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24th Aug 2008
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25th May 2018

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Registered 24th Aug 2008
Last Online 25th May 2018
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
OLD STAMPING GROUND? by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 hours ago
That came out of the blue!, I thought we'd given up on Waly Hall years ago because all the bad doods that frequented it. Please tell me more?. Norman.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
Martin you do have a way with words, I like it!, yes, and steam locomotives run on at least ten times the pressure of a steam driven boat. Happy memory's of the old New Brighton lake, my nan and mum would take me over from Liverpool on the ferry, which in those days went to New Brighton, with my pride and joy under my arm, my "victory models fire boat" remember the one? all plastic with twin brass screws driven by a mighty midget motor. The old lake was demolished approx' 10 to 15 years ago and the new one constructed 30 yards further up. I was there as demolition was going on and the old lake was a large heap of concrete and rubble fenced off to the public. Do you know to this day I so so regret not squeezing through the fence and taking a hand size piece of the concrete side wall, the concrete wall I would have lent over 1000 times as a young boy of seven to launch my boats.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
Coronation Park in Crosby, a very very popular venue for all types of model boats back in the 50s and before, hosted tethered hydroplane racing (as Martin has just stated) that was a crowd puller and the old guys in those days had some balls to run them, as I remember there was a bad accident late 50s and it was all over for them. Still going as a model boat club to this day although re-formed several years ago. Martin, yes I will put some pics up as soon as my grandchildren show me how to🤔, you see I may be able to bring a 1950s boat into the 21st century but that doesn't mean I can use a computer as I should😉. Norman. Small foot note guys, steam also is discouraged if not banned by some model boat clubs now because of the pressurised boiler risk, yes I know health and safety gone mad.

Its good day, its a bad , its a great Day by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
Good morning teejay, that's great news, proven, don't ask don't get 👍, your lake looks beautiful. Norman.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi Les, funny we've come full circle, I started my model sailing at newsham park back in the late 50s and was there at the beginning of "The Liverpool model POWER boat club back in 1964, when I was 14 years old. Notice the power was omitted from the clubs name approx' 15 years ago. In 1964 i had just completed my first aerokits sea scout complet with an ED seagull 1cc diesel, this club was where I met most of my mentors and founder members of the club, Jimmy Wilson, Cliff'Broadbent, Monty, Oscar Poulson etc etc all now sadly gone to that big lake in the sky where anything goes. I'm in southport now and do go back to newsham from time to time. Thank you for that bit of very interesting info'. The afore mentioned sea scout has just undergone a major re-fit after 55 years, the 1cc diesel has been replaced with a 3940 kv brushless and 60 esc running on 11.1 lipo, yes I know all to big for a little 24inch sea scout, but as the yanks would say " there ain't no substitute for C.C. Boy", you don't have to use it but nice to have. Martin you mentioned the old glue used in those days, the sea scout I made was glued using "caskomite" (can't remember the correct spelling) the boat is still 100% waterproof with no skin separation at all, I do not intend tarting the boat up at all, prefer to keep it the way a 14 year old boy (me) had made it apart from bringing the running gear up to 21st century and something that can be used at my local lakes. Norman.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
May I just say how heart warming it is to have had so much positive response to my rant, I truly did not expect at the time to trigger so much support. I don't think we have had one negative post, as I say it's nice to know that we all share an affinity in the love of ALL aspects of model boating, not least the fast disappearing world of internal combustion. I do now intend keeping all of my vintage collection of engines and boats, if only to simply look at from time to time,all thanks to you guys, especially Martin for his straight forward way of speaking, it defiantly made me think again. Thanks guys👍. Norman.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Hear Hear, as Martin has said, enjoy! and long may your club enjoy the fun and pleasure of ALL forms of model boating. Norman.

Radio in a yacht by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi you guys, Your car creations sound fantastic Martin. Like most of us oldies on here I've used all the radio makes over the years, I used to fly on 27 before it went to 35, so how long ago was that?. The way forward now,especially with boats, and medium sized aircraft is to use the like of spectrum dx6i which even the old model holds up to 10 models (the new one holds 250 models😳). I have two transmitters one for boats and one for planes, I only have two because of the boats really need a throttle return spring on the left stick. Then,as Haverlock mentioned, just buy orange rx receivers @ £9 each for individual boats or models, although I do us a more expensive orange receiver for the planes, but they only work out to £20 / £30. Happy days. Norman.

Radio in a yacht by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Not sure about the 6v in your winch Martin all I can say is one of my many many models (boats planes and cars) is a one meter racing class yacht, now I can't remember for the life of me which winch servo I fitted, it was 15 years ago. I do not race the yacht now just pootle about the lake and all I have ever used is four Duracell AA 4.8v batteries (other makes are available) in the boat serving the receiver the winch and rudder, the winch works fine, ok in strong winds if tacking X wind the sails may not draw in quickly but I normally wait until I'm turning and the boat is momentarily into wind before winching in (hope that makes sense). I'm sure the serious racing boys will be able to explain further. I can remember using a dedicated 4.8v battery serving my retract servo in a large scale aircraft many years ago but can't remember at the mo' how it was wired into the system. Norman.

Radio in a yacht by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Sorry Martin just read your post, I'm no expert however just to start the ball rolling with my little imput:- All orange receivers can run on anything between 3.7 to 9.6volts, The wire configuration is always:- top is signal, middle is positive and negative is bottom, if you look on one side of your receiver you will see a very small "s" embossed into plastic case denoting signal. Binding is dead easy, may I suggest take a look on YouTube under "binding orang rx" and all will be revealed (a picture paints a thousand words). Sorry I can't be of more help Martin however I'm sure we will receive more input soon👍 Norman.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
Respect to you my boy! That engine is a thing of great beauty!!. Here in Liverpool we have the "Tate modern" art gallery, if it was up to me and I'm sure many of you, that engine would be pride of place in the foyer under glass. You must not sell it, you'll regret it, keep it and just look at it when your feeling low🤧, I would. I am so tempted to contact you, but my wife has told me " no more boys toys or I'm leaving home" which gives me even more incentive, as if the engine wasn't enough on it's own😳👌. Norman.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
Ian, I thought all ED where compression ignition (diesel) so not sure what yours could be. I still have a seagull (1cc) hunter (2.5cc) and a sea otter (3.5cc) I believe that the sea otter was the only engine ED made specifically for use in boats (water cooled) because the flywheel was at the opposite end of the crank eliminating the need to thread your starter cord under your prop shaft and u.j. Norman.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
Martin...........I'd vote for you..........ever thought of running for parliament?. Is that ok with you Stephen?. Norman.😉

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
Thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys, I consider myself well and truly bolloked!!, love you're engines. I feel better now with your support, your correct, why should we just accept it, I'm keeping 95% of my IC boats and engines now, in fact I've just ordered a 6volt battery to fire up the 15cc coil ignition gannet in the huntsman and intend giving it an outing. This is just my opinion I do not wish to offend, however I believe as we with IC boats in clubs became the minority then most members who just like pootling around looked upon the fast loud smelly ICs as a nuisance so let's ban them. Thanks again guys "power to the people"✌️.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Boatshed, that's crazy, £80 fine for running your boat, i'd like to have met that ranger (jobsworth) you could rob your local sweet shop and got fine less. I to have several SCs 40,45,60 and a 90 ABC wonderful bargain little engines, the 60 must have had, no exaggeration, at least 20 gallons of fuel run through it and it's still as good as new, the 90,O.M.G., has that much compression it needs 24volts to start it. My pride and joy is my veron huntsman which I built in 1966 with a 15cc gannet four stroke petrol engine.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Thanks you guys for your replies, my old club used to have a wonderful system which was:- on the hour electrics could use the water and on the half hour I.C. Had the water, it worked great👌everybody was happy😁. However several years ago it was decided to ban all I.C.s. It's a shame because I've never seen the crowds of public spectators a Sunday of "flatie" racing used to draw, small highly tunes boats racing around three boys😭. Never mind onwards and upwards with brushless and lipos.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Yes I've decided to sell most of my I.C. Boats and engine, because of this "nanny state" that we live in now. Probably 95% of clubs and sailing waters in my area(Liverpool) stipulate No I.C.s, l'm not traveling 50 miles to sail when in reality I've got several clubs and lakes within 5 to 10 miles from my home. I started model boat building in the 50s with balsa models and on to "aerokits" sea urchin, scout, rover, commander, and the holy grail the sea queen all of which had diesel or petrol engines. Granted we have come a long long way since then with electric and brushless motors, I do use them in both planes and boats, but there is still something to be said for the sound smell and reality of an I.C.engine in a boat, aircraft aren't to bad at the present, until they ban them to. Sorry for the rant but that's the way I feel.😭

Gannet 15cc by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 26 days ago
Purchased this motor back in 1966, I've broken my con' rod, I need to replace it so any ideas?, I've had one fabricated from aircraft quality aluminium but I'm not happy with it 😢. I do still have the original, though in two pieces 😪. So I'm putting it out there for any ideas on replacing it, whether it be original (not much hope) or a good engineer to re-manufacture👍.

LiPo batteries by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago

LiPo batteries by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago
Good morning all, Many thanks Ron for your information. Can I ask:- say you only using your batteries every four weeks or so, should we leave them with full charge or should we reduce voltage to holding charge for that four weeks?. I understand this could be a "how long is a piece of string" question. Norman.

LiPo batteries by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 28 days ago
Not sure it's a good idea to leave your lipos for that length of time with a full charge, I personally, put my lipo batteries into "storage" mode otherwise you may find they expand if left fully charged for long periods. I may stand corrected. X mod rifle range warden, I to use old .762 ammo boxes to store my lipos👍

Southport Fireboat Meet!! by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 years ago
That's a big yes from me, looking forward to It 😊