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10th Apr 2016
Last Online
19th Oct 2017

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Registered 10th Apr 2016
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Denatured Alcohol by octman Captain   Posted: 6 days ago
I bought the tin of Coleman's fuel for my camping stove(Coleman did camping stoves once, not sure if they still do). Has been on my shelf for quite a few years now so no wonder the UN number is out of date. Onetenor, was there supposed to be a link in your last post? Chris

Hobby Engine Richardson Upgrade by octman Captain   Posted: 16 days ago
Hi Neil,not sure what you mean about reversing. The steering in reverse is ok but nothing to write about, and with tank steering it seems to be much better on the port motor than the starboard one. Possible to do with water turbulence, but not really looked at it long enough to figure it out. My transducer or resonator also came from sound imports, and I had the same delivery experience as Dave. Chris

How do I find out the voltoge of my motor without it burning out by octman Captain   Posted: 16 days ago
I have several motors that all look very nearly the same. One I know is a Graupner Speed 600 which is 8.4v but of the other 2, one is said to be 12v(was working with an 11.1 lipo) and the other one is unknown. It has a built in cooling impeller so probably came from an electric tool of some sort. Neither of these 2 have any markings or labels. Is there any way that I can test them for their normal working voltages without endangering them? Chris

2 pounder by octman Captain   Posted: 17 days ago
I vaguely remember my mum saying that she worked in a factory in Birmingham during the war making something for pop-poms. She had no idea what is was or what it did! Chris

2 pounder by octman Captain   Posted: 17 days ago
No idea! I was asked by a fellow club member if I could find out the details of a 2 pounder.

2 pounder by octman Captain   Posted: 18 days ago
Ah! Will have to pass your info back up the chain. Thanks. Chris

2 pounder by octman Captain   Posted: 18 days ago
I have been asked if I can supply someone with the dimensions of a 2 pounder shell. Any offers? Chris

Hobby Engine Richardson Upgrade by octman Captain   Posted: 19 days ago
I have an old Southampton , off E.Bay a couple of years ago. I fitted the Components shop mixer, 2x 3400mAH NiMh packs(one for each motor)2 Mtroniks 15A Marine vipers, Technobots diesel sound system and also a Technobots 16 channel sound system. There is not a lot of spare space! I had a problem with the mixer eventually. It worked very well, as I did not think the turning circle in the original form was very good. I took it out eventually and went over to tank steering, which is OK but seems to be more effective in turning one way rather than the other, it's fine in a straight line. I found out after I had removed the mixer that the supposed problem was of my own making. So many wires inside that I was not in fact charging one of the battery packs so it ended up flat. Nothing wrong with the mixer at all! I mounted the engine sound speaker in the lower half of the cabin,where there was just enough room, where the window openings are not glazed(at least on my boat they aren't). Sound was OK but it was a bit lacking in volume, but I may need a higher power speaker, not sure as audio is a non area to me. The 16 channel unit is good in that a micro SD card is supplied with pre- recorded sounds, and instructions are given on how to record your own. The difficulty with this particular sound system is finding somewhere to put the second speaker as the 2 systems cannot be fed into the same speaker. It was a bit faint to say the least,possibly due to the tiny speaker I used. I tried to fit a transducer glued to the underside of the deck but there was no improvement so that is a work in progress. The inside of the hull resembled a very untidy birds nest! CHris

Denatured Alcohol by octman Captain   Posted: 24 days ago
My tin of Coleman's fuel says it is petroleum spirit UN1271, whatever that is. Unleaded I assume. Chris

Bournville Evening Event. by octman Captain   Posted: 30 days ago
I think that this is now on the 30th September 2017, according to their website today(21 Sept) Chris

HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE by octman Captain   Posted: 30 days ago
I have a Dragonforce 65, but not the latest version, and a Ragazza. The df65 is only 650mm so does not comply to IOM rules I would think, and from other forums, neither does the Ragazza, in spite of what it might say on the box. Not too sure of the Ragazza's failings with out finding the other forum but I think it is length of mast for a start. Chris

Denatured Alcohol by octman Captain   Posted: 30 days ago
I had a reply from HMRC stating that a change in the regs a few years ago allowed the production of meths without the purple dye. This is apparently CDA - Completely Denatured Alcohol. I contacted Bonneymans, the only UK supplier of this type of stuff that I can find, and they said that they had never heard of it, even after I had advised them of the HMRC advice. I replied to HMRC, as they had asked where/who I had been advised to use DNA, and I also told them of the lack of a supplier of CDA. Their reply was that they would not provide me with authority to buy DNA because I only needed a small amount, and CDA was adequate for my purpose. My interpretation of the rules was that small users, such as myself, did not need the authority anyway, but Bonneyman's seem to want this in writing. So in the end it looks like I will have to use purple meths. Oh dear. Chris

Logos etc by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks a lot. Plenty of info there to ponder on. All very interesting. It's amazing what this forum comes up with when someone asks a question. If I used vinyl logos do I still need to varnish over them as I would a water slide transfer? Thanks again Chris

Logos etc by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi there, for my current build I am toying with the idea of some fancy multi coloured, written logos along the sides, and on the transom. These will be to my own design once I can find a suitable multi coloured font. Any ideas how I would then create these and get them onto the model? I can only think of just printing them off and sticking them on the boat, but I can see that being a disaster. I don't think it will be too much of a problem designing them but after that I am floundering. Chris

What motor have I got? by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks Dave. Chris

What motor have I got? by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks Doug. The gear you refer to is actually just part of the prop shaft universal joint which I hadn't taken off. What about the impeller visible in some of the pics through the hole in the casing and the slightly different front bearing?Does this signify a difference between that motor and the other two? Chris

What motor have I got? by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Right, I hope this works! The can length is 57mm,can diameter is 35.7mm and the shaft diameter is 3.18mm. Photos are attached,fingers crossed.the motor with the impeller,if that is what it is, also has a bronze(?) front bearing, different to the other two. In one of the photos of one of the terminals there is a small wire coming out from the inside, matched by a similar wire on the other terminal. Does this signify that there are internal capacitors fitted? What does the small red plastic thing on the rear signify? Chris

What motor have I got? by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
I thought that would be the case. I will get my macro lens out then and bang off a few pics!

What motor have I got? by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
I have 3 apparently identical brushed motors. One I bought new, one came in a model and one was given. The one I bought recently is a Graupner Speed 600, but neither of the others have labels on them, although everything else is 99.99% the same as the new one. The only obvious difference that I can see is that one of the older ones appears to have an impeller in it so that the commutator is not very visible. Am I to assume that this might be another version of the Speed 600, that needs to be cooled a bit more than a standard one? Anyone know? Chris

correct size of wiring by octman Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
I apologise if this has already been covered here but I am now at the point of installing the motor in my new model. The motor is a Graupner speed 600, and the specs are : Nominal voltage 8.4 V Operating voltage range 4.8-9,6 V No-load rpm 15500 No-load current drain 1.8 A Current drain at max. efficiency 11 A Current drain when stalled 70 A Max. efficiency without gearbox 75 % If I use 8.4 volts what size wiring do I need? Do I need to cater for the 70A current or the 11A current, or somewhere in between, with a fuse? Sorry to be a bit dim on this but I am confused (with most things these days!) Chris

Sea Queen refurbishment by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Oh dear, I can't imagine anything more inconvenient than having a disabled index finger! It gets used for most things. Are you a lefty like me or right handed? Still a problem whichever. And I thought I had a problem last week with a modelling knife in my foot! Get well soon Colin.

Sea Queen refurbishment by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Back to the polyester! I have just read an item about coating wood with polyester, quoting an apparently well known Australian surf board maker, saying that there are chemicals in the wood that prevent the soaked in resin from setting. It sets on the surface and all appears well, but not deep down and it may all become detached some time in the future. Too late for me though as I have just done mine! Chris

Sea Queen refurbishment by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks for the reply Colin. You originally posted that you used polyester. Is that the same as styrene or a different thing altogether? Also, how runny was it when you applied it to the hull, like water or thicker? Chris

Sea Queen refurbishment by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Hello Colin, regarding your use of polyester resin inside the hull, did you use the standard mix and consistency or did you thin it,if so, what did you thin it with? Was is like water, or more "gloopy"? I have my supply of polyester ready to go but do not want to make a mess of it. Chris

Motor Cooling by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Not an expert on this but I think the usual,(easiest) way is via a water pickup behind the prop and then exhausted though the side or whereever looks right. I have heard of motors or ESC's being fitted with temperature sensors that turn on a pump if the heat starts to build up. I think most pumps will only work for a short period at a time. Chris

3 blades v 2 blades on air boat by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
If I know that the size of the 2 blades prop is 9 x 6, how do I convert that to a 3 blade size? Is it the same pitch but the blade length is only two thirds as long as one of the 2 blade's blade? I know the result is only a starting point but we have to start somewhere. Chris

Warning by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
That reminds me of when I was having a woodwork lesson at school(a very long time ago) when I went to pick up a plane that had been put down on it's side. My thumb went up the blade! Now that was bloody! Obviously this leopard has not changed his spots even after 60 years! Any one got a 16th century suit of armour going cheap? Chris

Denatured Alcohol by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks Dave, I will do a build blog when the model is finished. It is a Jenny by Aero naut. It is supposedly a simple model to make, and so far it is proving to be so, except for a few parts of the construction which are not very well explained in the instructions. If there is the possibility of misinterpreting some instruction, guess which method I use? It's only when I get to the next stage that I find I have gone wrong! I do read the instructions first but some parts are, to me at least, unclear. I have been able to overcome the problems I have created, although the model will only be 99.99% as per the plan. I have some photos of the build so far but not a complete reference. Chris

Denatured Alcohol by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
When I have got the DNA and epoxy/polyester resin sorted out and I want to coat the inside of the boat, do I just do the hull, or should I wait until the deck is on? Chris

Denatured Alcohol by octman Captain   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks Dave, I must admit I did misinterpret your note about your use of acetone. In the you tube link he thins his resin down to the consistency of water, and it then takes about 4 hours to go off, which is what I want. Looking at the Bonneyman website it seems you have to have a government authorisation to obtain some types of denatured alcohol. Their site also points you to the website which explains it all in full. Apparently for low volume users it is less restricted, particularly if you are a school! Chris