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    Sunflower II Thames Sailing Barge
    1 Photo Β· 3 Likes Β· 1 Comment
    1 year ago by πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ strutchr
    I bought this old build thames saling barge 26th march, looks like it has been used as a static display for some years judging by the thick dust! it does have full r/c installed along with a decaperm motor. I tested all the r/c kit and the motor, all looks to be working so a nice suprise... i will now check everything over as best i can ready for a test sail next weekend fingers crossed!

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    πŸ’¬ Re: Sunflower II Thames Sailing Barge
    1 year ago by πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Nerys ( Fleet Admiral)
    ✧ 67 Views · 3 Likes
    As a Thames Barge nerd, former skipper actually, I hope you don't mind if I criticise the rigging forward of the mast. You have one jib too many. The two going to the end of the bowsprit should only be one and that stay should go to the hounds of the mainmast. The other sail with a stay going from the top of the topmast to the stem, should go from the top of the topmast to the outer end of the bowsprit. This sail is called the jib topsail, then the jib is the sail from the end of the bowsprit to the main hounds and the sail from the stem to the hounds is called the foresail. Your barge has a gaff mizzen, and I suspect is a model of the 'Will Everard' or possibly the 'Cambria'
    Look at some pictures of barges to see what I mean, but bear in mind that the sails described above are the maximum and very often a barge with a bowsprit would not bother with a jib topsail except in very light conditions, or when racing Many barges did not have a bowsprit so would only set the foresail and in light winds, a staysail from the topmast head to the stem (see my avatar or pics of 'Upnor' in my harbour. The other barge in my harbour is 'Stangate', she is a bowsprit barge but without jib topsail. Hope you can understand what I mean, but look at photographs, there are plenty on line. Do hope you enjoy your barge, they are wonderful craft.

    Cheers, Nerys

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