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    Recent Posts
    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    2 months ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Hi Brian, if you click on the link from my post which has the video, you should be able to save the video to your computer. There should be a link in the upper right corner of the video.

    Best of luck with the kit!!! Take your time and work through things in the plans that don't make sense. Word of caution within the very first steps of the plans the keel is not represented correctly. In other words, they give you a pattern for the keel and it is not even close to what it should. You will ruin a real nice piece of wood if you use the Dumas drawing as they indicate.


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    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    1 year ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Thanks for the kind words all!!

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    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    1 year ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Hi guys. I have just completed my Dumas Mt. Washington. Almost 2 years in the making. I attached a link and hopefully you can view the running model.

    I have to say that I was not at all happy with the kit as mine was the vacu-form kit with the decks all being of the PVC flavor and all other build parts were plastic.

    I have over two pages of notes of things wrong with the Dumas instructions and they (Dumas) quit being of any help. I'm sure I'm persona non grata at this point.

    Specifically, I learned right on the first couple of build instructions that there were major errors. The first being the keel pattern (which they said to make
    from their full size plan) wasn't even close.

    The hull vacu-form wasn't cooled right or something before it came out the machine as it was distorted and made it difficult to continue the build.

    When they changed to all plastic, they did not update any of the plans or pictures except the hull if that was indeed fiberglass at one time. Soldering of railings on the decks which are plastic (previously wood) was not a good idea in their plans so the pattern had to be transferred to plywood with hope you got the transfer right, and then, move the built railing back to the PVC structure.

    Not enough material provided in some cases, wrong material in others, wrong plans on the lifeboats and drive rod, step references wrong in some cases, set screws missing for paddle wheels, mounting screws wrong for motor, castings were very poorly made and body filler had to be used. On and on and on, but to finish it, even the flag was cut wrong with half of the top stripe missing.

    While I do appreciate the amount of effort that went into the research, design and providing materials for this kit. I think some prudence could have been exercised when the kit materials were changed. Maybe even an updated PDF with corrected plans.

    In the end, I think it came out great. I added lights, sound, smoke and deviated in a lot of cases from the plans particularly when melding the various decks and walking beam to the model.

    Probably will never see the water but it makes a great shelf looker (my opinion).

    One other note on the casting stuff. Before the Mt. Washington, I completed Dumas' large 52" Carol Moran which came out really well. The castings on this boat were made from some plastic injected stuff which almost looked like it was foam. All the fittings looked like Swiss cheese and a lot of work/body fill to get them proper.

    So...... not sure I helped anything here but of great help along this journey was Nick Jacalone from Harbor Models and Peejay of this discussion when it came time for the paint scheme.

    Switching gears for awhile at this time and working on and old Mantua HO Mikado steam engine kit I got off ebay. Tiny stuff!!!

    Best regards,

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    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    2 years ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
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    Thanks Peejay, yes it's curious. The Mt. Washington was originally built and owned by the Boston and Marine Railroad. I have seen pictures where the railroad name was also on the boat underneath the paddlewheel housing. It was sold by railroad in the 20's and I'm sure that's when the railroad name came off for good.

    I saw that about the gray on the housing as well. As for the ventilation holes, I suspect but have no clue for sure, that these vents could be opened/closed for what ever reason.

    Thanks again for the pics and now you can see my curiosity in terms of what color to make the top of the covers. At least 4 different colors in the pics you sent. I think I'm going to just leave them white like some of the earlier postcards/pictures and pics I could find of the Dumas build.

    I've included two pics FYI. The B&W pic is actually from a glass negative I bought and had blown up. The people at the photo place said the negative was from the 20's. You can see the covers were painted here.

    The othe pic is one I found of the model from a show in Ohio I believe. It looks like the Dumas kit from the paddle wheel construction.
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    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    2 years ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Got it, thanks!
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    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    2 years ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Hey Peejay, the smoker I'm using is from Harbor Models. I'm also using the Harbor Models power distribution unit which has been great and will allow me to turn on the whole boat with one switch. The sound module also came from Harbor Models and is timed with the speed control. The smoker output is also timed with the engine speed as well.

    Nick Jacolone from Harbor Models has been a tremendous source for the electronics, boat fittings and a gigantic help when I have my stupid moments putting it all together. These are moments are becomming more frequent the older I get BTW!

    Here's the link:
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    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    2 years ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Thanks Peejay! Very helpful. I have been acquiring some old postcards from the Mt. Washington era and unfortunately there is a lot of variation, more liberty I suppose, on the colors used on the postcards. I also have a signed copy of the "Farewell Old Mount Washington" but no color on any of the photos in the book.

    One of the areas I'm stuck on are the colors that go around the top of the paddle wheel box. Some pictures have it in white, some colored. I'm beginning to think that the paddle wheel box was covered with something (canvas?) later in it's life as a way to preserve the paddle wheel box. The further curiosity in addition to the timeframe and why this was done is the color used here. Some pictures I've seen show the deck floor being grey and then flowing with the same colors over the paddle wheel box. Then I've seen others where the deck floor and the color (greenish) over the paddle wheel box being different. The Dumas model pics I've seen show the boxes without the color on top of the paddle wheel boxes.

    Your pictures and info have been a termndous help and I appreciate your reply!πŸ‘
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    πŸ‘€ 17 Views
    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    2 years ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Thanks for the info Ron. I have been collecting some old postcards on e-bay and was able to get a signed copy of the book "Farewell Old Mount Washington" which has a lot of pictures but non-colorized. I think I'm getting close to deciding what the colors would/should be. Thanks for the help!
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    πŸ“ Mt. Washington - Dumas Kit
    2 years ago by JEFFSUED ( Able Seaman)
    Hi folks, working on Dumas' Mt. Washington steamboat kit which has been quite a challenge deciphering plans, etc. I've been working on it since September of 2018 and I am finally at the point of painting/assembling. The original Dumas kit was a fiberglass hull with wood decks but this kit is vacu-formed with plastic decks both of which have been challenging.
    The boat is radio controlled, steam sound, has a smoker, lights, bell and whistle sound, etc.
    I'm having a problem determining proper paint scheme for the detailed parts of the boat particularly on how they did the paint behind the paddle wheel box "window", colors around the boat i.e. rub rail, railings, etc.
    I'm trying to make the boat as authentic as possible and would appreciate any color pictures of the boat folks have done, recommendations, etc.
    Tried to contact Dumas but no response to date.
    Thanks in advance!!!
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    πŸ‘€ 15 Views

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