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    (Naval Ship) Perkasa Class
    by CB90 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ ( Lieutenant)

    Boat Length
    36" (91.44 cm)
    Motor Type
    Drive Type
    Battery Type
    Prop Type
    3 Blade
    Prop Size
    Run Time
    25 min
    Model Speed
    10mph (16kph)
    3 years ago
    A Malaysian Fast Patrol Boat Perkasa produced by Vosper in1966,she has 3 gas turbines engines and a speed of 54 knots, and diesels for cruising.
    The model was built in the 1980s but has only recently been fully powered up for planning speed, handle choppy water very well, port and starboard motors are 2x Graupner 600 7.2v and centre motor is a 700 type motor, 3 shafts run 3x 35mm propellers and it has two rudders, the guns are remote controlled (Please note the stern/rear gun is not accurate and is just a copy of the forward gun Bofors 40mm and not the 20mm Oerlikon. Search lights, radar, running lights all work
    the 3xESCs are a cheap China ones that do the job but need to go to neutral before going in reverse, just use self centring joy sticks on the transmitter. (Motor: 2x 600 + 1x 700 type) (ESC: China) (8/10)

    πŸ’¬ Re: (Naval Ship) Perkasa Class
    2 months ago by cormorant ( Lieutenant)
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    Hi Will
    It seems many people have, or had a Perkasa.
    My first one I also built in the '80s - 49" plank on frame and shape the bow section from solid balsa blocks.
    My mate was in an army Air Defence Battery and target practice was shooting at drones which were powered by the Merco 61 glow engine. He shot a drone down and managed to retrieve the motor on which we put a water jacket and mounted it in the Perkasa. It went like the proverbial!
    I am now up to date with a power train of two brushless motors and lipos. It also makes a good platform for filming.

    Sailing with Worcester Model Boat Club
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    πŸ’¬ Re: (Naval Ship) Perkasa Class
    2 months ago by Madwelshman ( Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class)
    I really like these models and yours has great detail too.
    The Perkasa/Brave Borderer models look really good on the water don't they.
    I love that the bow is fairly fine and cuts though the water easily and the hull design gives good lift, meaning easy to get on the plane.
    I have a 49" Perkasa that I built with my Father in the 80's, sold in the 90's and by chance, bought back again sometime in the late 00's.
    Mine was originally fitted with a 22cc Kawasaki strimmer engine, complete with centrifugal clutch.
    When I bought it back, it hadn't been used for many years and there were lots of parts that had been broken on knocked off, so lots to repair/rebuild.
    I'm also removing the petrol engine and going brushless instead.

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