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    Beam Trawler Build (single drag net)
    by LewZ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ( Midshipman)

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    1 Post 5 Comments 0 Photos 18 Likes
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    πŸ“ Beam Trawler Build (single drag net)
    29 days ago by πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ LewZ ( Midshipman)
    ✧ 73 Views · 18 Likes · 5 Comments
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    I have been asked by Mike (on this forum) on how I made the fish net for my trawler, so I decided to enter this in a build blog for anyone else to view.

    Building a trawler was not one of my priorities in building RC scale model boats. However I came across a deal I could not pass up and this partially built boat (33-inch long Artesania Latina β€œHelen”) was part of the package. Despite the tall masts and netting, this is a very good sailing boat, forward and backward.

    I renamed the boat β€œElena” with β€œH-103” as the registry number simulating that it would be out of Hull Harbor, U.K.

    When I decided to continue the build (after some de-construction) from the deck up, I also looked into similar real boats off the east coast of the U.K. I downloaded photos and information on how these drag trawlers operated and the type of nets and equipment on board. (I am not a commercial fisherman so I’m sure someone will correct me here.)

    It looked like this type of trawler is called a β€œbeam trawler” where the boom holds the horizontal β€œbeam” that spreads the net apart. The net is open on the front end with the top edge strung with floats (here, beads) and the bottom edge with weights (here small fishing line sinkers). The top edge is pretty much aligned with the beam and the bottom edge is longer so it allows the net to open. My understanding is that this type of trawler would lower the net in shallow water and drag the net along the bottom.

    I started with using wedding veil material for the net. Probably should have used a darker color but my choice was limited, so we have a β€œnew” net. As the net would be scrunched up on the deck it made no sense to make it too long. The bottom end is just folded and the sides are hand stitched. Supporting lines were added to the top and bottom leading edges to β€œstrengthen” the net as well as hold the floats and weights.

    All the rigging is different with emphasis on making this look like a working boat. This includes numerous blocks and tackle. A few markers (floats, photo 7) are on the deck as they were commonly used. The three man crew (Tamiya 1/20 scale pit crew) seems to be handling everything well. The fish are a combination of plastic fish (photo 6) supplemented by some that I printed on my color printer and laminated with a little filler in-between to give the depth.

    For anyone interested I have a 2015 "on board" video on Youtube:

    πŸ’¬ Re: Beam Trawler Build (single drag net)
    27 days ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Mike Stoney ( Midshipman)
    ✧ 29 Views · 0 Likes
    Hi Lew,
    Your attention to detail has spurred me on a bit to improve certain details as well. You can find good and neatly built details everywhere in the comments, some of them even make me a little envious!
    Good night Lew,
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    πŸ’¬ Re: Beam Trawler Build (single drag net)
    28 days ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Mike Stoney ( Midshipman)
    ✧ 35 Views · 0 Likes
    Hello Lew,
    Many thanks for your effort!
    I have calculated wrist times phy, here is the result.
    Cheers Michel-Cl.
    Ps: The pearl necklace and the nets were made by my wife at my request (measurements etc). You can see it with love πŸ₯°πŸ₯° I was allowed to do the rest
    πŸ’¬ Re: Beam Trawler Build (single drag net)
    28 days ago by πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ johnf ( Chief Petty Officer 1st Class)
    ✧ 42 Views · 1 Like
    Well done Lew,

    As a keen builder of inshore fishing vessels I was most impressed and genuinely inspired by your post and pictures.

    Impressed by the quality of your build - and definatley inspired to make a similar entry of my own builds.

    Many thanks. Dr John F Leeds and Bradford MBC
    πŸ’¬ Re: Beam Trawler Build (single drag net)
    29 days ago by πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ RodC ( Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class)
    ✧ 61 Views · 1 Like
    Very nicely detailed LewZ. I noted particularly your ADF loop on the wheelhouse as well as the LF radio transmission lines exiting the rear edge of the roof, heading up to horizontal wire antenna elements strung, with insulators, twixt the masts. On a newer vessel there would be a pair of Vertical whip antennas for HF, one being actively connected, the other being the requisite spare dictated by SOLAS regulation. In my career as a Radio Inspector here in Ontario, Canada I did many ship inspections in Toronto Harbour prior to this inspection duty being transferred over to my Union brothers/sisters in Canada Coastguard also of IBEW LOCAL 2228
    πŸ’¬ Re: Beam Trawler Build (single drag net)
    29 days ago by πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ Balsbasher ( Recruit)
    ✧ 68 Views · 1 Like
    Thanks for sharing.

    I have an unbuilt Helen languishing in a box as I did not want "another" Helen.

    This has provided some inspiration to dig it out and start building.

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