently rubbed down and re-coated, then it'll be sprayed with enamel paint, using a touch-up gun and HMG enamel paint. I will not use acrylic for anything. On a new build, I have used cellulose sanding sealer to fill grain thoroughly (up to 10 coats, but they go on one after another it dries so quickly), followed by either self etch primer (because I have a load of it) and finally enamels. I do NOT mean Humbrols! The enamels I use are made by HMG and are intended for industrial/commercial vehicles. That's plenty good enough for me! I should also point out that I have 2 models which are now well over 50 years old and still bear their original enamel paint. No water ingress has ever occurred. Martin

USA model boat clubs ? by davet Petty Officer   Posted: 12 months ago
I recently acquired a beautiful large (50 inch) wooden English fast ccabin cruiser molde and I am in the process of acquiring a 34 inch model of a 1936 rc equiped hydroplane I am very familiar with the vintage model sailboat otganizations in England, USA, france, etc I wonder if there is a model boat club associated with wooden powerboats on the east coast of the USA any hlp would be appreciated Dave Thibodeau Concord NH USA

Crash hull skins by mooman Seaman   Posted: 1 year ago
Never done a wooden boat. All going well I am trying to figure out the way the hull skins go. As in do you fit the bottom one first and when and how do you trim the 2 in the middle. If anyone has any pics or can forward me a video that would be great. Thankyou

M, Tronics by Damon Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
The acceleration is left hand lever. I mount mind on small wooden frame for no reason other than piece of mind. I wouldn't use 11.1 in a boat probably power will shear motor out of hull. I use 4 MAX Purple Power 7.4-5000 mAh & that is more than enough power for what I use

Boat finish by lenzmeg Apprentice   Posted: 2 years ago
I have a used boat that has a wooden hull. I just put it in the water and discovered it has a few small leaks. It does have a transparent finish of some kind. I need to know what finish I can use that is transparent, help with restricting the leaks and is compatible with what is already on there. The person who built the boat is disceased but judging by the rest of the boat he has done things right.