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    Re: Need to bond wooden strip
    by david41 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ( Master Seaman)

    Make Revision
    Not knowing exactly what the purpose of the strip is, you can do either of your approaches. What I would shy away from is using polyester resin, by itself, as a glue. It is rather brittle and can be subject to failue if flexed. That said, you can use thickeners designed for polyester( most also work with epoxy resins as well) and then use the polyester as a glue. I would then add a fillet of thickened resin to the underside, or whatever is not seen, part of the strip. MAKE SURE TO ROUGHEN UP THE HULL SURFACE AND CLEAN IT WELL(USE ACETONE OR SUCH). YOU MUST REMOVE ANY WAXY SURFACE COATING. tHIS APPLIES TO EPOXY HULLS AS WELL.
    If you choose to use epoxy rather than polyester, I would again suggest thickening the resin, if helps it to stay in place as well rathe rthat running intto the hull and making a mess. And again, a fillet will stregthen the joint significantly.
    Last resort it to add a layer of glass over the stripand joining the hull, but if there is a sharp turn, say where the strip meets the hull, you may have a hard time keeping the glass from lifting a bit. The fillet help to reduce that as well.
    Hope this make sense. Just my way to skin the poor cat.

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