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4th Mar 2018
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20th Oct 2018

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Recent Posts
Must get the skins on before I pull all of my hair out!! by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 5 days ago
This build is proving to be much more difficult than I had expected. 😤 I think I started this project thinking that all of the parts were ready to fit and glue. As I went on, it became clear that this is not the case. Due to this, and as detailed in the earlier post, I have had to break down the glue joints of the hull frame, and reposition after deepening some of the assembly slots. I have re-assembled the bulkheads, stringers etc. and then started to fit the side skins. This has proven to be the most difficult task so far. You need six arms. After several failures, removal of all of the fixing tape and then starting again, they finally started to look reasonable. I watched a time lapse video on you tube and he seems to do it fairly easily. Oh well. 🤔 Now that I was happy with the fit of the sides, it was time to start on the bottom skins. I started by trying to form chamfers along the keel centre joints so that they look reasonable. Then I once again applied tape to hold them in position whilst glueing with my other three hands, I wish. This only took two attempts. I must be getting better. I still have most of my hair also. Next, I tried to mount the motors onto the angled bulkhead. The front location was very loose so I made a couple of thin silver steel rings to improve the fit. They work very well. 😊 Next job was to fit and align the prop shafts. I decided to make these solid joints and avoid the use of universal joints. The first motor went straight on with perfect shaft alignment. The second was not so good. After two hours of fiddling with a packer, I finally achieved perfect alignment. Next job was to give good joint strength and make the hull water tight. Rightly or wrongly I use a lot of glue to give that perfect seal. I used epoxy for all of the skin inner joints and Stabilit for the outer seams and joints. I used the Stabilit around the shafts as well which looks a little messy at the moment, but I will tidy all of this up next. I will paint the inner Stabilit with white paint to hide a little. This weekend I will do a water test to ensure it is water tight.😱 I think after that I will fit all of the electrics, servo and speed controller. Then I will spray the hull and the main deck prior to fixing together. I would be interested to know what others think about when to paint, before or after assembly, especialy regarding the hull. Enough for now.🤐 I will try to speed up the build a bit now as I am expecting the new 46" Crash Tender to arrive soon. Wood!!! Love it.😊

Where's our mate?... by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 14 days ago
Sorry to hear that you have not been well Doug. Hope you are back to 100% very soon.😉

Rebuild starts by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 16 days ago
Thanks Colin and Doug. I will give it a go. Thanks for the shaft information Doug. Is the length given for the assembly the length of the shaft or tube. Thanks again.😉

Rebuild starts by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 20 days ago
I was hoping to get some help. I am considering changing the prop shaft for a much stronger one. I am concerned that the existing 35 year old unit with plastic bearings might not stand up well to the new 1485 motor running at 22,000 rpm potentially, I think.🤓 Is there a method to removing old shafts without damaging the hull. If this is thought to be a viable proposition, please could I have recommendations for a 13" shaft with suitable bearings. Thanks. Peter.😉

Rebuild starts by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Doug. Thanks for the design. It looks really good and very adjustable. I have bought a 1485 brushless motor for the rebuild. A bit of a beast so I hope not too much. I think this is a lot more powerful than a 480 so do you think 8 or 10mm ply for the mount. Thanks.🤓

Rebuild starts by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Now that the primer coat is on throughout, does anybody have any ideas as to how I can mount the new out-runner motor I have bought for this model. Is there an adjustable mounting bracket on the market I can buy or is it make it myself. Does anybody have pictures of suitable mounts to give me ideas as to how to proceed. Thanks.😊

Boat lifting eyes by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Looks really good. I am a precision engineer but I still look in awe at the way you get around making small items. Sorry Doug, but this is the next project for me. With this blog to help with all of its detailed instructions, what could go wrong. Well except perhaps everything.😊

Rebuild starts by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Doug. Iwata do not do a 0.8mm nozzle for my air brush. I will look into whether my other cheap one can be altered.😊

Rebuild starts by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Well it has been a while but I can now continue with the renovation. I have purchased most of the weaponry from Battlecraft and I must say that I am impressed with the quality. I will add pictures of these later in the build. I have started to prime all of the wood. Removal of the final areas of the original paint was a task but I got there in the end. I have applied sanding sealer and rubbed it down with 1000 grit wet and dry. It is starting to look and feel quite smooth. Have you built the 50cal guns yet Doug? I would like to buy some but I am concerned that they might be a little brittle for me to handle.🤔 Just a couple of questions to ask before I get on. Can I have suggestions as to who supplies good quality wooden kits to build at reasonable prices. I need to consider my next project. I want to buy a 0.8mm air brush for the larger areas as I am finding 0.5mm too small. I have my eyes on an Iwata HP-EP. This is for sale on ebay new at £122. Are there any suggestions for a better and or cheaper solution. Thanks.🤓

Pilot Boat by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Wednesday did not go too well. I used a new method to hold the skins in shape but could not line them up as I would like with the stringers. The keel also looked a little up and down which was going to hinder the fitting of the bottom skins. I made the decision to carefully break some of the joints and re-bed the keel in place. I have broken it up and found a bit of a mystery. I have adjusted the keel which now sits in a much better place. The problem I have found, and possibly the cause of most of my alignment woes, is that the Transom seems to be sitting about 1.5mm low which in turn sets the heel too high (see picture). The stringers seem to agree with this as when I put a straight edge along them the last joint seems to drop. I will reset the Transom in line with the keel which in turn will lift its feet above the jig. I cannot explain why this is but I think my plan will solve the problem. I just hope that I am not adding to the problems later on. I cannot see why this should be. I thought it might be my baseboard not being flat, so I rotated the model 180 degrees on the board with the same result. I will try again to set the model in alignment and hope that the skins fit better. All of the evidence points to this being the source of my problems. We will see.😤

"IMARA" by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Super looking model.😊

Pilot Boat by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Mike. The bulkheads are all slotted as is the keel. The front of the keel is also located in a slot in the base board and so therefore all of the bulkheads are automatically held square in both directions. It has been glued and on a trial run, the skins fit well. I have been as careful as possible. The manufacturer has thought about assembly. The jig is not card. It is a strong sheet of 3mm Depron. If you see the picture above, you can see the slots for the bulkheads and the centre front slot for the keel. It does seem to keep everything in place very well.😊 I am going to try to fit the skins tomorrow. I wll report back if I don`t do myself an injury trying.🤓

Pilot Boat by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks Doug and Mike. I will use this when I attempt a scratch build next year. I have added a picture of the hull frame in the setting jig. It is surprisingly strong. I removed it only for the pictures.😊

Pilot Boat by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks Ed. I will have one more go and if that fails I will ask Cormorant.😊 mturpin013, The kit comes with a hull assembly base plate which aligns all of the formers in the correct position. I will add a picture with the hull in place tomorrow. I would like to see your picture though as I hope to do a scratch build in wood next year.😊

Pilot Boat by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Winter approaches again so what better than a new project, go along with the other two yet to be completed. I have excuses. Honest!! This new one is a bit different again. No wood at all this time. It is the Aero-naut Pilot Boat. I thought it didn`t look too much of a task but I think I will have to re-assess as it is tricky in parts. I have assembled the hull frame, which although the parts are rather loose fitting until glued went ok. I have, however, stumbled slightly on the next stage, to fit the hull skins. The instructions suggest to cellotape them in place prior to glueing. Not as easy as it sounds as considerable bending of the parts is required to get them to fit, too much for the tape. Does anybody know of an easier approach please. The ABS is extremely difficult to hold in position when trying to tape it, which incidently, does not hold anyway. Should I warm up the skins or will this distort them and give a rippled finish. Any help here would be appreciated.🤓 I will continue with the refurbishment of the Patrol Torpedo Boat for now as I have been trying to manipulate the sides of the Pilot boat into place for hours, no, days!!.😡😤

Fitting by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Well, best laid plans and all that. Things have not gone too well. I managed to transport the boat in pieces to Hungary as planned. That is where the plans changed slightly. The plan was to have a trial on the river by the end of my holiday. I was rudely interupted by beautiful weather so I spent a lot of time in the river myself instead. I have started to assemble the superstructure and completed the radar, which turns rather realistically when under power. I have added coloured LED`s to the navigation lights. I have mostly completed the painting and laquering. I assembled the hand rails but still have to paint them. I started to look into the electrics but had to stop when I found that the pump I purchased was not suitable for purpose. I put the pump under test and it only appears to work if fully submerged. Not really useful for a boat. I will search for a replacement.🤔 Just a small note, I have now found that the superstructure has warped slightly during painting. I fitted it really closely before painting but now it has twisted slightly. Very disappointed but never mind.😤 As I am now home until Christmas, there will be no further progress until then. I may not be able to trial until April as our river is often frozen at Christmas. Well I could not help myself and bought another kit. This next one is different and should be easier. It will be a Pilots boat. At the same time, I will now continue with the PTB refurbishment.🤓

LiPo batteries by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Doug and all. Delay in answering your post as for some reason, my phone was useless on the internet. I did not see your post about checking the capacity percentage until I returned home, so that is why in April my checks were not complete. On my return to Hungary a couple of weeks ago, I checked the batteries and they were both at 3.85 volts per cell and at 51% capacity. When they were new, they were at 31% capacity. My new smaller batteries were also at 30% capacity and when I left on a storage charge, they are also at around 50%. The new, lighter 4S batteries are 1800mAh. On the first full charge they only gave me 89% capacity. I used them both, unfortunately they lasted about 6 minutes each, and recharged. This time they charged to 99% and lasted 10 minutes. Hopefully they get a little better after a few uses. I am now back in England and when I left, all of the batteries were at around 3.86 volts per cell an 50% capacity. I will check again at Christmas but I will have to see if the Danube freezes to see if I can use the boats then or not.😉

Painting. by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Doug. Thanks. You are right about the first aid. Clumsy. Good that my wife is a nurse me thinks.😆 No. This is my first attempt at spraying anything like this. That is why I ask a lot of questions. I try to build up knowledge and the courage to have a go. I was lucky this time, so far anyway. It is not perfect by any stretch, nothing like yours, but I am relatively happy with it. Takes quite a while with a 0.5mm nozzle but once you get going, you soon learn that the paint does not go on too thick so the chances of it running are less, I think.

LiPo batteries by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Hello all. I have now returned to Hungary after 4 months. I left the batteries at a storage charge of 3.85v per cell. The reading now on both batteries is 3.85v on 3 cells and 3.86v on one. Strangely both batteries are exactly the same. Conclusion is that relatively new batteries hold their charge very well even if not used for months. I will keep checking them every visit. Unfortunately these batteries might not be used for a couple of years as I found that 2 4s 4500mAH units (using only one at a time with the other supplying balance in the water) were a bit too heavy for the boat and made it low in the water at the stern. I have replaced them with much smaller and lighter 1800mAH LiPo`s. We will see how long they last under load.🤓😉

Painting. by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Well another few weeks have passed and the build is progressing well even though work has taken up most of my time recently. I have started painting now and as expected, finding it difficult. Due to the time limit I have, only five days left, I have had to cut a few corners. Sorry Doug, I will try harder next time. I have decided to finish all of the parts before Friday and take them to Hungary with me to assemble. Not quite what I had planned, but I think there will be less or no breakage. I have added colour LED`s to the navigation lights also. I also have switches operated by the Radio. The Radar turns using an additional geared 6v motor and the water cannon will be working also...I hope. I include a few pictures to bring the build up to date. Trials should be in two weeks so long as I do not leave something important at home. I will add the final build pictures and video the event if I can finish in time.😉

Aerokits MTB, what is it?... by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Martin. It is currently at the top of page 6. I have attached a couple of photographs of the assembly instructions. Hope they are of use. Peter.😊

The Lone Ranger Rides Again or Hull Finishing ;-)) by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks Doug. Here goes then!😱

The Lone Ranger Rides Again or Hull Finishing ;-)) by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Doug. After spraying, how long is the minimum time before removing the masking tape. Acrylic paints used. Thanks.😉

Aerokits MTB, what is it?... by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Hello. I am updating the Aerokits PTB at the moment. I have had it for more than 30 years. I have been informed from several sources that it is an ELCO 80 foot. Unfortunately I have mislaid the plans. I am sure I have them here somewhere. If I find them I will try to copy and post here. I have pictured it in a Build Blog if you would like to look and see if it is the same model.😉

Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last! by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
So, that is where the 50Cal guns are supposed to be😁 Looks like a similar project to mine. I could sail close by but I would be alone. The local club closed years ago and the pond they used is now a no go zone for boats. The river at my house has no flow as such. It is a tributory of the Danube which has a barrier at each end. The total length, about 15 miles, is a nature reserve and the water level is adjusted to keep it constant.The ripples are caused by the wind. The flip was caused by a bad Captain......probably.😊

Krick Police Launch by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi The Blacksmith. I am enjoying the build. There is a lot more work in this one than I was expecting. I do not expect a great deal of speed from this model with only a 400 motor, but I will just have to wait for the first trial to find out. I have two other projects on the go but I am putting all of my spare time into this one as I would like to complete before the end of July. I am modifying the lighting on the model to make the blue light flash, add proper navigation lights and deck lighting. Thanks for looking and commenting on the build.😉

Police Launch. by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
The Police Launch is a Krick kit which I am currently building. It is a really nice project but, as usual, I just have to add things. The project is to make the blue light flash. The video shows the three stages of prototyping. The first is the circuit built on a Breadboard. The second part is the actual circuit reduced in size ready to hide inside the boat. The third part is the LED fitted in the incorrect position to show how effective it will be. I have added a trimmer pot to the circuit so that I can select a suitable frequency that looks right at a later date. Thanks to Doug for his help to get started and give me some hints about how the circuit works.🤓😊

Seeing the light by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
Thanks for the help Doug. I only had a 10K resistor between 200K and 4.7K. I fitted it and the result was perfect. Before I did this, I fitted a 220K to R2. The result was a much longer on time and overall frequency. For a Police flashing blue light the 10K is perfect. I have now assembled the finished item ready for fitting. I did a short video of the breadboard setup but it was 60Mb so too big to send Thanks.🤓😊

Seeing the light by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
Evening Doug. I have made up a couple of circuits. They both work well. I have fitted the variable resistor to your design and it works really well. The circuit components are as follows. R1=200k variable. R2= 4k7 resistor. Chip= 7555 CMOS. Capacitor after R2=10uf. Capacitor at pin 5 = 10uf. Single blue LED is 20mA with a 180r resistor. Battery voltage 6V. I have some strange results. The variable resistor works well but strangely, if I disconnect the capacitor at pin five, there is no effect to the flashing light at all. It still works well. There is also no effect if I increase or decrease the value. I am happy with the results but would like to increase the on time a little. Please can you tell me which component should be altered and whether the value rises or falls. Thanks for your help.😉

Seeing the light by MouldBuilder Captain   Posted: 4 months ago
Hello Doug. I will make the circuit as discussed so far and give you the results. I will try a few things and let you know how I get on. Thanks. 😉🤓