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    L.C.M.-3. Scale:1/16. R/C WW2 LANDING CRAFT
    by gunboat driver πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ ( Leading Seaman)

    Boat Length
    38" (96.52 cm)
    Motor Type
    Drive Type
    Battery Type
    Battery mAh
    8Ah (8,000 mAh)
    Prop Type
    3 Blade
    Run Time
    1+ hrs
    Model Speed
    8mph (13kph)
    1 month ago
    This L.C.M.-3(Landing Craft Mechanised) is a R.T.R. Made by TORRO MODELS, Complete with 6ch.TX +RX, just add battery, with working bow ramp,twin motors,ESC,servo's(3)and ready to take a 1/16 scale tank or as I have a 1/16 M-16 Multi-gun Motor carriage also R.T.R. working Model also made by TORRO MODELS...The L.C.M. is a very well made and detailed model,I added extra detail of life-rings,ID Markings,a sea-gull and a (Sea)Dog...This LCM is NOT a fictitious one(as stated in the article by the then editor, in Model Boats Aug.2019.) it resides in a chinese version of Imperial war museum in some chung-bung-dung πŸ˜‹province,(just up the road from Hong Kong, it was one of a batch given to China as part of an Aid Programme, the last 2 pic's show the real LCM...😁Happy boating Sea dogs...😁

    πŸ’¬ Re: L.C.M.-3. Scale:1/16. R/C WW2 LANDING CRAFT
    1 month ago by gunboat driver ( Leading Seaman)
    Hi again Nerys,
    Forgot to mention that the Torro model co. is german,but I believe the L.C.M. is made in China(maybe under the name Horizon???) and exported to germany...have you been on the Torro web-site?
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    πŸ’¬ Re: L.C.M.-3. Scale:1/16. R/C WW2 LANDING CRAFT
    1 month ago by gunboat driver ( Leading Seaman)
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    Hi Nerys,
    There's not much more that I can say about the L.C.M.-3! than what I have already said in "my harbour"...The length is 38" approx. width=10.25" approx. height=10.5"approx. It is a very well made+ detailed boat,I have added an extra 7.2v battery connected to give me double run time. It is very stable on the water due to its wide beam,thetwin props are protected in tunnels(as in the real LCM's) in fact I would say it is a very good scale model!!! the only down side is that the cocking handles on both of the 0.50cal. MG's are on the wrong side of the armour protection shields(too far forward!)...The Radio tx+rx are 2.4GHz. MC6A FHSS 6ch. every thing is already fitted and connected,the ESC is also connected to the rx. the servo that operates the Ramp is a sail type servo with a drum on top that winds the Ramp up + down with twine running down the port + starb'd sides.all you have to do is connect a battery,put it in the water and 'HEAD FOR THE BEACH' Their is also an instruction manual in english and german.I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOAT... The stand that comes with it, is only useful as a static display stand,I have made a more useful one to lower in the water,(just can't get down on the knee's anymore☹️😁
    I added some more detail extra life-rings in the well/tank deck,4xman crew, a Seagull and a (Sea)Dog😁😁😁 I am looking at drilling out the 4 vents to allow more air cooling to the motors... hope this is of help to answer your questions...
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    πŸ’¬ Re: L.C.M.-3. Scale:1/16. R/C WW2 LANDING CRAFT
    1 month ago by Nerys ( Fleet Admiral)
    Your LCM looks an interesting model. Where are the RTR models actually coming from? Could you please tell us a bit more about her, size, what RC bits are included. Your opinion of quality etc. I've looked at the website, but would prefer to hear from an actual purchaser what it's really like.
    Many thanks,

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