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    International Dragon 1:6. Model after "White Lady" org. built in 1962
    9 Photos Β· 7 Likes Β· 1 Comment
    Boat Length
    59" (149.86 cm)
    Boat Weight
    12kg (423 oz)
    Battery Type
    Battery mAh
    5Ah (5,000 mAh)
    Run Time
    1+ hrs
    2 months ago by πŸ‡©πŸ‡° AllanM
    Pedersens & Thuesens Boadyard put the small town of Bramdrupdam on the world map when, in almost two decades, they built 97 of the world's finest dragons, with Olympic gold medalist Ole Berentsen's "White Lady" as the most famous.

    Classy craftsmanship is the very simple explanation why boat builders BΓΈrge Pedersen and Poul Thuesen from 1953 and almost two decades later built fast and beautiful Dragons for the whole world.
    Almost all the top Danish sailors in the Olympic Dragon sailed in boats from Pedersen & Thuesen at Vejlevej 334 in Bramdrupdam near Kolding. Thus, Axel Holm set his legendary record on the Tour of Zealand in 1961 with his "Maj-Britt" from Pedersen & Thuesen.
    The culmination was when Ole Berentsen, Christian BΓΌlow and Ole Poulsen, Hellerup, won Olympic gold in Tokyo in 1964 with their famous D 166, "White Lady".
    During the Olympic Games in 1964, Pedersen & Thuesen actually had some of the best odds to get a share of a gold medal. A total of 19 of the 23 participating boats were built in Denmark, and a good number of these were from the shipyard in Bramdrupdam.
    It further strengthened the small yard's international reputation when Aage Birch won the Dragons' Gold Cup the same year, and Ole Berentsen won the WC in Dragon the following year.

    I have the great pleasure of knowing Ole Poulsen, who won the Olympics in 1964 and is still alive.

    Many people and dragon sailors around the world have been of great help throughout the construction.
    Not least the chairman of the Danish Dragon Association has helped with the history and the great publicity the model has received along the way and at the naming and launching where sailors' friends and family turned up. in the Cradle of Dragons the small town "Hellerup" north of Copenhagen.

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    πŸ’¬ Re: International Dragon 1:6. Model after "White Lady" org. built in 1962
    1 month ago by πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ToraDog ( Lieutenant Commander)
    ✧ 49 Views · 2 Likes
    Stunning model. Exquisite workmanship.

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