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12th Nov 2013
Last Online
31st Jan 2019

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Member No. 2633
Registered 12th Nov 2013
Last Online 31st Jan 2019
City Danbury
Country United Kingdom
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Maldon Blackwater Model Boat Club
Since: 1st Dec 2014
Type: Pleasure Craft
"Sheila Jane"
Type: Working Vessel
Type: Yacht
Type: Yacht
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Windows, stoopid question. by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
I had so much trouble with windows my new computer is a Mac...

Build manual/ instructions by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
Ron, you can get all thevents information you'll need from the Association of Model Barge Owners website. Incidentally, for a sailing model, the best scale is 1/24th i.e. 1/2 Inch to one foot which gives a hull length of about 42 inches.

Park lakes by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
I always smile when reading of problems with "Councils". Usually it's just some "jobsworth" in a (Parks)department with a personal attitude. We once had general lack of cooperation from one Parks Superintendent who had no time for those "Old Farts" with their toy boats. He was very unpopular and eventually moved on. Life at the pondside was greatly improved.

Council madness... by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
I think you've missed the point Admiral. The ducks were plastic so I don't think their digestion suffered! We still laugh when we recall the wardens face when he discovered the ducks weren't real !

Council madness... by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
I've just been reminded of an incident on our local pond a few years ago. One of our club converted a duck decoy into a radio controlled model complete with four little ducklings towed behind on transparent fishing line. It looked so realistic that a woman within her two daughters started chucking breadcrums at them. Then a park warden came along and told them to stop as white bread was not good for the birds and it also polluted the water!

Council madness... by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
We need to show these jobsworths and nimbies that they don't rule the roost. Go sail your boat- but I suggest without the siren!

"Carousel" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 10 months ago
[Score: 7/10] 36"/1800g "Carousel" Capable of 1mph and a runtime of 15mins Single Propellor (2 Blade S Type 20mm) Direct Drive - Comments: Typical of a Victorian/Edwardian Thames River boat. Single cylinder engine with boiler fired with two "Tea Lights" Twin side paddles, working navigation lights and rudder control.

Any clues? by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 10 months ago
This is certainly NOThe the model of a Thames or Coastal barge hull The proportions are all wrong and it has a keel-a Thames/Coastal does not. Also the rudder is wrong for a Barge which .has the rudder hung from a stern post.

New Club Website by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
Our new club website is now up and running.

"Sheila Jane" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
[Score: 8/10] 45"/6000g "Sheila Jane" - Comments: This Is a scale model of a Grand Banks Schooner of the type operating out of the east coast of America at the mid/end of the nineteenth century. They were designed for both speed and cargo capacity - to catch as many fish as possible and race back to port for the best price! This model Is a restoration project with new masts, spars rigging and sails and a complete repaint job to traditional colours. This photo shows the model after most of the work has been completed - still topmasts and remaining sails to fit. She will sail with radio control on all sails except jib topsail (yet to be made) and can be reefed down to main, foresail and jib In heavy weather.Now completed and sailing beautifully. All sailsails controlled by a single sail arm servo. "Sheila Jane" is on far right of photo.

"Ripple" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
[Score: 8/10] 27"/800g "Ripple" - Comments: This Is a static scale model of a 26 foot gaff rigged cutter that was built In Maldon, Essex In 1933. It was featured In an Issue of Classic Boat when It was fully restored and refitted In 2006. The model, which was built probably more than fifty years ago, was passed to the new owner as part of the sale and has been treasured by him for many years. The model was In poor condition and still painted In the colours, green and white, prior to the 2006 refurbishment. The rigging was Incomplete and the cotton sails were rotten. The restoration of the model Included repainting the boat In the 2006 colour scheme as It appears In the Classic Boat article, new blocks (painted white as on the full size boat) new working rigging and new sails.The full size craft has been sold and Is now based In Scotland.

s.b. Vigilant by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Damon, I suggest you look at the website of AMBO - the Association of Model Barge Owners for more Information also the excellent site of where you will find all the Information you are likely to need about building a model barge. Incidentally Its the sails that are radio controlled on my model, not the mast! It Is flat bottomed but has a detachable keel weighing 3kg. The overall weight Is 6kg. Good hunting!

s.v."ELKE" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
This model of a German North Sea FishingTrawler was built from a Graupner kit In January 1974. The crew are South American, the dog Welsh the owner English and her home port Is Maldon. She Is powered by a 6volt 400 motor coupled with a Viper 15amp controller and my Spectrum radio outfit. The 6volt 10 amp gel cell also acts as ballast.

s.b. Vigilant by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Hi! Damon, Model barges are different to most other model boats as there are very few plans available to work from. There are some fibreglass hulls for sale based on past or existing full size craft and they cut down building time considerably compared with a plank on frame build. Depending on which hull you use, the amount of detail you Intend to Include (and what time you have available) the build could take anything from 3 to 18 months. My "Vigilant" was built from measurements taken on board the full size vessel and Is to a true scale of half Inch to one foot. The main, topsail, staysail and jib are all radio controlled. The mizzen Is attached to the rudder and the foresail runs free on the fore horse as In a real barge. The sails are sewn on a machine with the bolt ropes and reefing points hand stitched. The brails can also be adjusted to reduce sail. Cheers.

s.b. Vigilant by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Scratch built to 1/24th scale this Is a model of a famous coastal barge built In 1904 at Mistley for the Horlock fleet. Sailed to victory In the1928 Thames Barge Match with Chub Horlock at the helm she won five "firsts" In her one race - a feat never achieved before or since. You can read about this exciting race In Chub's biography "Mistley Man's Log". S.b.VIGILANT can now be seen at Topsham In Devon where she Is under extensive restoration.

"Moonraker" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
[Score: 8/10] 54"/8500g "Moonraker" - Comments: Greatly modified" Moonbeam" pond yacht kit. There are at least seven of this model In our Club and every one Is different! There are at least two rigged as schooners. This because whilst the hull Is superb, the rest of the kit Is poor. Improvements Include changes to the standing and running rigging, sail areas, deck fittings and sail controls. All terylene sails are controlled by an eurgle winch operated system from a Spectrum DS 6I radio outfit. Ballast Is 10lb of lead shot set In resin. Moonraker sails In the slightest puff and,suitably reefed, In quite strong breezes.

"ELKE" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
[Score: 9/10] 27" "ELKE" Capable of 2mph Single Propellor (3 Blade 20mm) Direct Drive to a monoperm (3 Blade) Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 4Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through viper (15Amps) ESC - Comments: 1973 Christmas present Graupner kit. Launched February 1974 and sailed for a couple of years fitted with McGregor 3 channel 27meg radio. Consigned to attic where It remained for next 35 years! Relaunched 2009 with original motor and radio still going strong. Motor finally packed up 2010 so decided to "upgrade" with new power unit and 2.4 gh spectrum receiver to match my other models.

"Elke" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Hi! Alan I built an Elke In January 1974 for my son. We sailed It together for a couple of years and then he lost Interest (girls!) It spent the next forty five years In my loft (The model - not my son) until l resurected It a few years ago and, after a bit of a dusting and a spot of glue, relaunched It. It still had the original McGregor Digimax radio and speed controller fitted which, after renewing the batteries In both the receiver and tranny, still works a treat. I've since added a crew and some other refinements and It's often Included In our Club displays. Hope you get as much enjoyment from your model as we have.

s.b."Vigilant" by commodore Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
[Score: 9/10] 48"/7800g s.b."Vigilant" Controlled Through none ESC - Comments: Scratch built 1/24th Scale radio controlled model of well known Sprittie Coastal Barge built 1904 at Mistley on the river Orwell. Sailed for many years by Chub Horlock, one of the famous family of barge skippers, owners and barge racers of the period between the two world wars. Vigilant Is currently (2014) being restored at Topsham In Devon. The model has no engine Installed but sails beautifully. All sails are functional and can be reefed as required by wind conditions.