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    Recent Posts
    πŸ“ What are peoples thoughts on the Frsky Tandem XE and Ethos
    8 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 19 Views · 4 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    Hi Dave I completely get where you are coming from and yes I think Frsky is moving to a proprietary or perhaps half and half measure with their ethos operating system. I also think for β€œtechy” guys like me NOT!(I know just enough to be dangerous) that there is an opportunity within this new system and its mixing capabilities to be adapted better than most to our nautical needs. Also with the amount of information / support out there painless 360, Mr D and Andrew Newton etc etc…. And even knowing that their main focus is drones and flying can easily be adapted to boating. I think the real kicker for mariners out of this system though is the third channel on each (twisty) stick and using it for bow and stern thrusters add in some mixes, β€œand bobs your uncle”.
    Not sure if you’ve had a chance to review my earlier post on this thread with reference to jan fabri and what he has done to modify the x20s, I think he 3 d printed and modified the twisty sticks one step further (very interesting!) by adding a throttle to the top of each twisty stick (so running four channels per stick). I believe this Jan Fabri is also the same person that was looking to have the x20s transmitter run 48 channels which Andrew Newton has demonstrated in his channel.
    As for the dual frequency aspect of the x20s yes for our needs probably over kill but at the same time adds a redundancy feature that protects the investment we have made in our boats, because not sure about the rest of you lot the costs do seem to creep up, especially if your imagination is allowed to run free.
    Lastly yes 20 years for a transmitter and new technology is very optimistic for an investment that becomes obsolete as it’s released these days so I’ll adjust my forecast 19+ years should do!πŸ™‚.
    Personally I think with the present technology and bits and pieces (3 d) out there for model ships these days and modelling in general, it’s an exciting time for our hobby, but it could also just be the drugs I’m on after having my hip totally replaced last week, either way life’s an adventure!
    I think someone once said it’s the journey and the people you meet along the way that counts.
    Cheers Michael

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    πŸ“ What are peoples thoughts on the Frsky Tandem XE and Ethos
    9 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 21 Views · 3 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    Hi simplesailor yes I have been subscribed to that channel for a while he’s very good there’s also another fellow β€œMr D” who is also very good. I’ve only recently (last couple of years) gotten back into rc after 40 years away I built a billing’s Bankert tug as the first project with a Spektrum rugged 5 channel radio thinking that would be way more than enough radio for boats and my future needs. I used 4 channels on it with the lighting and sound and it turned out nicely. However I just picked up the billing’s Fairmount Alpine and with the larger model came larger idea’s and 5 channels fell by the wayside very quickly.
    Amazing how the mind can come up with so many idea’s, so the Fairmount Alpine I’m thinking I would like to add the following rudder, throttle mixed(action P 94), bow and stern thrusters P 94 mixed or 3d gimbal( twisty sticks)on Frsky x20s, anchor winches, main tow winch, lighting, sound and this may be the hard part because of size cranes. As you can see I have managed to go over the allotted 5 channels that I already have on my Spektrum.
    I looked at the Spektrum radios for more channels and radios like the ix14 and 20 but the cost were nuts and very aircraft oriented. Hence the open source stuff but I’m not to β€œtechy” and a little leary to be honest but watching 360 and Mr D with the ethos especially with the β€œtwisty sticks” added to the transmitter has caught my attention and they seem to make it sound relatively simple. Seems a quality radio and the ethos seems to be a simple half measure to full open source ( kinda open source for dummies). My main goal with the transmitter is to buy one good one that will last the next 20 years and be done with it and I think the Frsky x20s with 3 d gimbals may be the ideal radio for boating (even though initially designed for a/c).
    Uhmmmm do you think my mind is going crazy with ideas from the length of this post.
    And, yes there’s always an β€œand” the lovely wife has signed off on all of this, who else can say that!

    πŸ“ What are peoples thoughts on the Frsky Tandem XE and Ethos
    9 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 44 Views · 3 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    I just came across this fellow on YouTube and he likes to stay low key hence I can’t link to him any easier than by this way.
    My apologies!
    However his mod for the FrSky x20s for model boats is I think every rc model boat enthusiasts dream radio package his video is only a minute long but it speaks volumes.
    Go to his channel and then click on β€œFrSky steer pods”.

    πŸ“ What are peoples thoughts on the Frsky Tandem XE and Ethos
    9 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 74 Views · 5 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    Hello Everyone

    I have done a lot of poking around and and have not found much on the forums about Frsky Tandem XE radio perhaps its to new, hence the following.

    I'm building a Fairmount Alpine Tug and am wanting to put lots of little extras on it and yes Mark T's build has given me lots of inspiration. I need to purchase a radio that can accommodate these little extra's( yes I have the wardens approval) as the radio I have now is only 5 channels(Spektrum DX 5 Rugged) and not sufficient to accommodate my idea's. I had originally looked at the Spektrum IX 14 and NX 20 because of there simple plug and play features but there price point is out of my range. Now I was pointed to the Frsky units by a fellow by the name of Westwind but was a little leery as they are open source and I just didn't know enough about them. I have literally spent hours on You Tube learning about Frsky and the Ethos operating system and it seems to be user friendly and straight forward. I was first drawn to the Tandem X 20 S as it seemed to do everything that I wanted at a reasonable price but last night I came across the Tandem XE and it has the same operating system Ethos as the X 20S BUT "this is the kicker" it has an option for 3D stick gimbals. When I look at that option my first thoughts were Throttle on left stick, rudder on left stick, bow thruster on left stick 3d gimble and stern thruster on right stick 3d gimble. It seems this radio is much more suited to the non aviation group and I am looking for peoples thoughts and feedback on this transmitter and Ethos operating system.



    πŸ“ Working crane
    10 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 30 Views · 2 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    Hi Westwind

    I think the link below will solve your problems and it also has a diagram for connecting things up. Most of the parts can be sourced on amazon for a fraction of the price. The only draw back is you will need 3 channels per crane.

    πŸ“ Radiomaster transmitter bind to Spektrum 14 channel tecievrr
    10 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 18 Views · 3 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    Hello everyone
    My question is fairly specific in I would like to know if the Radiomaster tx16s will bind and work with a spektrum 14 channel receiver specifically the SPMAR14400T. I know that many spektrum receivers work with Radiomaster but would like to know if this particular one does. Has anyone have experience with this or could add some thoughts. I need 14 channels for a boat that I am building but find the spektrum prices very high. I’m looking to buy one radio that will cover everything for years to come.

    πŸ“ Thoughts on Spektrum RC units
    10 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 34 Views · 0 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and feedback. I have one more question, what is the largest number of channels that one has used on a build. I’m starting a Fairmount Alpine and have calculated that I would need 10 channels and that doesn’t include a working crane if I can figure out how to make it work. I would like to buy one radio to cover all my needs going forward for years to come. The radios I’m considering are the Spektrum NX 10 , IX 14 or perhaps a frsky. Thoughts and comments appreciated.

    πŸ“ Thoughts on Spektrum RC units
    10 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 60 Views · 3 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply
    Thank you everyone for your input seems spektrum is expensive but a quality unit. I also have a spektrum dx5 rugged that I very much like and am using in a bankert tug with working sound and lighting but have used up most of the channels. I am now building a Fairmount Alpine and am wanting to add so much more to this build with all the extra room in it. I am considering a one time purchase of the new spektrum ix 14 as the alpine will use all of these channels and I will be covered for any further builds going forwards.

    πŸ“ Thoughts on Spektrum RC units
    10 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 83 Views · 0 Likes
    πŸ“ Reply

    Just wondering people’s thoughts on Spektrum RC products


    πŸ’¬ Re: Dusseldorf
    11 months ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ champdriver ( Able Seaman)
    ✧ 26 Views · 2 Likes
    πŸ’¬ Add Comment
    That is one very nice boat! The attention to detail is superb.

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