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4th Mar 2018
Last Online
16th Apr 2018

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Member No. 4848
Registered 4th Mar 2018
Last Online 16th Apr 2018
City Paignton
Country United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Genesis by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
[Score: 9/10] 38"/3000g Genesis Capable of 15mph and a runtime of 20mins Single Propellor (2 Blade S Type 35mm) Direct Drive to a 3674 2074KV (2 Blade S Type) Powered by LiPoly (14.8v) 4Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Hoddyking 125A Water Cooled (25Amps) ESC - Comments: I bought this boat to give me some running time whilst I complete a major overhaul of my Patrol Torpedo Boat and build my Police Launch kit. I plan to try it for the first time next week in my local river. I would like to thank Doug (RNinMunich) for all his help to get the boat connected electrically as I have not used brushless before and needed to complete quickly. The boat is on it`s way Doug. Note. It is faster than 24km/h. Ran out of options. The instructions say 55km/h.

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
I had the colours mixed but unfortunately I could only get 2.5 litres of each. Enough for 100 boats I think. 🤓 I will start the spraying when the weather warms up a bit. That leaves me time to start on my new Police Launch project. Oh and launch and test my new twin hulled offshore power boat.😱

LiPo batteries by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
Thanks. I am glad I only have to fly with it once.😊

LiPo batteries by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 18 days ago
Please can I get some advice on LiPo batteries. I intend to buy a 3300-5000mAh battery to run an offshore power boat model. I will be taking the battery with me to Hungary to use on my local river which I have found is ok as hand luggage properly protected from short circuit. My problem is that at present, I only go there three time a year so the battery would remain unused for 4 months at a time. If I leave the battery with a safety charge, will it last for four months unused or will it fall below the critical voltage. If it is felt that it will not hold the charge, I will have to carry it with me forward and back. Thanks.😊

Renovating my Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
Thanks Boatshed. I have now purchased a brushless motor which I am making a mount for. I have a feeling that the lack of speed will be dramatically improved. I hope the hull will stand up to this dramatic improvement in power.😊

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
I would like your opinions please. I would like to paint the main deck and sides green and the anti fouling red. In my opinion, the best matches are RAL6020 for the green and RAL3007 for the red. It has taken me hours to come up with these but I would like second, third and fourth opinions. I have included a sample picture I found on a Google Image search. Thanks.😊

Renovating my Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Dennis. I have already purchased a brushless motor which will improve the performance significantly, I hope. One of my concerns for this change was whether the prop shaft could handle the four fold increase in RPM. The shaft is around 12" long. I am considering whether to make a nylon/acetal bush and push it up the shaft approximately half way to try to eliminate shaft whip should it occur. Is this thought to be necessary or am I concerned about nothing.😊

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
Thanks Jarvo and Doug. I will have a look around. I think there is a place nearby. I will ask my friends who run a garage opposite to my factory.😊 I will have to take some boat pictures with me for a colour match. Sanding to complete today, I hope, and then preperation for sanding sealer and my newly peuchased primer filler. Lots of work ahead. I bought another easy kit to do so I will start a second build blog soon. This one is a Police Launch with an ABS hull. The hope is that I can do both projects at the same time. Doing two things at once is not usually good for me. I have got the urge to get a boat onto my river as soon as possible. I just bought a cheap twin hull offshore power boat to keep me going.I go to Hungary in a few weeks so will send it there to try. I will video the test as it will be the first time in years since I sailed a boat, but a first for one capable of this sort of speed.😱 I will post pictures when I finally remove all of the paint from the MTB. I really appreciate all of the help given. It removes the trial and error which can be costly. Thanks.😊

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 26 days ago
Thanks Doug. I bought some primer but can use on another project. I will find the filler primer recommended. I bought sanding sealer also for when I am happy with the preperation. I have a 24litre tank compressor and special regulator and moisture bottle in the line. I also bought a second airbrush with a slightly larger jet. I know that you are in Germany, but would I find the acrylic paint in large quantities in a decorating shop? Professional paint outlet? Seen tiny pots in the modelling shop but I would need loads of those. 😊

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago
Thanks Colin. Sounds even better. I will be spraying the whole boat Doug. All I don`t think I will do is the different camouflage colours. I will do the botton in antifoul red with a close match of Pacific green for the rest. Good luck with the removal of the brittle parts. I will not be tackling mine for some time as I have so much other work to do first. I will be watching your blogs with great interest. 😱

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago
Thanks Kevin. A model shop just gave me a good tip. Buy a car screen washer pump for the water cannon on my new project Police boat. They said it would be cheaper than the model pump. Halfords next place to visit. Glad I could be of help Doug. I have bought the 50cal. guns to match the carriages. The assembly instructions are available on the site. Still worried about breaking them whilst removing them from the sprue.🤔I am a precision engineer but this still fills me with nerves.😱

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 28 days ago
Thanks for all of your help. This is really useful information. I think I will leave the camouflage and just keep to the base colour. Would you paint to the waterline in matt red. I have looked at the shapeways site and they sell Mk 12 carriages in 1:35 scale which I think yours is at 28" over 80`. The gun tub was only placed on the deck for the photo. I have several pictures now showing the correct position. I will alter it and fit just before painting.😊 Thanks again. Peter.👍

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 29 days ago
Hello Canabus. Please can I take you up on the pdf files of the plans for my boat. I have an A0 printer so should be able to print them full size. I have looked all over for the originals without success. I am learning a lot as I go and wonder, looking back, if I have made a mistake. I bought the 3648 1450kv motor, yes, the beast. Just cannot help myself!!😁 Now that I understsnd these motors a lot more, I realise that it is an outrunner. Do you think I need water cooling and if yes, how is this done when the main outer can is rotating.😊🤔 Thanks.

Sanding down. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 30 days ago
Started the long job of sanding down today. I think this is going to take a while. During last week I spent the time removing all of the deck parts still attached. The motor, rc gear, rudder, batteries and prop shaft have also been removed leaving the basic hull and decking superstructures. I have visited my local model shop today to see if I can sort out the paint. I have decided on acrylic but the cans are so small that I would need loads. I also cannot find a suitable red for the hull bottom. I am looking for matt. I was also considering making the main colour Pacific Green or similar. I have found Navy Grey which might have to do. If anybody can help with where to source suitable paint in reasonable quantity I would be grateful. I have purchased the sanding sealer and primer. I was considering air brushing the whole project but not so sure now. Any thoughts?😁 I have taken pictures of the progress so far. A lot of sanding still awaits me.😡 I purchased two Mk 17 gun carriages for the tubs. I cannot believe it but they fit perfectly. A picture of these is also below. One last question for now. Should I brush paint, air brush or spray can. The boat is 40" long. Another long day of sanding tomorrow but with greater care as I am tackling the skins. I remember how thin these were when I originally constructed the model.🤔

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks Doug. Finally found the Robbe on Amazon for £42 plus delivery. I took your advice and ordered it as it appears to be the only one left anywhere. I will leave the battery until I get nearer to the re-launch. I also purchased the monitors and balance unit. There is no point in starting from total scratch. Thought it safer to follow your lead. Thanks. 😊Peter.

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Doug. Would you mind giving me your thoughts on this charger please. Thanks. Peter.😊 Charsoon Antimatter 2X300W Had to think twice about going to Cornwall model boats. It is a warehouse and not a shop.😡

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks Doug. That really helps me. I have read a lot about LiPo batteries and now have a better understanding. This experienced help is perfect. I did buy the 100A car ESC as recommended by Canabus but Hobbyking did not have the suitable programmer. I have left a message so they will respond when a new supply arrives. I have looked elsewhere for the programmer but all of the stockists I found do not have any stock. Supply problem? Thanks again for all of your help. A lot of sanding down and painting awaits me for the next few weeks. I plan to drive to Cornwall Model Boats this weekend to see how it looks. I am getting that hollow feeling that I should get a new kit to run alongside this rebuild. Just for a change now and again you understand😁. We will see. Peter.😊

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks Doug. Do you have a preference on a charger and is the monitor I saw you mentioned in an earlier post important. Finally, for now😁, would a 5000mAh battery 3s be about right for the 1450kv brushless motor I bought. Thanks. Peter.

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks Mark. Is there an advantage in using two 2200mAh batteries in parallel instead of one 5000mAh or is it price. Do you have any views regarding a particular charger. I have never used LiPo batteries before and I read they can be problematic if not used correctly.😊

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hello. I hope I can get a little help with battery choice. I have been reading the comments above and elsewhere on the site, and have decided to go along the LiPo route. I purchased the Turnigy 3648 1450kv brushless motor along with the Hobbyking brushless car ESC 100A w/reverse. I have done a little research on this battery but still do not know the exact battery I should be looking for. Please can you help with the following: What voltage should I be looking for. To have a reasonable useage period, can you advise on a suitable mAh rating. Please can you recommend a charger. Should I have a charge alarm. Should I have a monitor for cell voltage. Are there any other accessories I should have. Thanks in advance. Peter.😊

Renovating my Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
I built this Aerokits Patrol Torpedo boat over about ten years and finished, as I found painted under one of the life rafts, in 1993. I sailed it at my local pond and all went very well. The only problem I had was the speed. It was quite slow. The MFA brushed motor was strong but slow. I have received a lot of help so far on this site for which I am grateful. I have decided to do a complete renovation which is scheduled to be completed whenever. I work all day so can only spend limited time doing this. We will see how it goes. I must admit that I am not too concerned with the result being authentic to the prototype. If it looks good and I like it, that`s good. Sorry if you like things to be perfect to the original. If you see something I plan to do which you feel can be tackled differently, please shout. I may not always follow advice but I will always listen. I have attached a few pictures of the boat as it is for reference. It`s still not too bad for 35 years old. Just in case you notice, I have no idea as to why I thought it was a good idea to block the Captains view with a gun tub.😱 I will be stripping the deck back to bare bones soon so will post more soon. Thanks for looking and in advance for all the help that I am sure is just around the corner😊

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Biggles. I am at a very similar level to you. I am seeking help from the kind members so that I can improve my skills. I built this boat in 1993, which by the way, I had no idea about until I removed one of the life rafts to find I had painted the completion date on the bottom. I am currently stripping the paint and trying to get advice on the painting method. At present I am tending to favour air brushing Revell aqua paint but I am open to other views. As for the spray rail, my boat has never gone fast enough to need them. To be clear, is this the rail around the joint between the hull and deck which my boat has. Told you I was a beginner as well. With the more powerful motor, anything that keeps water from the electrics must be good. The gun was supplied by Battlecraft in Bideford. It is in 1:24 scale. I have just purchased a 40mm Bofors for the stern. Nothing like a lot of weapons. Perhaps I should have some torpedoes one day.😁 I have just bought a 3648 1450kv motor from Hobbyking for mine. I am advised that this will sort out my slow speed problem. I have also been advised to fit Lipo batteries. I probably will once I get over the thought of a large fireball on the river or in my house during charging.😉 Would love to hear how the renovation goes. I am considering starting a build blog as it might be a good source of gaining extra knowledge. I am not sure if a restoration will be ok on the build blog so I would appreciate if a member in the know could comment on this. Work keeps getting in the way of my plans but one day!! Peter.😊

Hull exterior. by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
If only my paint finishes could look like that. Looks superb.👍

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hello RNM and others. The 20mm gun arrived today. I am really pleased with it. To my surprise, it does move up and down. It has no rotational movement. I will attach pictures at the end. I bought the "beast" motor that you suggested Canabus. I will have to see how it fits in. Do you think the universal joints I am using now are suitable or should I upgrade these considering the RPM. One other question I have for today is about paint. Can you suggest a suitable paint to use on my boat. I am not concerned about the colour, just the type/make at this stage. I read an article here earlier that suggested to use Holts car spray cans. What are your thoughts on this. I have an air brush if this is more suitable, but would like help on a suitable paint choice. I will attach the gun pictures now. If there is a particular angle you would like, please reply and I will try to add tomorrow. Thanks. Peter.😉

Guestbook Post by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
I have been a member of the forum for just over a week. I have to say that the help given by members is without limits. I am so pleased that I found these people. They enjoy the hobby and have no problem in sharing their knowledge and experiences even when they are busy with their own projects. I built a Patrol Torpedo Boat many years ago and wanted to refurbish it. The changes in the hobby which have taken place in the twenty years since I built my boat have surprised me. My project has grown from just tidying up the deck to a complete replacement of the motor and control. I now know that I can continue with the improvements knowing that there is a freindly helping hand just a few clicks away. My thanks to you all, and in a few years time I hope to be able to help others.😊 Peter. Paignton, England.

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks for all the information. I have purchased the motor, ESC, Tx and Rx for starters. I will sort out the batteries next week. Still considering the LiPo option. Thanks again for all the help. Peter.😊

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks Canabus. I have just checked out the transmitter/receiver sets. Very reasonably priced. I really do want to upgrade. The Turnigy is around £40 whilst the Flysky is around £34. Do you have a preference?😊 Would my Futaba servos still work or would I need to change these also. I know this might be a strange question, but as you can see from one of my pictures above, I have a servo operating the speed controller. How do you control an electronic speed controller with the radio. As for the battery, is the safety bag used to put the battery in for charging in case it catches fire? I am a little wary about using things that I may not have control over. I have been looking at brushless motors. Can you say a kv range I should be looking for to possibly increase the speed issue. You have mentioned 1100kv and others above but was just wondering what you would cosider to be sensible bearing in mind only one motor is practical witout major hull surgery. Can I assume that if a motor is given a kv rating that all motors are based on the same criteria, or are there other variables. Thanks. 👍

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Doug. I have just noticed that you have already answered my battery question in an earlier post. Do you have, by any chance, a legend for the MTB drawings you posted earlier. I cannot recognise some of the parts. The machine guns in the other picture look superb. I have found them on a website but it states they are brittle. Is this your experience with this kind of 3d printed item? Thanks.😉

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Looks busy in there. I would like to consider a motor upgrade to brushless. This would require a new electronic speed controller. I assume this migt need a radio upgrade as well. I read above that the NiPo battery would be required for a brushless motor. Is this correct or is there a safer alternative. The pictures below show my current radio set up. I run on 27Mhz. Please also not that my Captain thanks you as he can now see ahead. Will post a picture of the gun when it arrives. I think it does not move though.😊

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks Doug. The pictures will help me a great deal. The ELCO sounds right. The boat is 80 feet at 1;24 scale. 40 inches. I think that my radio gear is a little old. The talk of ESO`s made me do research. I will post a picture of my servo set up tomorrow. I think that area will need updating too. It will make most people laugh I expect. I have bought a 20mm gun from BattleCraft to see how it looks. Will post a picture when it arrives. Thanks for your help. Peter.😊